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This is it.. I'll call my love Melinda That's what I'm going for If rap pays Melinda Then that's what I'm flowing for If I'm falling for her Man I'm lovin autumn All these nice things I'm Batman cuz I got them ballin in the studio Looking like Rubio Might take you to Rubios She's not a groupie though When rolling up the doobie She's rolling with blue jeans on Drivin a new Nissan Don't worry if it kicks Vikings got a new season Thinks I'm playing tricks Thats never the true reason I want you to believe in me I trust she wont cheat on me Her thrusting is teasing me But if I bust she's leaving me So I keep it it together If she'll sleep here forever Ill treat her like the NBA And I'll be Craig Saiger With you through it all I got every spot I'll pick up every call Win or lose a tight spot What we got Do you paint the picture Should I be more clear I love that soft whisper When the smoke clears My girl grips me She knows the point My girls a hippy And blows my joint Pass the joint in rotation Why am I so patient Treat me with the medicine Don't treat me like a patient I live in my own place I got my own rules You can't fix my pain With your home tools Don't even try to lie with me If you talking bout privacy You've seen every side of me I do more than get high with these Homies that I started with Slow down don't start your shit I promise not to start my shit There's nothing left to argue with It is just to hard to split One night stay another I promise not to start this shit She says I'm too obsessed With trying to be the best If we stopped having sex What would happen next Wow she stumped me You're denying I'm hungry But I'm loaded with money We can't talk birds and bees If you take my honey Cuz now I'm a carpenter I'm stronger I've been starving here But if I work I'm promised To get my living honest Let the song hit
29 Aug 2017
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Watch this car start off in a rip-roaring fashion as if it is angry as hell. The sound in itself is one that will salivate any addicted car drivers.
19 Sep 2017
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Little baby's dramatic explanation to go out in the winds is one of the coolest things that you'll ever witness. See this rip-roaring video now.
12 Sep 2017
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Sinopsis: Lara Croft es una joven arqueóloga inmersa en su primera expedición. ¿Su objetivo? Terminar el trabajo que su padre comenzó: encontrar el reino perdido de Yamatai y así honrar su nombre. Sin embargo, el 'Endurance', el barco en el que viaja junto al resto de su equipo, es destruido durante una terrible tormenta, dejando a los supervivientes náufragos en una isla aparentemente desierta. Poco después, Lara aparece sola en una isla y es capturada por un extraño; lo que convierte su primera expedición en una lucha por sobrevivir. 'Tomb Rider' es una adaptación del videojuego homónimo de 2013 dirigida por el cineasta noruego Roar Uthaug y guionizada por Geneva Roberstson-Dworet. La ganadora del Oscar Alicia Vikander interpretará a la joven Lara. Otros actores confirmados son Dominic West, en el papel de Lord Richard Croft; Walton Goggins, como el Padre Mathias Vogel; y Daniel Wu como Lu Ren.
22 Sep 2017
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This is a trailer about a rail fan documentary about the Roaring Camp Narrow Gauge steam operation in Felton, CA. It was filmed in late Summer of 2006 and is now available on our website: www.tsgmultimedia****.
20 Jan 2007
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This is a trailer about a rail fan documentary about the Roaring Camp Railroad's Standard Gauge diesel operation from Felton to Santa Cruz, CA. It was filmed in the Summer of 2007 and will be available soon to order at: www.tsgmultimedia****
8 Sep 2007
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This is a trailer about a rail fan documentary about the Roaring Camp Railroad's Standard Gauge diesel operation from Felton to Santa Cruz, CA. It was filmed entirely from the cab of a locomotive in the Summer of 2007 and is available to order at: www.tsgmultimedia****
21 Nov 2007
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An adult male bengal tiger roaring!
7 Dec 2007
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7821 roar
27 Dec 2007
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New bloody roar 5 for ps4 and xbox 720 buy it from 2010 xD!!! ^^
14 Aug 2008
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Hear him roar! Anderson Davis from the GE Olympic Commercial and The Gregory Mantell Show.
9 Feb 2009
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Mr. Santhanaram Jayaram (Ram) goes to the set of That's A Star to give us an interview, promote his upcoming movie, Kallang Roar, and give support to the upcoming artistes of That's A Star. About Kallang Roar, the movie: Battling the onslaught of a life threatening stage of diabetics, an entire board of unsupportive officials ready to oust him, a record of 12 years of Malaysian football supremacy, Uncle Choo defiantly returns to Singapore football scene in 1977 for one last short at restoring Nationalistic pride. Uncle Choo was one unorthodox gem of a coach, regimental, courageous, determined and very imposing. He was bold, quietly confident: always believing that he and his nurtured team can accomplish milestone though with limited resources in every department. His undying love for the game and his role as a coach whom, few will would ever understand. Armed with legendary players like Quah Kim Song, Rajagopal, Samad, Mat Noh, Dollah Kassim, uncle sets out an impossible journey to remind his fellow countrymen of what it meant to be Singaporean. This is a tale about sheer grit, unbreakable will and his deep passion, unyielding struggle with society and oneself, to finally achieve glory for one's nation through football and coined one legacy unwittingly, known to all as 'The Kallang Roar' which is of nothing to himself at the end of it.
5 Nov 2009
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