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1 Mar 2011
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A swinging situation involving rough sex goes wrong - what went wrong and how could it have been avoided? What you need to know to prevent swinging mishaps from happening to you! Swinging Advice from *******www.askdanandjennifer****/swingers-threesome/
21 Jun 2009
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This time on Sexytime, we're talking rough sex and domination with Colin. Seriously. Colin's girlfriend beats him up during sex and he digs it. If you comment and upload video responses, Colin is going to get into a school girls outfit. I'm not sure if that's a good thing. Let us know... Stay Sexy!
24 May 2009
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Music video by Bone performing Homegurl. (C) 2009 Download Link :Original - *******www.mediafire****/?n0ymqhahyja Download Link: Remix - *******www.mediafire****/?hwzwwqni3tz Bone - Homegurl Lyrics Them hoes bet not fuck with my Juvi Cause he hot and he don't wanna loose me I like the way that fuckin boy abuse me He gotta big dick and know how to use it [Chorus:] (She told her homegirl) He got a big dick and know how to use it (She told the whole world) He got a big dick and know how to use it [x2] YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH (he gotta, he gotta) BONE! (he gotta big dick and know how to use it) [x2) [Verse 1:] Yeah I'm braggin three plus six You be askin every inch I deliver that dick Just the very thought make the girl wanna flinch Like she'll text me "Bone come gimmie dat dick" And I mean erry bit an now shawty numb Go slow she moan Beat it up she run Either way she come Yeah Bone gone get it Bet I leave that pussy wet Like a hurricane hit it Hell might as well did Shit the way that I split it, feel it I fit in tight places like a midget And now I go deep deep deep, Take a breath Cause the winner couldn't say nothin else [Chorus:] (She told her homegirl) He got a big dick and know how to use it (She told the whole world) He got a big dick and know how to use it [x2] YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH (he gotta, he gotta) BONE! (he gotta big dick and know how to use it) [x2) [Verse 2:] She say she like the way Bone abuse it (Bone) Rough sex yeah she in to hair pullin (Yeah) She tute it up and tell ya boy get behind Now watch me get low (get low) Then bop it Beat it up right Get it loose if it's tight She ain't never had none She gettin good dick tonight Had to her don't fight, (don't fight) And don't run, (don't run) Be still, (still) Now cum (Yeah) Nine to ten times hell a nigga don't mind Just don't get stingy when it come time for mine I'm a go deep(deep) deep (deep) deep Take a breath Cause the winner couldn't say nothin else [Chorus:] (She told her homegirl) He got a big dick and know how to use it (She told the whole world) He got a big dick and know how to use it [x2] YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH (he gotta, he gotta) BONE! (he gotta big dick and know how to use it) [x2) [Verse 3:] She say I'm hot I just think I'm fine Have to go to east texas Just to find my kind Good lookin face, And the fact that I'm fly Plus the rumors 'bout my dick Make a bitch look twice But she told em "Bet not fuck with my juvi" Live or a knock a bitch out if she choosin' I'm like cool it She want me to move in Get that pussy right From the night to the day again Yes that's flatterin' Beat it like I'm batterin' Churnin while I'm turnin In and out ass smackin Go in deep(deep), deep (deep), deep Take a breath Cause the winner couldn't say nothin else [Chorus:] (She told her homegirl) He got a big dick and know how to use it (She told the whole world) He got a big dick and know how to use it [x2] YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH (he gotta, he gotta) BONE! (he gotta big dick and know how to use it) [x2]
26 Feb 2011
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I do not own this song, nor do I hold any copyrights to it. I got these lyrics from the original music video, so I do not own them, either. Please comment, rate, and favorite! Thank you so much. Enjoy! - Ellz ------------ Doin' your mom, doin' doin' your mom. x2 Doin' your mom, doin' doin' your mom, You we straight, we're doin' your mom. x3 I'm doin' your mom, yes yours, First saw her in the Walmart picking our your drawers. Big Dolly Parton hair like an 80s prom queen, But her ass was looking good all up in them mom jeans. I approached her in the checkout line and said, "Yo baby wassup?" She had two gallons of milk and I was staring at her jugs. Five minutes later she agreed to get with me, So we went and rocked the minivan like giggity giggity giggity. I was riding your mom like she was Mario Kart. I gave her a lift back to her crib 'cause her car wouldn't start. She invited me in the house and we started making out again, How many times I tap that ass? Over nine thousand! Yeah. She called me Pledge 'cause I knocked the dust off it, Later make me a sandwich and she cut the crust off it. 