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Amazing killer Robot for war
4 Jul 2007
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My robotic dragon, you only need 2 things to make one for yourself! Its practicly free! only 15cents or less to make it! Check it out!
5 Jul 2007
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Cutest child in a complete trance by a moving Robotic Man.
8 Jul 2007
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a funny little video with a dancing robot lmao
30 Jul 2007
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Metal robot sings Nat KING Cole.
8 Jul 2007
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robot impersonate's'
9 Jul 2007
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If you're passionate about creating and collecting digital content, but not about storing it, we've designed the Drobo Storage Robot Enclosure just for you. The Drobo is the first storage system to take the pain out of keeping your content safe. Avoid the hassles of complex RAID setups or managing multiple external hard drives. Attach Drobo to your Mac or PC and let it manage your storage needs, so you don't have to. Combine four hard drives into one large storage pool. You can start with two drives, then move up to four. Upgrade drive size, speed, even manufacturer at any time. Mix and match as you need, or as you like. Drobo, it does everything for you.
13 Jul 2007
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The Mega Robot is back thanks to Kaktus Film
8 Aug 2007
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At the 2003 Ro-Man Robotics Conference.
23 Jul 2007
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Monkey vs Robot
24 Jul 2007
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Destructoid Anthem (The Pledge) I. There occurs a God We are but humans and surely doomed when Destructoid begins to march He's got a scanner for good gaming manners he may let you see his private robot parts Don't be scared He's a gentle god don't be afraid just try his website on we've been inclined to resist from time to time no way we'll win he's got lazers in his eyes when it's time to join we'll raise his standard high and shout Destructoid to you we pledge our lives II. From his mouth we are (in)formed Oh puny humans you're so amusing when you see I burn with epic win I trade in awesome and gaming gossip while the others lie or just pretend Lift up your hands present to me each blistered fist Callused thumbs and aching fingers true gamers never rest let go of fear and anger and be my, be my newest guest III. Sermon I have known you since you were but a small child wild with games and glee was proud of every painful smile even when you faced defeat Every quarter your small hand dropped or console proudly displayed Every wish you made for one more life it was to me you prayed I have seen your long and lonely nights battling last the boss Even though you were fatigued you would bare not one more loss So I welcome you unto my domain my good and faithful servant Love, Destructoid IV. Paradiso Profundo We've got boards we've got blogs about gaming where the women are so hot that it's famous also cocks Vocals - T. Fenchurch Howard Guitar and arrangement - Darrin Johnson Drums - Frenchy Mudwhistle Bass and Keys - Periwinkle Fondlenobs
24 Jul 2007
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A car seat with a 5 point racing harness welded to a robotic arm. Mind your head!
25 Jul 2007
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Paul Merton Meets Mr Woo and his array of walking robots. Check out the rickshaw one, awesome!
26 Jul 2007
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This is a ADVERTISE of the CAR CITROEN C4 ,which transforms into ROBOT and dances !
27 Mar 2009
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This is a ADVERTISE of the car CITROEN C4 , which tranforms into ROBOT and skates !
29 Jul 2007
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Funny Mega Robot Returns
30 Jul 2007
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