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Katy Joy Freeman interviews Jason Rotman, Kirtan Singer, Elements for Life Distributor. Discusses how Raw Food can help connect you to the spiritual side. Also talks about what a Kirtan is and how it inspires others. For more info visit: www.rawpeople****
31 Jul 2009
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Tiffany Chow, Clinician-Scientist at the Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest, discusses how to help a loved one or friend deal with the changes that happen to a person as they go through the stages of Alzheimer's disease. Tiffany is in support of a movement to memorialize One Million People on Twitter who have been affected by Alzheimer's Disease. A Million Tweets to Remember (#1MTweets) is a Twitter movement that will help raise money for Alzheimer research for the Alzheimer Association, Alzheimer Society of Canada and the Baycrest - Rotman Research Institute. For more information visit us at *******www.1MTweets**** or follow us on Twitter 1Mtweets
21 Sep 2009
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Randy McIntosh, Senior Scientist and Director of the Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest, discusses the development of a virtual brain and its benefits for early detection of Alzheimer's disease. Randy is in support of the movement to memorialize One Million People on Twitter (#1MTweets) who have been affected by Alzheimer's Disease. A Million Tweets to Remember is a Twitter movement that will help raise money for Alzheimer research for the Alzheimer Association, Alzheimer Society of Canada and the Baycrest - Rotman Research Institute. For more information visit us at *******www.1mTweets****
21 Sep 2009
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There's a whole garage full of streaming shows on the Internet, coming to you from Mike Rotman! He tells us how he's making it happen.
22 Mar 2011
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Cali Lewis talks to Mike Rotman about how to have an effective live stream! And he runs the Streamin' Garage.... so he knows what he's talkin' about!
14 Jun 2012
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Jay Leno “recaptures” his audience.
17 Mar 2010
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Debby and Judi's story of their father's battle with Alzheimer's disease. Debby and Judi are in support of the movement to memorialize One Million People on Twitter (#1MTweets) who have been affected by Alzheimer's Disease. A Million Tweets to Remember is a Twitter movement that will help raise money for Alzheimer research for the Alzheimer Association, Alzheimer Society of Canada and the Baycrest - Rotman Research Institute.
21 Sep 2009
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8 Jan 2010
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The glitz and the glamour of the Emmys is just days away and we're just dying to see what the stars will be wearing on the red carpet. Our LA reporter Diem Brown met up with fashion and style expert Natalie Rotman for some pre-awards gossip. She's got the latest on everything from the hue of the moment, the must-have jewellery and even the most sought-after fabric.
31 Aug 2010
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Distributed by WMG First single off the Cadillacs' new studio album "El Arte De La Elegancia." The track is a cover of Curtis Mayfield's classic "Move On Up," which the Cadillacs have been covering in concert since 1987. *******www.nacionalrecords****. Buy album on Itunes: ******* Buy album on Amazon: *******
5 Apr 2011
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CAUTION: This is actually GRUESOME In one of the most bizarre press conferences- Gov Sarah Palin pardons a turkey then talks about how fun it was as turkeys right behind her are slaughtered.
9 Jul 2011
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Mimi Maura - no no no junto con Fidel Nadal
18 Mar 2012
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You've tried weights. You've tried treadmills. You've tried rollers. Isn't it about time you tried what the real professionals use? It's the Stripper's Pole! From Los Angeles to Las Vegas to strip clubs just over the border that let you get away with a little more, strippers all over the world know that "The Stripper's Pole" gives them the most intense workout possible. Let our 4 minute infomercial show you the best way to a rock hard stripper body and mind! Cameos by: David (Gruber) Allen, Sarah Silverman, Samm Levine, Kris McGaha and Fred Stoller Written and Directed by: Michael Rotman
6 Sep 2009
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Amazing Miracle: Quranic verses have appeared on the body of a 9 months old baby from the Russian Republic of Dagestan Thu Oct 22, 2009 12:58pm IST By Amie Ferris-Rotman - Reuters *******larawbar****/detail.php?id=13856&date=2009-10-24&author=خاکسير *******in.reuters****/articlePrint?articleId=INTRE59L0ZC20091022 KIZLYAR, Russia (Reuters) - A "miracle" baby has brought a kind of mystical hope to people in Russia's mostly Muslim southern fringe who are increasingly desperate in the face of Islamist violence. From hunchbacked grandmas to schoolboys, hundreds of pilgrims lined up this week in blazing sunshine to get a glimpse of 9-month-old baby Ali Yakubov, on whose body they say verses from the Koran appear and fade every few days. Pinkish in color and several centimeters high, the Koranic verse "Be thankful or grateful to Allah" was printed on the infant's right leg in clearly legible Arabic script this week, religious leaders said. Visiting foreign journalists later saw a single letter after the rest had vanished. "The fact that this miracle happened here is a signal to us to take the lead and help our brothers and sisters find peace," said Sagid Murtazaliyev, head of the Kizlyar region about 150 km (95 miles) north of Makhachkala, the sprawling Dagestani capital on the Caspian Sea. "We must not forget there is a war going on here," he told Muslim leaders who had invited the press to witness what they unequivocally claim is a sign from God. Islam in Russia is widely believed to have originated in ethnically rich Dagestan, where 3 million people speak over 30 languages and whose ancient walled city of Derbent claims to be Russia's oldest city. A spate of recent suicide bombs and armed attacks on police and security services in Dagestan, Ingushetia and