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Some people dress up as kittens and puppies for Halloween, but pets like to dress up too! Today's episode features some of the spookiest pets in their coolest Halloween costumes!Thanks to all the cute puppies and funny cats in today's episode: Turbo & Siren, Vinnie, Tuckie, Teddy, Snooks, Sammy, Roxie, Romeo, Rachel, Rocco, Polo & Coco, PC, Nine, Munchlet, Milo, Kami, Honey, Chloe, Hilton, Henry, Eddie, Chloe, Domino, Dee Dee, Duke, Charles, Captain Jack, Butter, Boston, Boo, Bijoux, Beefy, Aubree, Adicus, Louie, Cleo, Pansy
11 Mar 2010
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10 Nov 2008
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*******lose30inthirty**** Fitness Personality Rocco Castellano demonstrates how to perform a his very own Hip Splits exercise. The fastest way to trim your hips and thighs.
13 Nov 2008
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*******beautypageantworkout**** Shape your butt and take fat off of your hips with this easy to do exercise. Learn how to do a strict fire hydrant from fitness personality Rocco Castellano. *******beautypageantworkout****
5 Dec 2008
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Fitness Personality Rocco Castellano tells fat women with fat friends that don't support your weight loss efforts to "kick them to the curb". Weight loss is hard enough without your friends undermining your weight loss efforts.
11 Dec 2008
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*******lose30inthirty**** Fitness Personality Rocco Castellano demonstrates how to do a negative push up correctly. A great body weight exercise to add to any post chest workout routine
17 Dec 2008
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*******lose30inthirty**** Fitness Personality Rocco Castellano reveals his secret to losing weight quickly. Running stairs expends more calories in 10 minutes than running on a treadmill for 35 minutes.
24 Dec 2008
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*******lose30inthirty**** Fitness Personality Rocco Castellano explains why, how and where the Acai Berry diet scams are happening on the internet. Please do not buy anything from these diet scam artists
9 Feb 2009
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*******lose30inthirty**** Fitness Personality Rocco Castellano begs the question...when is Oprah going to go to rehab? She obviously has an unhealthy addiction to food and an adversity to exercise. I think Amy Winehouse is singing...oh no it's Oprah.
9 Feb 2009
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*******lose30inthirty**** Fitness Personality Rocco Castelano wants to know why NY Governor Paterson doesn't have the balls to tax the very reason there is an obesity problem...fat people!
19 Dec 2008
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*******beautypageantworkout**** Pageant Fitness Expert Rocco Castellano discusses with registered dietitian, Jayson Hunter what the nutritional research tells us and how beauty queens or anyone preparing for a bikini or swimsuit competition can use it
3 Jan 2009
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Tiffany and her cool friend Rocco stop by and totally acknowledge our presence. Totally cool. -Mutt
20 Jan 2009
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10 Aug 2009
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*******askroccoblog**** Controversial Fitness Personality Rocco Castellano is responding to a fitness professional that left an absolutely stupid comment on a friend of his' blog. And explains why Fat People are Stupid.
6 Nov 2009
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Forrest Gump in one minute, in one long slightly sped up take. Made for the Empire's "Films in 1 minute" thing by the University of York Filmmaking Society Directed/edited by Joe Burgess, Rocco Sulkin and Will Tribble Filmed by Charlie Jiang Artistic direction by Laura Archer and Mark Teece Alice Gregson as Jenny Catherine Simpson as Bench Lady Geoff Gedroyc and Seb Owen organised stuff. Very special thanks to Expressions Vintage Clothing, York for lending us the army costumes (also I bought that big coat from them two years ago and it's fantastic).
22 Mar 2009
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This is Mike & Rocco D. starring in "Das G1- Blaulicht" 1970s style streetdetectives.
9 Apr 2009
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