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Yeah! Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow great performance in San Antonio Texas, a Blues Interlude with a lot of guitar and keyboard solos and Beethoven's 9th Symphony!!! Band: -Ritchie Blackmore - Lead Guitar (The man!) -Roger Glover - Bass (Yeahh more purple!) -Joe Lynn Turner - Vocals, Rythm Guitar -Dave Rosenthal - Keyboards (sick!) -Bobby Rondinelli - Drums
25 Sep 2010
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Dio / Rainbow In the Dark Sacred Heart: The Video 1986
29 Jan 2011
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Can't Let You Go HD!
16 Jun 2011
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Rest in peace. The year is 2005 from the Holy Diver Live DVD If you liked this clip, support them by buying the original DVD; ***********/Dio-Holy-Diver-Live/dp/B000FG65SU/ref=sr_1_1/102-5931172-1143356?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1188433480&sr=1-1
6 Jul 2011
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Dio-Holy Diver LIVE
16 Jul 2011
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Official video to "The Last In Line" from the same album by DIO
18 Oct 2011
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20th Oct. '77 Rockpalast Olympiahalle München I've sync this video with audio track from CD to enhance the experience of enjoying this masterpiece.
31 Mar 2012
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Celebrities who died 2010 part 2 Music: An Angel falls by Gabriel Yared, taken from the Motion Picture Soundtrack City of Angels I do not own any rights of this song
23 Apr 2012
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One of last song recorded by Ronnie ! Lyrics : Feel the danger, see the glory Hear the thunder of a heavy metal It will take you, hypnotise you Raise your fist a rebel yell I am metal and I'll never die We are metal and we'll never die I will crank you up, you can't bring me down I will make you high, metal will never die Nothing evil, nothing sacred Just a power that's been created There to take you and possess you Shout it out with a voice from hell I am metal and I'll never die We are metal and we'll never die I will crank you up, you can't bring me down I will make you high, metal will never die I will crank you up, you can't bring me down I will make you high, metal will never die I will crank you up, you can't bring me down I will make you high, metal will never die Metal will never die
5 Jun 2012
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Rest in Peace, Mr. Golden Voice! 2010-05-18 Lisbon, PT (Pavilhao Atlantico) [c] MetOnTour**** and Metallica**** If you want to get more backstage videos, live performances and special tour news from Metallica, go to *******www.metontour**** for full length videos in better quality. Check out my Metallica Bootleg Collection! *******hkpkboots.webs****
17 Jul 2012
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Tenacious D come face to face with the legend of Ronnie James Dio
10 Oct 2008
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This fake has been making the rounds for a few years. It is amazing how many people fell for this. I guess one should never underestimate how easily the general public can be misled. Anyone who knows anything about dogs at all is already aware of everything I am saying here. But for those of you who have been fooled by this here is the real deal... What amazes me most is that nobody ever demanded proof of this dog existing anywhere other than the imagination of the people who are slow enough to believe this to be real. The dog in this severely manipulated picture is a Neapolitan Mastiff... Which is not even the correct breed this dog is supposed to be. The people who put this out there are saying that this is Hercules (the current world record holder for being the heaviest dog alive)... But the fact is that Hercules is a fawn colored English Mastiff... Not only did these people lie but they didn't even take the time to do proper research and use the correct breed to perpetrate their fraud. The reason why I am even discussing this to the extend that I am is because pictures such as this one feeds the public's obsession with size in dogs. What most people don't realize is that more size means generally a shorter life for the dog. Where the average 50 pound pitbull will live to be 15 years old, the average 200 pound English Mastiff will die at age 7. Breeding for bigger dogs means even shorter life and pictures such as this makes people seek out breeders who will breed for size without regard for the health of the animal. Mandy Lion's WWIII; An artist with a band that defines Heavy