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For most of us, Dad is our superhero and for these cubs it's the same. Watch these cute little cubs try to roar like their dad. It's adorable to watch
4 Jul 2017
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Watch this adorable moment when this little lion cub tries to scare the tourists with his little roar. He tries to fright the best but it turns out to be cute.
5 Aug 2017
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Just listen to the the sound she makes.
13 Sep 2006
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A compilation of pictures showing my interest, my friends and my life
16 Dec 2007
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my dog trying to get a piece of steak
2 Jan 2008
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16 Feb 2008
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football thug
5 Oct 2008
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Learn to harness your inner primal energy and you too could frighten strangers in caf
23 Jan 2009
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me and my friend giving a MR2 a proper seeing too¬
23 Apr 2009
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life is too short to not live it
23 Sep 2010
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"Stop laughing, I'm a vicious lion."
20 Nov 2013
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this scene was picked up in the Zoo in Cairo ' shows the Lions voice when it roars
25 Apr 2007
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Animation Research Reference Library Year 2007 The Roaring Stars - Sky of Fireworks - Fireworks Patterns No.1
3 May 2007
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Two beautiful rivers converge in Basalt, Colorado: the Roaring Fork River and the Frying Pan. Gold-medal fly-fishing is abundant here. Nearby are elk, bighorn sheep, red-rock cliffs, hiking trails and wilderness.Despite fresh snow, spring is here. Joel and Will tune up bikes for cyclists. Massage therapists at Higher Spa tune up bodies. Lisa plants new flowers in town.Bring your casual attitude to Basalt Colorado!
31 Mar 2008
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The video shows the "Big Cats"-some of the world's largest, most powerful, strongest, and rarest cats. Also shows various cats stalking prey, killing, and eating it. This video is unique for several reasons. For one, it shows a large roaring male lion spraying spectators. So far as known this is the only view of this activity. Video also shows sounds of several big cats, including a puma meowing like a cat. This may be the only recording of these sounds. The puma also is shown making a faint growling or purring sound (7:31). It may also be the only video shows female lions growling. One is shown both growling and roaring. The video also shows a lioness making powerful leaps. In several leaps, she is photographed in a vertical position, showing her length and the height to which she could leap. Shown also are big cats leaping, pouncing, fighting, eating prey, and vocalizing. A leopard just captured a stray bird seconds before I arrived and I photographed it eating the bird. Also shows the predatory pounce of carnivores and tendancy to go for the back or jugular. The video shows the lion, tiger, leopard, juagar, puma-cougar-mountain lion, cheetah, Palla's cat, white lion, and white tiger. Although the lion is noted for its golden brown color, under certain lighting conditions, the adult lion has spots, as do many other cats, as shown. These animals are what is called the big cats. The term, big cat distinguishes large cat species from smaller ones. A general definition of big cat includes the four species of cat in the genus Panthera: the lion, tiger, leopard, and jaguar. They are the only cats able to roar. Another definition also includes the cheetah, snow leopard, clouded leopard, and cougar. The roaring cats may be distinguished from the other big cats by referring to them as the "great cats". Three of the four big cats are members of the genus Panthera; the cougar is the fourth largest cat, and it exceeds the leopard in size. In spite of these enormous differences in size, the species of cat are amazingly similar in both structure and behavior. All cats are carnivores and predators. Their range includes the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Australia and Antarctica have no indigenous species of cats. Skunk vs. Cat: The big cats have many defenses, such as teeth, claws, stealth, the ability to run fast, pounce leap, tear apart, kill, etc, but a new weapon is shown here. That is the ability of many cats to spray a subject. Cats may be quite good at this and some can target their spray with surgical precesion. The video also shows the largest, strongest, fastest, rarist, and most endangered. The Amur or Siberian Tiger is the largest member of the cat family and also one of the most endangered. The cheetah is the fastest of all land animals. Although cats are top predators, they are the most delicate animals in the ecosystem. They become extinct the most quickly, because they live off the fat of the land. The Amur (Panthera tigris altaica) also called the Siberian Tiger, shown here, is the world's largest cat. It has an average weight of around 500 lb for males, but can reach around 600-675 lb and possibly up to 845 lb. Probably less than 500 exist in the wild and it is now confined in the wild to an area in Siberia. They can be a long as a car, have huge dagar-like canine teeth, and thick fur of a golden hue. The white tiger can be very inbred. The range of the lion (Panthera leo) once extended across Africa and into Asia. Many are critically endangered, as is the white lion. Males can weight up to 550 lb. and they are the second largest cat after the tiger. A critically endangered remnant population exists in northwest India. The lion was once the most widespread large land mammal other than humans. The puma, jaguar, and bobcat are found in the Americas. Lion, Panthera leo (Africa, India; extinct in former range of southeast Europe, Middle East and North America); Tiger, Panthera tigris (Asia); Jaguar, Panthera onca (the Americas - Mexico to northern Argentina); Leopard, Panthera pardus (Asia and Africa); Cheetah, Acinonyx jubatus (Africa and Iran); Cougar, Puma concolor (North and South America). Sound sounds, vocalize vocalization
4 Jul 2008
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The Wallabies took some time out from training to take on the Queensland Roar in a penalty/goal kicking shoot out. Check out who won! Distributed by Tubemogul.
15 Oct 2009
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