'Cause she knows how I like, and that I'm a little young To be in the bed, butt-naked doin' your mom. [chorus x2] I like your mama's big butt and I cannot lie. You other brothers can't deny that she's fly. We make sexy time, [yes], and every night I tap that. She saw me butt-naked, now she thinks I'm half black. But you mom's the best, the super M.I.L.F, 'Cause she loves to toss the salad even though she ain't a chef. And I blame it on the al-al-al-chohol, but if I were you, I wouldn't kiss your mom on the mouth at all. She likes the Donkey punch, she likes the Dirty Sanchez. Sometimes she even likes to fool around in your bed. She likes rough sex with handcuffs and I'll be honest, She likes me to Chris Brown when she acts like Rihanna. She's so therapeutic, when I need to cure my restlessness, I br-br-br-motorboat your mom's breastessness. I didn't wanna tell but I had to write this song, 'Cause I'm in your house every night doin' your mom. [chorus x2] I'm having sex with your mother, And that makes me better-better-better than you. x2 [instrumental] [chorus x2]
10 Jul 2011
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What started out as kind of a parody ended up something much more interesting. Read on for my full thoughts. I recognized immediately the problem: it would be dismissed as an imitation. Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. Several months ago, I discovered a white studio space on the edge of Los Angeles. The idea occured to me instantly to shoot something there, but what? A sequel to my minorly viral series of Superman videos? A music video? The blank white space stretched out before me and I clutched my beer and squinted my eyes and found myself thinking of something that felt unbelievably obvious: I should get my friends to hit each other in the face. The Kiss video had come and gone, and with it a huge legion of parodies of varying quality and intelligence. There was a sense of diminishing returns, one that set on with that inimitable quickness of the internet, an invention that seems to have given the entire world ADHD. The reception was initially warm, but after the truth of The Kiss video's commercial origins were made known, a certain cynicism had set in about that momentarily beloved piece of film making. To me, I was cynical from the start. The Kiss video is beautiful, but it doesn't ask a big question. The "question" of the video seems to be "Do you want to kiss a sexy person who conforms to your preestablished sexual interests?" The answer, I would assume for most everyone, is "yes, I would like that very much, that sounds like it would get me all horned up." So what's the more interesting question? There've been a lot of imitators with variations on the original; I admit I haven't watched most of them. The majority were either fake for "internet comedy" or asked an even less interesting question, like "What if it were a REAL (meaning widely considered ugly) person?" "Will these straight people hug these gay people?" Stuff like that, usually loaded with false, contrived sincerity, something I find repellent. Sexuality wasn't interesting enough. Too vague, too easy. There was the white space though. So...Violence. Sexuality, no. Violence on the other hand... What is violence? It's really just a label, isn't it, if you let your mind go to a dark place. I decided to define violence as "nonconsensual physical interference;" wordy I know, but it lent itself to a wider idea. Something as simple as someone grabbing your butt or hugging you a little too long or too tight can feel violent; granted, not as painful as a knife to the gut or a bullet to the head, but still, violent. Invasive. But what if we took the non-consensual part out of it? What if you agreed, in some small way, to a measure of pain, and in doing so, earned the opportunity to inflict a little of your own, free of consequence, divorced from the more traditional contexts of a fight or anger or rough sex, and hit someone in the face? What is trust? Do you trust someone not to hurt you? Are you even thinking about it? Do you care if they hurt you if you trust them? I started asking all kinds of questions. I went totally up my own ass with this. What does trust have more to do with, logic or fun? How much fun is it to trust someone, versus how logical it is to trust them, to hit you in the face and be hit by you in the face? Granted, it's just a stupid internet video, but what isn't, these days? I had a theory: if we let people slap each other, most of them, after the initial hit, will start testing each other and themselves, playing with their own boundaries. Maybe not every time, ut some timess. Most times. The theory was: people will want to do it more than once. The theory was: in this bizarre scenario, a slap won't be a slap. It'll become a different type of physical exchange. The theory was: A slap, robbed of its violating context, is more intimate than a kiss. My theory, as it turned out, was right, which was fun, and gratifying. But intellectual gratification is, to me, secondary to the visceral feeling that came from hitting, being hit, and better yet, watching everybody hit each other. I saw the strangest mutations of intimacy, and trust, in that empty void. Everything you see on camera is real and spontaneous. For more of this barely eloquent oddness, follow uptomyknees Song: Stardust by Mika
6 Jan 2015
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Vybz Kartel - Rough Sex (ft. Delicious) - Audio