neighboring Chechnya, where Russia has fought two separatist wars, has shattered a few years of relative calm in the North Caucasus. Local leaders have told President Dmitry Medvedev they are struggling to contain an Islamist insurgency pervading all spheres of society in the north Caucasus -- a region named after the Caucasus mountains that divide Russia from strategically important Georgia and Azerbaijan, where oil and gas pipelines flow to the West. Up to 2,000 pilgrims from Russia's 20 million Muslim population come daily to see the docile, blue-eyed baby, whose pink brick house has become a shrine. Vladimir Zakharov, deputy director of the Caucasus Research Centre at the Moscow State University of International Relations, said he was not in a position to judge the veracity of the claims, but that it was clear they were born out of desperation. "Islam and fear of terrorism now totally dominate the North Caucasus, and they are perhaps using this to escape from a certain reality," he told Reuters by telephone. POLICED SHRINE Green satin flags mark the way to the baby's modest family home in Kizlyar, a small town of lime-colored mosques, cornfields and dirt roads whose dust bellows into the sky. Dagestan's omnipresent armed police patrol the house while imams change photos of Yakubov's arms and legs covered in Arabic script from previous episodes to both jubilation and wails from the bustling crowd. They say the fact Yakubov's 27-year-old father Shamil works in the police force -- a regular target by militants -- is proof of divine intervention. Makhachkala's influential mayor Sayid Amirov, who has survived around a dozen attacks on his life since the mid-1990s, interpreted the recent buzz around the baby as a warning. "What happened here is indeed a miracle, but this should also be a message to not take religion too far," he told reporters. Authorities say Islamist extremism is as responsible for the growing violence as widespread poverty, and experts add the insurgency is also recruiting foreign al Qaeda militants who seek an Islamic state in the north Caucasus. Holding up his right foot where a single Arabic letter remained from the latest episode, Yakubov's 26-year-old mother Madina said she had no doubt the verses -- which first appeared two weeks after birth -- were connected to extremism. "Allah is great and he sent me my miracle child to keep our people safe," she told Reuters, adjusting her tight purple hijab which crowns a multi-colored kaftan. Though divine "miracles" are common in Christianity -- such as weeping icons and stigmata, bleeding wounds in the hands and feet similar to those of Christ -- Islam rarely has them. Outside her home, pilgrims prayed and gave thanks to Allah. Supermarket attendant Madina Nikolayeva traveled from Ukraine to see the baby. Behind her, Akhmed Khadzhy had been waiting all day in the queue. "Allah is watching over Dagestan," said the pensioner from Khasavyurt near the Chechen border, where clashes with security forces had killed three militants the night before. (Reporting by Amie Ferris-Rotman; Editing by Sonya Hepinstall)
14 Nov 2009
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GROUP: Los Fabulosos Cadillacs (Argentina) SONG: Matador (1993) ENGLISH - ENGLISH - ENGLISH Los Fabulosos Cadillacs is a Latin-American rock band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Formed in 1985, they released their first album, Bares y Fondas (Bars and Boardinghouses) in 1986. Since then they have released fourteen more albums. They are one of the most influential and most-referenced rock band of the Latin rock world. The band's sound is a mix of rock, ska, jazz, folk, reggae, funk and big band. The lineup has changed throughout the years, but the core members have always been the co-founders: singer Gabriel Fernandez Capello (known as Vicentico) and bassist Flavio Cianciarulo (known as Sr. Flavio). Vicentico and Sr. Flavio have done the majority of the songwriting and lyrics as well. Saxist Sergio Rotman, Drummer Fernando Ricciardi and keyboardist Mario Siperman have also been featured in all lineups of the band. The band, which collaborated with some music stars such as Mick Jones, Debbie Harry, Celia Cruz, Rubén Blades and Fishbone, received the MTV Latino Video Music Award in 1994 for the single "El Matador", in what probably was the peak of popularity of the band. The song made an appearance on the soundtracks for the movies Grosse Pointe Blank and The Matador. On September 29 of that year they produced an MTV Unplugged concert. The Cadillacs also won the 1998 Grammy Award for Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album, and were nominated in the 2000 Latin Grammy Awards for Best Band and Best Music Video ("La Vida"), which received the now-defunct International Viewer's Choice Award (Southern Region) at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards. ESPAÑOL - ESPAÑOL - ESPAÑOL Los fabulosos cadillacs es una banda argentina de rock proveniente de Buenos Aires. Fundada en 1985, es considerada una de las más influyentes y exitosas de Argentina y de Latinoamérica. 4 de sus álbumes han sido incluidos en la lista de los 250 álbumes más influyentes del rock iberoamericano: La marcha del golazo solitario, Rey azúcar, Fabulosos Calavera y Vasos vacíos. También su álbum El león está en la posición número 21 del ranking Los 100 mejores discos del rock nacional de la revista Rolling Stone argentina. En 1994 el videoclip de la canción recibió el primer premio Video de la gente por la cadena MTV Latinoamérica y en el año 2000 recibió este premio el video de la canción "La vida" por MTV Latinoamérica sur. Además este tema ha salido dos veces en la primera posición de los rankings hechos por MTV Latinoamérica, el primero en la celebración de los 10 años de la cadena y después en la celebración de los 15 y logró el segundo puesto en el ranking de Los 100 videos más MTV. En el año 2008 recibieron el Premio Leyenda de la cadena MTV Latinoamérica. Actualmente se encuentran terminando su gira mundial de promoción del disco La luz del ritmo, llamada Satánico Pop Tour, y en pocas semanas lanzarán su nuevo disco El arte de la elegancia de Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.
29 May 2011
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The AP's Natalie Rotman talks about her fashion favorites at the 2010 Grammy Awards. (Feb. 1)
12 Sep 2011
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