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would tell ur room mate bout this or would u just watch the show?
17 Dec 2009
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I was going through the memory card on the Video Camera and stumbled across a video of my Room-Mate recording me while I was taking a shower. Of course, it's just the audio from outside the door but I am well-known for talking, singing, and doing random crap while showering so often something humorous comes of it. I have another video of me doing some spontaneous Death-Metal stuff and acting weird in the shower but I figured I'd go ahead and upload this since it's short, weird, kinda funny, and doesn't give him a chance to upload it first. Rather then just having a static image of a door I replaced the actual video portion with pictures of me in the bathroom/shower :P Enjoy :)
1 Sep 2010
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This is Part 2 to Douchebag Room Mate please bear with me these things take forever to render and upload.. expect another episode up tommorow hopefully! I do not own Minecraft it is owned by Notch [you can play Minecraft at *******www.minecraft**** ]
31 Jul 2013
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www.rromp**** Glued the flip-flops to the floor. Keywords for search Flip Flop prank Maria Menounos Angelina Jolie Miley Cyrus Hi-5 WWE Sarah Silverman Jessica Canseco IRS Charles Manson Wow Quest Helper world warcraft Sharon Tate Sarah Azhari Guantanamo Bay Jose FLip ... Glued Flip Flop prank funny lol awesome how to
16 May 2009
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fkin funny
10 Jul 2011
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Hey guys first off I wanna say thanks everyone for all the positive feedback! and for this video I'm starting where I left off at the night time! hopefully I will survive! I do not own Minecraft it is owned by Notch [You can play minecraft at *******www.minecraft**** ]
4 Feb 2013
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Snakes usually have hamsters for lunch. But when rat snake Ao-chan and dwarf hamster Gohan-chan met at a Japanese zoo, it was love - and not at first bite. Now, the 120-centimetre snake and gray hamster are room mates, living together in a heated glass box. Gohan-chan, whose name means "meal" in Japanese, was literally, meant to be the snake's dinner. "When we first found Ao-chan, the snake refused to eat so we went to a pet shop but was told they were out of frozen mice and suggested we try a hamster. However the moment we put it in the cage, it was instantaneous friendship and the snake seemed to have no appetite for it," said zoo keeper Kazuya Yamamoto. But the love is obviously is shared only by the snake and the hamster. Hanna-chan, a mouse-hunting cat, has been eyeing Gohan-chan ever since Ao-chan decided to befriend it. www.itnsource**** Reuters 1474/06
25 Apr 2009
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These girls are my favourite beauty queens of 2006! both of them were room mates and were in the miss universe final five. if i was the judge, i would have crowned both of them as miss universe 2006. btw, the second song is sang by Lauriane, it's called parole de femme.
14 Oct 2008
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My room mate, Scott, his friend Stacey, our friend Jake aka "Chief O'Brien" and I went out looking for some paranormal activity last night. We heard some stories and rumors about activity on our campus at MU and near by Stephens and Columbia Colleges. Here's some highlights of our adventure. I'm not claiming anything, but there's some cool stuff and some funny stuff. Enjoy! and thanks for any comments!
20 Jan 2009
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featuring the room mates (rui, stephy, durya, and james) ok, sweethearts - here's a question for ya to figure this piece out (since some of you seem to completely miss the point) - DO YOU REALLY THINK EVERY PERSON IN THE VIDEO LOOKS THE SAME? .... just a thought. i wrote this song right after i wrote this blog: *******blog.myspace****/index.cfm?fuseaction
13 Feb 2009
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So I came back form class and my roommate was like "NEVER WATCH THE VIDEOS THEY WATCH IN THE REACTION VIDEO." Now if that does not scream WATCH THIS NASTY VIDEO...than I don't know what does. So I made my very innocent room mate watch it with me...and this is what we got. NOTE: WATCH SPANK WIRE AT YOUR OWN RISK O_O Here is the link if you dare... www.spankwire****
12 Apr 2009
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Our room mate Matt HATES insects/bugs etc so we got him good with a fake snake...
24 May 2009
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tourmenting my room mates cat. he tries to jump over the dog gate but does not quite make it. muhahahaha
6 Sep 2009
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this is a bit racy... LOL im giving my boyfriend his 1st ever lap dance (awww lol) i danced back when i was 18. this was just a bit of fun. my room mate took the video, its kinda crappy that he turned the camera on its side, made it look kinda dumb, but i enjoy dancing. please leave a comment when u watch this. im getting alot of views but no comments so come on, please comment on it!
27 Nov 2009
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This slim brunette babe in her 20's is fooling around with her room mate's boyfriend. I bet it's gonna get dirty if she finds out.
8 Dec 2009
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nothing to do here while I am with my room mates in Singapore.
6 Aug 2010
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