Metal in a BIG way with monstrous grooves, catchy riff-laden songs, and a unique sonic signature completely unto itself. Singer, mastermind, and front man Mandy Lion has led this electrifying band through the years with his incredible voice and larger-than-life persona. The original lineup boasted Joe Floyd (Warrior) on guitar, Jimmy Bain (Rainbow, Dio) on bass, and Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio) on drums. Lion achieved an intense sound early on, setting WWIII vastly apart from other groups of the Heavy Metal genre in the process. Lion has fronted many other lineups with such legendary musicians such as George Lynch (Dokken, Lynchmob), Jake E. Lee (Ozzy Osbourne, Badlands, WWIII), James Kottack (Kingdome Come, Scorpions, WWIII), Mikkey Dee (King Diamond, Dokken, Motorhead, WWIII) and many others. Mandy Lion is the originator of the extreme power vocal. Just about everyone who is anyone these days is trying to duplicate what Lion created years ago but none have succeeded. Imagine Rob Zombie's intense growl combined with Ronnie James Dio's explosive talent and Rob Halford's infinite range. Lion's inhuman power and growl technique fused with an unmistakably mystifying delivery makes it impossible for any vocalist to recreate his unearthly style. On top of that, Lion's insightful lyrics paint the reality of the world we live in today with imagery and vision while presenting it with masterful conviction. Mandy Lion started a Metal vocal revolution which has ultimately spawned such popular bands as White Zombie, Korn, Disturbed, Pantera, Static X, as well as countless others... About the man himself... Leather-clad and lethal with his 2000 LB 700+HP custom Chevy V8 motorcycle ("the Phantom") and his 100 caliber custom revolver is none other than "The Beast" himself, Mandy Lion. The most dynamic and engaging front man music has ever known, Lion dominates any concert venue with his uniquely textured voice and ultra-powerful stage presence. Jeff Burkhard (former road manager for Black Label Society, Kiss and Janet Jackson) For more information about Mandy Lion or Mandy Lion's WWIII go to myspace****/wwiiimandylion or... mandyliononline****
26 Nov 2009
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Ritchie Blackmores's Rainbow (1975) Ritchie Blackmores's - Guitar Ronnie James Dio - Vocals Gary Driscoll - Drums Mickey Lee Soule - Piano, Mellotron, Clavinet & Organ
18 Dec 2009
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-Gates Of Babylon- Music Video Alaben al poderoso Ronnie James Dio
27 May 2010
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one of the best neoclassical heavy metal shred songs by Symphonia, a finest band from kuala lumpur Malaysia. taken from The Epic : Satria Naga album, releashed in feb2008.... for more info reg SYMPHONIA, Review on satria naga album, tablature, Biography,pls go here: *******www.myspace****/symphoniamalaysia Manusia Lyrics: Hadiran beribu makna.... sejuta penipuan.... dusta dan durjana.... kata musibah.... cerita bermula .... tentang manusia.... menjadi korban kata dusta.... c/o .... manusia....yeah.... manusia....yeah..... mengenggam kata kata.... taburkan dosa.... tifa kehidupan .... melambai dusta.... c/o - solo - c/o note: the audio quality has dropped due to off-HQ youtube engine compression, u guys may listen to the higher quality final mixed version-MANUSIA from *******musicnation****/music/satrianaga/manusia-v3 pls leave any comments later, great thanks fr listening!, thanks for ur time, eykin7 tales of symphonia, ps1 ps2 asian best guitarist oriental beat 2009 symphonia band symphonia kl neo classical band rock wira symphonia aman synphonia band malaysia rock neo classic symphonia asia solo wira asian guy drum and bass keyboard yamaha pacifica demo demonstration neoclassical band symphonia malaysia neo classical shred symphoniamalaysia sinphonia malasia neoclassical rock baroque drama the best guitar solo asian simphonia band Aman 'Symphonia' showcase Neoclassical shred shredding licks thru his yngwie stratocaster Symphonia - Kasih Yamaha Asian Beat 2008 Final as above so below by Symphonia neoclassical rock shred heavy , a tribute to yngwie malmsteen Aman SYMPHONIA testing Vox Amplugs - Lead model through Amplifier : raw sounds no delay Rising Force by Symphonia, yngwie malmsteen cover tribute mistreated by Symphonia, Deep Purple blackmore, classic rock 70's, HD 1280X720p + lyrics holy diver by Symphonia, ronnie james DIO RJD, classic rock HD cover + lyrics www.myspace******** gmail www.rumahpanjai**** youtube youtube******** asean beat 2008 the beach club jln p ramlee neoclassical shred malmsteen as above so below lagenda english above and below cover