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Help your kid to be a rocket scientist! Rocket kits are a great way to spend quality times with your kids. There are loud noises. Fire. Things shooting around. And fundamental principles of physics. Daddy Troy visits the Maker Faire in Austin and gets the 3-2-1. Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Dec 2008
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*******www.freevideoshowtowinthelotterynumberspick34**** How to Win the Lottery Without Being a Rocket Scientist How to win the Lottery? In this case, a rocket scientist may be needed to figure out the answer to this question. Billions of people around the world would love to "know" the answer to this question. Wherever there is a multi-million dollar lottery, there are people looking for the answer to this question. Next, for your 2 FREE Gifts, Free Pick 3 Lottery and How To Play & Win The Pick 4 Lottery, visit *******www.freevideoshowtowinthelotterynumberspick34****
11 Jul 2010
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Stennis the leader of the band wakes up. Stennis checks in with "The Green Monster" his so-called assistant about the band progress with preparing for the show tonight. moDEL ROCKet SCienTIsT plays a show.
2 Feb 2011
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LET THE HEALING BEGIN Every year in the U.S. more than 200 million pairs of heels an inch or higher are sold, with another estimated 600 million pairs in closets. Those are some pretty big numbers considering that high heels are generally considered to be uncomfortable. But these numbers are sure to grow because a new breakthrough is bringing science to high heels and making them comfortable.
8 Feb 2007
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This is a air to truck missile wonder if its useful
20 Oct 2008
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video from newest m.R.S. album "Affordable Audio Healthcare"
18 Feb 2009
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Stennis calls "Pete" the band manager to tell him how the show went. Stennis and Junior get in a fight. They show up at the management office to take manager him out to eat. Stennis forgets his wallet so they stop back at the Garagelab Headquarters.
5 Feb 2011
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Stennis goes to find his wallet and takes forever. Stennis comes back and he's eating. Manager gets pissed for wasting his time. The Green Monster zapps Stennis for making everyone wait after he finds it under the seat in the band. Stennis reflects the rays of the green monster into the band. The rays go threw Petes video game system releasing the characters of the game to play a role in the band member outreach program. Their on the way to the resturant when The Alien bad guys follow the van in flying saucers. They take a short cut to a dead end street!
7 Feb 2011
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SpaceUp LA 2011 Karen Radcliffcc
28 May 2013
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Latino Speakers Bureau offers Hispanic Funny Motivational speakers including Latinas: Shayla Rivera, Funny Rocket Scientist; The Mommy Comic, Debi Gutierrez; Emmy Award-winning Mike Robles, and the author of "Pardon My Spanglish", Bill Santiago.
13 Nov 2010
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The third commercial of this funny Shell Oil series! In this one, scientists fill a childs toy with their fuel, and believe me, a powerful reaction should be expected. Heads up!
27 Feb 2008
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Career interview with Aeronautics Engineer at Orbital Sciences Corporation, Joe Manzo.
3 Feb 2009
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