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This is one of a kind video, where a grandma is seen rotating her false teeth set inside her mouth as if it's a chewing gum. Gross but hysterical.
18 Aug 2017
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If you think you could even achieve half of what the number this guy has achieved in his revolutions per minute, you are hugely mistaken for sure.
13 Aug 2017
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Hi this is Dr Ned McArthur Today I'm going to answer the question: What is the best sleeping posture? When it comes to your sleep there are several things you can do help your posture, but I believe the most important thing is, what is comfortable for you? What circumstances help you sleep the best? I'm frequently asked what's the best pillow or best mattress? I don't know. You need to decide what you like best. Any therapeutic value a pillow or mattress may provide are lost if you aren't comfortable and don't sleep well.

Once you've got those covered here a few others things you can do.
Sleep on your back or side. It's good to avoid stomach sleeping because to sleep on your stomach you need to rotate your head to one side so you can breathe. Having your neck rotated for hours while you're sleeping is the problem. 

Of these rx the most important may be the pillow you choose. When laying on your back use a pillow that supports the natural curve of your neck. When laying on your side it should be the same height as your shoulder to ensure that your head it not propped to high or hanging low. Lastly put a pillow between your knees when laying on your side to keep your hips level. Thanks for watching.
28 Jul 2017
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5 Reasons To Buy An Electric Car. Driving the 2016 Nissan Leaf, I discuss the many benefits of driving an electric vehicle. The instant torque and peak torque from 0 RPM, the incredibly low maintenance (tire rotations and cabin filter changes), the incredible efficiency (about 3x the efficiency of an ICE vehicle), the convenience of charging, and the affordability of leasing an electric car.
4 Aug 2017
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Planning for Aadventures Ladakh trip? Worried about Paddock Stand? No need to carry Paddock Stand while touring. GRoller M helps to rotate motorcycle wheel easily for quick chain and tyre maintenance. It's small and portable design allows you to carry it with you on the ride. Buy GRoller M for your Next Ladhak Tour.
8 Aug 2017
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With only 3 keys you can rotate someone's computer screen and watch as they sit there ownedm looking at an upside-down screen. Hit CTRL ALT and any one of the arrow keys and you're good to go. Check it out!
6 Dec 2006
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My monitor can rotate 90 degrees. cool!
11 Dec 2006
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its very easy to rotate wheels in 3d max
24 Jan 2007
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A men rotating in a chair with 2 dumbells:)))
30 May 2007
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The chair is rotating because of a bicicle wheel:)) Scaunu se invarte din cauza unei roti de bicicleta, super tare:))
30 May 2007
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two mans are trying to catch things while rotating, a lot of fun:))) super tare, 2 tipi incearca sa prinda lucruri in timp ce se invart
31 May 2007
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(DF20) Straight Bar Shoulder Rotation
3 Jun 2007
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(SH01) Seated D.B. Overhead Rotation Press
4 Jun 2007
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Rotating cat
5 Jun 2007
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