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4 Apr 2007
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A LOCKER ROOM comedy skit with Nina Arsenault.
4 Apr 2007
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Enjoy the video of this nice hotel room. It's a quick overview.
6 May 2007
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IVORY performing White Room
9 May 2007
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Democratic Presidential candidate and former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel visits James Kotecki's dorm room to discuss his plan for Iraq, the National Initiative, the Constitution, and the War on Drugs.
11 May 2007
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Explanation of the importance of recording room noise when you shoot to cover up audio errors later on
28 Jun 2007
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Feel the T-Bone Walker in the Sonoran desert influence on the new song from Psychedelic Mooj, Rock the Rhythm Room. For those local AZ musicians, you'll definitely relate to the story of this song. Look for Rock the Rhythm Room on the upcoming CD, Spirit of 1974 from Psychedelic Mooj. 2007 Copyright(c) Psychedelic Mooj, LLC, All Rights Reserved
11 Jun 2007
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This is a 3d walkthrough of a hotel room.It is based on a an actual room .It is produced by Infoserve India Pvt Ltd.Please visit www.infoserveindia**** to see and enjoy some more samples...
14 Jun 2007
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In this fire test watch a furnished room go from small fire to flashover; the point at which everything, including the smoke itself, ignites. The temperatures in this room reach over 930 degrees fahrenheit in less than two minutes -- even more reason to get out of a burning building as quickly as possible!
22 Jun 2007
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This is the final project of the filmmaking class I took in college. It's an homage to the old "Escape The Room" flash video games. Writer/director/cinematographer = Me. I'm actually quite proud of how it came out. I hope you enjoy it. (Bonus points if you know the song the title is based on)
25 Jun 2007
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Beatboxing and singing Roomies pop out from everywhere in this room. Funny viral for IKEA www.roommateliving****
4 Jul 2007
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15 Jul 2007
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15 Jul 2007
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Room juggling in a room whilst juggling...
20 Jul 2007
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An exclusive look inside the dressing room of actress, Diana Novak on the set of her new film, "The Bad Scent of a Woman".
20 Jul 2007
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History of gaming environments. Funny, evolution of first person shooters, video games and war. Win $25,000 game room paradise. GenieKnowsGames****
2 Aug 2007
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