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From Album - 1975 - Live...By STUDIO DELTA
16 Feb 2018
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1. Ricardo Katsuki Intro 2. Eva Shaw , House Of Pain & Britney Spears - Tik Tik Jump Around Moxie (Ricardo Katsuki Mash-Up Mix) 3. RIBELLU & Pitbull - Crazy Motel (Ricardo Katsuki Mash-Up Mix) 4. R3Hab VS SkyTech , Fafaq - Tiger (Original Mix) 5. The Rolling Stones - Doom & Gloom (Benny Bennasy Remix) 6. MOTI , Rihanna & Ke$ha - House Of Now (Ricardo Katsuki Edit) 7. Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Sean Kingston, Lil Jon - Afroki Eat Sleep Rave All Night (Ricardo Katsuki Mash-Up Mix)
28 Jan 2018
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Rolling stones fans in Rio de Janeiro 2006
20 Apr 2006
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Scenes from Rolling Stones rehersal and recording session for 'Sympathy for the Devil'
31 Mar 2007
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14.07.2007. Rolling Stones su konacno stigli i u Beograd. Nastupali su na Uscu pred oko 60000 gledalaca.Ovakav koncert i spektakl jos nije vidjen u Srbiji. Bina podignuta za tu priliku bila je visine jedne petospratnice, a vizuelni efekti su ostavljali publiku bez daha. Stonsi su delovali na bini kao mladici od dvadesetak godina - prosto su leteli na sve strane. Koncert su posetili i mnogobrojni fanovi iz okruzenja (Slovenci, Hrvati, Makedonci, Bosanci, Rumuni, Bugari....) Beograd je tog dana bio centar r'n'r sveta. Ovih dva sata cu sasvim sigurno pamtiti do kraja zivota.
16 Jul 2007
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*******www.thenextlevelguitar****want more Free stuff click above link Eric Clapton & Keith richards of the Rolling Stones use this technique
6 Sep 2007
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Martin Scorsese And The Rolling Stones Bring You "Shine A Light" Brought To You By: trailerhits**** - Your Source for Movie Previews And Reviews.
7 Dec 2008
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The Rolling Stones
19 Mar 2008
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A rockumentary for Billboard Charting Rock Band State of Man. Follow the band as they cruise up to NYC to shoot a print ad campaign for GBX Shoes that was featured full page ads in Rolling Stone, Vibe, Spin and more *******www.stateofmanmusic****
24 Jun 2008
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I did not think I could cover Mick Jagger, but sometimes it is good to turn over a new leaf. This is my contribution to Youtube Music's new "Living Legends" feature, which will first celebrate The Rolling Stones. This is an AUTHORIZED karaoke, exceptional in every way, and does not indicate that I am able to take karaoke requests or commit to a policy of more copyrighted cover.s
6 Apr 2008
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*******www.planetofrock**** Here is one of our full length sample guitar backing track for you listening pleasure. The Rolling Stones - Paint it Black. Have a guitar jam session right here or use it for karaoke purposes! Visit *******www.PlanetofRock**** for over 1000 professional guitar backing tracks, jam tracks in cd and mp3 format.
8 May 2008
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Rolling Stones played on Rockband by me and the kids
22 May 2008
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AMV - Cowboy Bebop - Rolling Stones - Paint it Black
27 May 2008
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Rolling Stone in Zurichhorn, Switzerland
24 Jun 2008
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As tears go by... ROLLING STONES new version of M.E.P. We're play this song for all musicians, journalists and all peoples who be beating or filling aggression from different marginals elements ("peoples") who thinking and speaking like a animals or insects, unicellulars. Who dont understanding open minded peoples, free life whom GOD gifting to humans. Who disturb and prevent life of free peoples - musicians, artists, journalists, amateurs. Аnd who cant live in a world like a peace humans but exist like a child of communism, darkness and Evil. Sergei Tarasewich-Wladimirtsew (Guitar/Voice and creator of M.E.P.) will be attacked and hardly beating last summer in Ukraine (Tsjurupinsk, Herson's region) from three bandits and skinheads. Ukrainian Police (militsija) dont worked because criminals structures, corruptions and powers of Evil worked in judgments and prosecutors of South region of Ukraine much more better. Becource ... AS TEARS GO BY... Recorded in St. Petersburg nowember-december 2007.
2 Dec 2008
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