6 Sep 2009
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Do you like rough sex? - ¿Te gusta el sexo rudo? This girl is very dangerous in bed. You must be careful to undress
12 Apr 2013
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Subscribe to OLD HOLLYWOOD TRAILERS: ******* Subscribe to TRAILERS: ******* Subscribe to COMING SOON: ******* Like us on FACEBOOK: ******* The Heartbreak Kid (2007) - Official Trailer Ben Stiller Movie HD A newlywed man who believes he's just gotten hitched to the perfect woman encounters another lady on his honeymoon. Cast: Ben Stiller: ******* Malin Akerman: ******* Michelle Monaghan: ******* Rob Corddry: ******* Scott Wilson: ******* Danny McBride: ******* Eva Longoria Parker: ******* Director: Peter Farrelly: ******* Bobby Farrelly: ******* Producer: Ted Field: ******* Joe Rosenberg: ******* Charles B. Wessler: ******* Mark Charpentier: ******* Bradley Thomas: ******* Matthew Aufdenspring: ******* Kris Meyer: ******* John Davis: ******* Marc S. Fischer: ******* Hal Olofsson: ******* Ellen Dumouchel: ******* Matt Weaver: ******* Tony Lord Writer: Scot Armstrong: ******* Bruce Jay Friedman: ******* Peter Farrelly: ******* Neil Simon: ******* Kevin Barnett Bobby Farrelly: ******* Leslie Dixon: ******* Editor: Alan Baumgarten: ******* Sam Seig: ******* Cinematographer: Matthew F. Leonetti: ******* Composer: Brendan Ryan Bill Ryan: ******* "The Heartbreak Kid trailer" "The Heartbreak Kid movie" "The Heartbreak Kid 2007" "The Heartbreak Kid HD" HD 2007 "Ben Stiller" "Malin Akerman" "Michelle Monaghan" "Rob Corddry" dbazemore bicycle crash flirting "crazy lady" jealousy psychotic obsessed "Scott Wilson" movieclips movieclipstrailers movieclips movieclipsDOTcom movieclipscomingsoon bikini blonde deception "female nudity" "leg spreading" "rough sex"
31 Mar 2015
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Louis C.K. Rough Sex
5 Jul 2011
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The clip the truth about hanssen from Breach (2007) You've come to admire him, I see. Yes. Respect him? Yes. Well, that was inevitable. For our purposes, it was sort of necessary. But he's a traitor, Eric. He started spying for the Russians, we think, in 1985. He's given them military secrets, intelligence secrets. He gave them our Continuity of Government Program, which told them where the President would be taken during a nuclear or terrorist attack. And the Vice President. And the Congress. And the Cabinet. The damage he's done to the U.S. Government is in the billions. But that's just the money part. He's also given up lives. Sources we were working In one of his drops, he identified Valery Martynov and Sergei Motorin, two KGB agents we'd turned They were flown back to Moscow and executed We don't have a handle yet on how many of our assets he's compromised. Maybe 50, maybe more. I shouldn't tease you That just gets me into trouble Our file on him came from two Russian defectors The Bureau paid $7 million for it Of course, everything in the file is inadmissible We make our own case independently, or he walks Oh, not that it matters, but the sexual stuff is also true. Irrelevant, but true. The stories on the Internet, they're about his wife. Using her real name Sweet little anecdotes about how much she loves rough sex, that sort of thing
20 Nov 2011
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The clip Plotting Revenge from Pledge This! (2006) I can't believe I let her play me like that. Why don't we pick up this stuff... and set the dang house on fire? And after that, we'll set the whole campus on fire! At least we'll have somewhere to stay. I hear the beds are very comfortable in jail. And we get used to the rough sex. Babs, not now. Our possessions have been strewn in the dirt... like our hopes and our dreams! Oh, Krishna. Why have you deserted us? Why? Gloria, I am so sorry. Forget it, Derek. I don't even wanna hear it. Well, you don't actually think I had something... to do with that, do you? It was all a big ploy... to make us look like fools in front of everyone. You disgust me. I swear to you I had nothing to do with that. How do I make you understand this? I have no loyalty to her anymore. Okay. Prove it. What's the most important thing to her... in her shallow life? Besides making us look like fools? I don't know. I really don't know. FHM magazine. Getting on the cover has been an obsession of hers... since i've known her. For the last three years all she wants to do.. is win this stupid contest, and I know how... to make that dream turn into a nightmare. This party is gonna be the biggest night of her life. You wanna get back at her? The keys to Gamma Gamma. Let's do it, Gloria. Give me that. Yes! Just like everyone, Kristen let me down. But if being mean to people turned her off... then why the hell did she become a Gamma? You are not welcome here, stabber of backs. I have a good mind to put you over my knee... and give you the spanking of your life, young lady. Oh, i've been bad, too. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. I don't know what I was thinking... and I don't blame you for hating me... but I know what I did was wrong... and I want to make it up to you.
3 Dec 2011
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