yjm asabove so belowe symphoniamalaysia yngwie as above so below rising force - symphonia jamming melon king symphonia melonia mistreated by Symphonia, Deep Purple blackmore, classic rock 70's, HD 1280X720p Rising Force by Symphonia, yngwie malmsteen cover tribute Far Beyond The Sun Yngwie Malmsteen WIRA by SYMPHONIA, neoclassical rock shred, Yamaha Asian Beat Final live Aman SYMPHONIA testing Vox Amplugs - Lead model through Amplifier : raw sounds , no-delays holy diver by Symphonia, ronnie james DIO RJD, classic rock HD cover + lyrics Yngwie Malmsteen As Above so Below Aman 'Symphonia' showcase Neoclassical shred shredding licks thru his yngwie malmsteen stratocaster www.myspace**** tube365**** profile.myspace******** yngwie malmsteen trilogy.blogspot**** "satria naga" yngwie malmsteen**** gmail symphonia2008 malaysia recording keybord as above, so below de yngwie malmsteen as malmsteem abovebelow sinphonia malasisia as above so below video tribute to yngwie malmsteen drum programming program lesson as above so below yngwie j malmsteen shred shredder neoclassical rock heavy metal holy diver dio ronie james dio rjd vivian champbell vin appice mistreated deep purple richie blackmore ian gillian dio yngwie malmsteen coverdale joe lyn turner mike vescera mike terrana patrick johanson anders johanson rb symphonia kuala lumpur malaysia aman zul hafidz ansori bard z9 eqhouse bangsar mbb fender maple one piece intonation radius 7.25 1/4 vintage tuners machine head cshape skunk tripe clay dot side dot 21 fret rosewood curve fretboard fingerboard veneer laquer gloss satin relic bone nut nickel stainless steel den markley dunlop d'addario pickup single coil 3 way 5 way position volume tone pot pots cloth wire ground claw bridge saddle plate knob age white mint green pickguard vintage white candy apple red car brown artic olympic white body neck lefty reversed scalloped stratocaster strat 70 70s 70's guitar guitarist player shredder fret wire hd 1280x720p high defination quality higher drum dummer drum set upgrade tom tom snare bass drum cymbal double pedal stick 4000 kbits per second sec 2nd best ever good the best better great greatest awesome super superb phenomenal tight amazing professional musician band members sharp 70's classic neoclassical baroque satria naga rock tribute cover forever play played player pretty beauty beautifull pronounced so far in youtube sounds ever
12 Jun 2010
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Elf - Stay With Me (1972), from the compilation "War Pigs'72" The early-'70s rock outfit Elf is best-known as the group that gave singer Ronnie James Dio his start and he would eventually set his sights on a tougher, metallic sound, fronting the likes of Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and his own solo band, Dio. The group went through several name changes in the late '60s (the Electric Elves, the Elves), before settling simply on Elf and issuing a self-titled debut recording for Epic in 1972, produced by Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover. The group's best-known lineup consisted of Dio (who was at this time going by his real name, Ronald Padavona, and also doubling on bass), guitarist David Feinstein, guitarist/keyboardist Micky Lee Soule, and drummer Gary Driscoll. The album went largely unnoticed, as did the group's subsequent two other releases, L.A./59 (issued under the title Carolina Country Ball outside of the U.S.) and Trying to Burn the Sun, as the group guested on Roger Glover's 1974 album The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast. Through their affiliation with Glover, Elf was brought to the attention of former Purple leader/guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, who invited the entire group (sans their guitarist) to join forces as the prog metal outfit Rainbow, resulting in the release of a self-titled effort in 1975. Slowly but surely, however, Rainbow turned out to be nothing more than a solo vehicle for Blackmore rather than a true band and the former Elf members left the group one by one before Dio was the last one remaining until eventually leaving the group himself in 1978.(allmusic****) This set was recorded in early 1972, shortly after the band dropped the name "The Elves" and became "Elf", and not long before recording the first album. The sound quality is amazing, a lot of covers as well as unreleased material, and what's more : Ronnie James Dio covering "War Pigs" more than 7 years before joining Back Sabbath ! LINE-UP : Ronnie James Dio - vocals / bass Gary Driscoll - Drums / Percussion Dave "Rock" Feinstein - Guitar Mickey Lee Soule - Keyboards
19 Jun 2010
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