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If you have an old car and are considering selling a vehicle or you have had enough of it rotting away and are thinking you may want to scrap it please get in touch with us first. We are sure we can make you the best offer.
10 Mar 2017
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Watch PW Trenchless video to see how The first section of three Pipe bursts was done to renew a corrugated steel storm sewer that was rotting and clogged with debris at the foot of Pemberton Street in North Vancouver, BC.
15 Mar 2017
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Nowadays, Shou Sugi Ban (Yakisugi) wood is commonly seen on siding and paneling projects in USA and Canada. This is an ancient Japanese siding technique to preserve wood by charring this with fire, cooling, cleaning and polish surface with natural oil. With its great demand by interior designers, home architectures, landscape designers and real estate builders; Nakamoto Forestry has extended its Shou Sugi Ban distribution center to North America with inventory available in Portland, Oregon. Being the World’s largest producer and supplier of Shou Sugi Ban wood, Nakamoto Forestry always try to produce high-grade and affordable product that is time-tested, weather, fire, insect, and rot-resistance over untreated wood. For any queries related to Shou Sugi Ban Wood and its designs produced by Nakamoto Forestry, feel free to Google their website or call on 503-512-6780 in USA and Canada. 
17 Mar 2017
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Japan is well known for the most advanced wood construction technology including carpentry, design and millwork. Nowadays, Shou Sugi Ban; an ancient Japanese traditional wood made with solid sawn plank is widely used for exteriors or interiors work by Architectures, interior designers, home builders and landscape designers in USA and Canada. This wood is a sustainable and beautiful surface made by charring the wood, cooling, cleaning this and finishing with natural oil. The charring process in this wood reveals grain patterns, color and texture distinct to each individual board. The main benefits to use this wood include low maintenance and insects, rot, fire and weather resistant. With the increase in its popularity in USA and Canada, Nakamoto Forestry has expended its distribution center to USA with inventory available in Portland, OR. Shou Sugi Ban wood designed by Nakamoto Forestry is a high grade material used for exterior or interior applications. They design 3 different types of Shou Sugi Ban wood named: Suyaki (original charred surface without any brushing that retains black silver matte color), Gendai (once brushed smooth and consistent surface with silky look) and Pika-Pika (twice brushed texture surface mainly used for interior applications).
18 Mar 2017
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Lifeguard Chair is manufactured from 100% recycled poly lumber which will not rot, warp or corrode and promises to never need sanding, painting or refinishing to keep it looking new year after year. This small lifeguard Chair is available in four color choices. Each color is permeated through and through so you do not have to worry about scratches, the color cannot be scratched off of these environmentally friendly lifeguard chairs. Phone 18889426626
24 Mar 2017
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of rotting melon
14 May 2007
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The Doubled Blade of Anakin Rots Lightsaber.
20 May 2007
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Time Lapse video of a rotting halloween pumpkin. thanks for watching!
5 Mar 2008
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Hello. This is Donny Cruz with Decor Painting LLC. Step two of our exterior painting process for residential homes is to take off all the wood rot from the exterior of the house.
15 May 2008
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Lied von Rot Weiß Steterburg
25 Mar 2009
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Wood rot detection by Chris with American Roofing and Renovations. Chris fixes and replaces wood rot with products that will never again rot. He also does replacement windows, siding, and roofing in the Kansas City metro.
14 Jan 2009
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American Roofing & Renovations Inc. repairs wood rot in Olathe, KS. Wood Rot in Kansas City is an ongoing epidemic and we are here to help. Visit for more information.
17 Apr 2009
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Bloodsoaked "Rotting in Filth"
29 Apr 2009
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Rot nach Kopftritt! Da heulte Boateng BVB Borussia Dortmund Fußball Bundesliga Rot nach Kopftritt! Da heulte Boateng BVB Borussia Dortmund Fußball Bundesliga
14 May 2009
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Kansas City wood rot repair by American Roofing and Renovations. Composite brick molding and cedar beams.
14 May 2009
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Wood Rot repair in Shawnee, KS by Chris McConnaughey and American Roofing & Renovations Inc. Replace rotted wood with new composite materials that will never rot again.
10 Jun 2009
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