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11 Jun 2013
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This Scene should be From Family Guy. Hilarious:) Today's My Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30 Jun 2013
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Today something different! Just for laughs!
12 Nov 2013
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19 Jan 2014
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27 Jan 2014
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This clip shows the crowd really going for it with the dancing, grooming and general behaviour being totally over the top! This man truly knows how to get the 50's throwback crowd going.
1 May 2014
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ROAD-RUNNER portable plastic traffic barricades are more effective, safer and more stable than drums, posts, cones and other types of temporary barricade. ROAD-RUNNER traffic barricades are also visually more substantial and command the respect of drivers. Their High visibility alerts drivers sooner to safety hazards ahead. Linear design makes a positive visual separation between vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. Optional water or sand ballast can be added to 'anchor' barricades in place. Positive stacking saves up to 80% in transportation, storage and handling costs: 270 units, or over ¼ mile of continuous barricade can be shipped on one 53 ft. truck. For more information visit: *******www.traffic-barrier****
14 Aug 2008
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The New York Road Runners hosted the Men's Marathon in New York City, November 3, 2007. Ryan Hall, Dathan Ritzenhein and Brian Sell, the top 3 in a field of 134, were named to the American team. Festivities turned somber with the news that Michigan native Ryan Shay collapsed and died at the 5.5 mile mark.
22 Feb 2009
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*******www.streetfire**** brings you some of the baddest Muscle cars from SEMA 2008. Models include the Foose "Teracuda", an amazing black Trams Am, a silver Hemi Road Runner, some beautiful Camaros, an incredible red Corvette complete with LS3, and more!
7 Aug 2009
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--READ FIRST PLEASE!!-- D: Audio removed due to copyright claim by Road Runner Records Update: August 22, 2008 : Wow 1,000 views whoopeee! Sorry for the Low-Res photos :'( It's the best I can get... okay... This is basically a video showing what I got in my SlipKnoT photo gallery...from old to new. Anyways, Enjoy! : ) Credits : Photos: www.slipknot-metal**** almost forgot that XD that's the website where I get slipknot stuff really. SONG: Slipknot - Everything Ends I don't know why I never saw ppl posting A video of these pictures from Slipknotmetal****... so well I posted the pictures. Please Credit me if u use pictures from my video or credit slipknotmetal**** for A wonderful job they did collecting rare pictures and stuff. note: not all of these pictures were used by SlipKnoT on stage. I think some are just prototypes or something... I don't really know!! :P btw slipknotmetal**** and my folders has twice as many photos of these masks! they show the other side of the masks. but I don't think someone would give a shit... but I'll tell you ppl anyway
6 Sep 2009
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Road Runner footage, Windows Movie Maker'd with Escape by Craig Armstrong. It's rough and awkward and I don't care because I spent like forty-five minutes on it. The timing's okay, though.
7 Sep 2009
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road runner
21 Oct 2009
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Road Runner and Wil E Coyote
5 Oct 2010
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Muscle vs. Import: The Cars of the Film A car defines the driver, and drivers have their unapologetic preferences when it comes to their rides: import or muscle. The Fast & Furious crew embraces this rivalry and has rolled out close to 250 of the baddest muscle cars and the sexiest tuners to appeal to gearheads who appreciate American heavy metalor to those who prefer the sublime beauty of a Japanese or European import tuned to perfection. The filmmakers raised the stakes once again, this time giving Dom and Brian an arsenal of cars to push the limits of speed and endurance. When Morgan put pen to paper, it was a foregone conclusion that the 1970 DODGE CHARGER that died a spectacular death at the end of The Fast and the Furious would be resurrected for Dom in Fast & Furious. Not only is the Charger an awesome looking car, states the writer, but theres so much more to it. It tells a story; it represents the soul of Dom. Dom maintains his muscle car cred by driving a 70 Charger and 1970 CHEVROLET SS CHEVELLE, also featured in The Fast and the Furious, as well as a 1987 BUICK GNX GRAND NATIONAL and a 1973 F-BOMB CAMARO. For his part, Brian mixes it up with a tried-and-true performance import extraordinaire, the 1998 NISSAN SKYLINE GTR, as well as the versatile upstart 2009 SUBARU WRX STi. Its a muscle car world with a standout supporting cast of cars that includes Lettys 1970 PLYMOUTH ROAD RUNNER and Fenixs 1972 FORD GRAN TORINO, with imports such as Mias 2000 ACURA NSX and Giseles 2007 PORSCHE CAYMAN orbiting around it. Not to be outdone, a whos who of coveted cars appears in the film to satisfy a variety of tastes. *******
30 Jun 2011
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Lyrics here -------------- I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO CONTENT OR AUDIO OF THIS SONG Follow jevonburgess Comment on what other songs you want me to put lyrics too AND SUBSCRIBE! Uh. I drop this in the club when i was djin. From left to right everbody start swayin. I be I be seeing girls tapin niggas on the shoulder saying "Teach me how to dougie" teach me teach me how to dougie. Then i pull it back start it from the top and all the bitches love me Imma 24 hour stunner road runner nigga Can't catch me get green like Bill Becksby Damn I mean Bixby stay in the 6 Speed My corner in the club is where the fuckin chicks be and the flicks be Poppin like the red carpet That California swag with a little cali park shit Fat ass small waist little cali park chick Came up too me, came came up too me and said "teach me how to dougie" teach me teach me how to dougie If you really wanna know girl you gotta go to D-town Teach me how to dougie X2 But until then shawty check me check me out now Remix, they be like smooth you know you gotta rip on the remix im telling these guards better work on your d-fence Im kobe in the clutch you other niggas nuts And im no b jennings getting milwaukee bucks Whats the deal im fresh like dougie And i keep getting Pussy casue all the bitches love me And my swag bring em in nigga not my money And they tricken if you got it but i am no dummy. Ay, they be like bob (what) how you do that in atlanta she say she like my dougie now she jiggin off my grammer well basically she got it down and dirty like diana I got that cali you can't find that in atlanta I hit her with that flex till she gettin preg you heard what i said hit her with a text then you know whats next I teach her how to dougie teach her to swag I ain't talking bout that swag that comes in a plastic bag Had to remix it casue i didnt mention me and M bone are taking down video vixons Double-O-seven boys we be on missions He gon teach him how to dougie imma make him do the dishes Fuck these bitches My pawn inches, I get money, do good buisness Teach em how to dougie god as my witness Everybody dancing and everbody listen 6 minutes my dougie so fresh i keep a bunch of fly missles They all let me cut not butterfly stiches Fresher than ferbreeze in the major league yes im the shit tho i do attract fleas Everyday i pop flags imma a fly mothafucka I don't even drive im so fly mothafucka Big o ass body like serena make it make it go back and forth is your name aliyah now Ok my swagga on flight my dougie so fresh Killin it dancin now im wings on a jet We brought it to the hood like a brand new set Cali wit are rep got the game by the neck Something like a necklace shout out to dallas texas They taught me this dance hoes can give me breakfast D-Town bougie with a little cali spin Remix on the track you know we had to get it in Mr.Murk a verse kill all remixes young bow wizzel with that cali swag district Backpack on Snapback on mondern day L L girls can't leave him alone Phantom too tone money to grown if i stood on my wallet i'd be 8 feet tall Stelly phel turn it up im bout to burn it up Smoking on that cali good gotta nigga high as fuck What it is!
25 Jul 2011
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Wile E. Coyote is once again after the Road Runner, this time resorting to hand grenades, dynamite, falling rocks and a speed potion (which contains vitamins R, P and M).
9 Oct 2011
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