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Roller Luge is sweet. its a downhill course on this sweet little scooter thing. you catch air on this particular track. maybe 10 feet. it cost $30 to ride the roller luge from open til close. also they have zorb at the park which cost $20. across the street is a sweet beach to take a nice break.
31 May 2009
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Roller Luge is sweet. Its at the marine park In the Ashikita are of Kumamoto Japan. FYI Ashikita would be like a city, Kumamoto like a state. you ride this little sled down a mountain, there are 3 tracks to choose from. On this track you can catch about 10 feet of forward air. it only costs about $30 u.s. to ride from open until close. you can also zorb at the park which costs $20 per time. There is an awesome beach across the street for a good break in the middle of your day.
9 May 2009
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Epic. Annual Roller Skating Party at Boston University
21 Oct 2009
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The second annual Roller Kingdom Kegger!
21 Feb 2008
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Inaugural Roller Kingdom Party...
19 Feb 2008
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Amazing Roller Jump
24 Feb 2008
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Falls whit rollers and skate
27 Feb 2008
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The New Quick Roller model 2008, electric cigarette injector, stuffing machine
10 Mar 2008
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Mortel, ils font du roller avec un parapente, trop dingues les mecs…Quelle montée d’adrénaline, la moindre fausse note c’est la chute dans le vide.
17 Mar 2008
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Génial, il fait du roller sur une piste pour tout terrain…trop fort le mec, je ne sais pas comment il fait pour tenir sur ses deux jambes
19 Sep 2008
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This roller coaster ride which is located at Disney's California Adventure Park is really fun to ride on.. It is tremendous to be able to sit at the most front of the cabin during the ride.. Don't you think so? Anyway, really sorry for the lack of good video quality as the camera used are not really good.. Sorry and thanks for all of your understanding :)
25 Mar 2008
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Why is Arlene at the roller derby? Find out what roller derby has to do with you shedding your pregnancy pounds.
30 Mar 2008
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How not to walk past a car on a dyno roller. Someone needs to get granpa an ice pack.
16 May 2008
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In 1976 Revolution became the world's first modern steel roller coaster to feature a 360-degree vertical loop. Standing atop Valencia Falls and the park's entry plaza, this 90-foot tall inverting element became an instant landmark for Magic Mountain. Designed by Werner Stengel and built by Anton Schwarkopf, Revolution has a terrain layout built along Six Flags Magic Mountain's east-facing hillside. The terrain layout begins with several curving drops through the trees before turning thrill-seekers upside down in the famous vertical loop. Spanning 3,457-feet the steel track of Revolution continues with a fast turn and a terrain hugging drop that leads to a dark tunnel before threading through the vertical loop. Some of the thrill comes from the fact that most of Revolution's layout is well hidden by the mountain's dense foliage and trees.
23 Apr 2008
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Called "The Black Belt of Roller Coasters" by Six Flags in 1988, Ninja's sleek, black trains are suspended from the overhead tubular steel track. Built along the western slope at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Ninja follows the park's hilly terrain. Adding to the ride experience, the seven-car trains are specially designed to sway from side-to-side, a total of 110-degrees as they fly through Ninja's high-speed spirals and sweeping turns. Ninja is also unique since it is one of the few upside down roller coasters. The primary lift hill is actually at the end of the ride since the station is positioned atop the hill at Six Flags Magic Mountain.
1 Jun 2008
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Goliath was the first coaster designed and built by Giovanola of Switzerland. This hypercoaster combines the layouts of a twister and out and back coaster to form a unique combination. Riders on Goliath experience intense g-forces in excess of 4.5 Gs for over six continuous seconds. Goliath briefly held the world record for longest drop and top speed for a full-circuit steel roller coaster when it opened in February 2000.
23 Apr 2008
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