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Prrof of my RRoD for those unbelievers
19 Apr 2009
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******* Learn how to fix and repair your xbox 360 in under one hour guaranteed. Don't send it to microsoft you can fix your rrod problems yourself
12 Jan 2009
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*******www.xbox360repairguide.fyiurl**** "Get A Permanent Fix For Your Xbox 360 Console!" You have probably started searching the Net trying to find a fix for your Xbox 360 and to gather more information about the error. I did the same thing when my Xbox 360 stopped working. Don't make the same mistake that I made. All you want is your Xbox 360 up and running today right? Well some of the information out there is just completely wrong and some of the guides I have seen involve soldering your Xbox 360 or worse! You do not need to do this! Do it right the first time! Unless you are very technical you do not want to have to guess what to do out of some Ebook. What you need is a permanent fix that you can complete at home today with simple household items so you can get back to your games! xbox 360 red ring of death,rrod,rod,fix,video game console,broken xbox 360,repair xbox 360,fix xbox 360,red ring of doom, red rings, xbox 360 red ring, xbox 360 red rings, Xbox 360 Repair, RROD, Disc Read error, Console, Elite, Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead, Grand Theft Auto, Halo 3, Resident Evil 5
2 Mar 2009
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http//www.360fix.fyiurl****/ It does seem a little crazy that you can fix your Xbox 360 when technicians are charging well over a hundred dollars for it. But, when you understand the problem with your Xbox 360, you will see why you can do it yourself, and why it only takes just over an hour with a 30 minute cool down period. The truth is, this repair was designed for the average young kid to be able to fix their system. You will have absolutely no problems following along with the repair and getting your kids Xbox 360 working. Most common is the 3 red light error. If your system is showing 3 red lights on the power button and/or an E74 error screen, you have the 3 red light error. This is also known as: Red ring of death 3 Red rings RROD 3ROD E74 Error You may also have one of these other fairly common errors: 2 red lights 1 red light Graphics freezing E69 (or another E number) All of these errors are caused by 1 thing: a loose GPU (graphics processing unit). While Microsoft has not addressed this issue officially, they are at fault for your Xbox 360 breaking. Here is what happened: Microsoft was in a race (against Sony and Nintendo) to be the first next generation console on the market (after the PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox). They rushed through production and ran into a problem during the final design stages. The DVD drive was too big, and would not fit in Xbox 360. So to make room they decided to shrink the heat sink (which absorbs heat from the motherboard, and is basically the cooling unit). BIG MISTAKE. Shrinking the heat sink turned out to be a major problem, and in one of the only press release statements made by Microsoft, they admitted there is a design flaw in each of the 16 million consoles sold that could cause the device to fail. This basically means anyone can get a red light error anytime. While vague on the issue, the heart of the message was there, namely we screwed up, sucks to be you. Great The good news is you can repair this relatively fast by adjusting how the heat sink rests on the motherboard So what EXACTLY is happening to my Xbox 360? If this makes sense (and it will), you more than qualify to be able to fix your system: Your Xbox 360 motherboard has 2 important chips on it, the CPU (central processing unit) and GPU (graphics processing unit). The GPU is what processes graphics. The problem is, the heat sink (the cooling unit) that sits above it is too small. This means this chip gets very hot. As this chip heats up, the soldering (glue) that holds it becomes weak. Making matters worse, as the motherboard heats up, it starts to flex (bend up and down). This flex action combined with the weakened soldering which holds the GPU on is what causes your problem. As the motherboard heats up, the GPU (and sometimes the CPU too) becomes loose. Once the GPU comes loose your system freezes, and shows red light errors. Some red light errors are the result of the CPU coming loose as well. And I am going to fix this how? Dont I need some super advanced technical device? You would think so, but you dont. In fact, you only some basic tools: a poking device and a screw driver. All you have to do is open the system up and adjust how the heat sink sits on the GPU and CPU. You are going to unscrew the heat sink, then put it back in a slightly adjusted position. Then you turn the system on (with the fan unplugged) and you heat it slightly so the chips realign on the motherboard. You then turn it off, let it cool down (letting the chips harden in place), put it back together and viola, problem solved. The chips are now in position and will no longer over heat because of the adjustment you made. It really is simple. Distributed by Tubemogul.
18 Oct 2009
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Find out more on how to fix you Xbox 360 red ring at *******Snurl****/RepairXbox1 Has your XBOX 360 died with the Red Ring of Death? Would you like to play your XBOX 360 again? Well now you can! I've found a guide online that makes it easy to fix your xbox 360. The step by step guide also comes with videos, so it's virtually idiot proof. The XBOX 360 Repair Guide & Videos will help you to fix your XBOX 360 in Less than 1 Hour. You could be playing your games again in less than an hour! Or you could just repair your XBOX 360 and sell it on eBay for some extra cash. If You're interested in learning how to repair your own XBOX 360, just follow the link. xbox 360 rlod red lights fix repair towel rrod trick clamp game halo glitch broken rock band technology mod ps3 wi
22 Sep 2009
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*******XBOXFix.BestReviewed.Net - If you have the RROD or other XBOX problems I feel you, it's a pain in the ass. The XBOX 360 3 Red Lights is a big problem for XBOXs. But if you go to the site above there is a great guide that will show you how to get rid of the problem forever... it will never come back. I should know how much it sucks to waste money on repairing an XBOX - it cost me over $100 (!!!) to get my XBOX back from the repair shop, only to have it break on me again. I'm lucky that I found this guide because it hasn't come back yet and I didn't rack up any huge repair fees. (of course, you can always start charging repair fees to other people to repair their consoles once you know how to do it ;) ) The guide shows you a simple XBOX 360 3 red lights fix (RROD Fix) with video instructions, and also instructions for how to repair other problems an XBOX might have like 2 red lights, overheating, freezing and others. So go check it out now at the link above and you can start playing your XBOX in an hour or two after you repair it. Enjoy!
16 Sep 2009
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*******FixXBOX.BestReviewed.Net If you've had the xbox RROD come up on your system DONT pay big repair fees for someone to do it for you... it is easy to do, so you can do it yourself for nothing. You just need a guide that will show you exactly what you need to do, so click above for a great one with video tutorials on how to perform the xbox 360 red ring of death fix. I shelled out a lot of cash to get my xbox back and only have it break on me... with the red ring of death, again. I found this guide the second time and it saved me a lot of money because my xbox is working perfectly and its cool to know that if something goes wrong again I can just fix it myself using this guide.\ (If you want, you can also start fixing other people's xboxs, and make yourself some cash in the process.) As well as showing you how to do the xbox 360 red ring of death fix, it also shows you how to do a 2 red light fix, overheating fix, freezing fix and other repairs as well. So check it out at the link above and start playing your xbox in the next hour or so. Just download the guide, fix your xbox and start playing again without paying big repair fees. Hope you like it!
16 Sep 2009
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*******tinyurl****/ydjaqlk Does your xbox have the red ring of death (rrod)? Did it just die? While playing Halo 3 or COD MW2? Well this is just a minor hardware problem, that is very easy to fix and it can be done by just anyone!!! Fix Xbox 360 RROD in under an hour. 100% guranteed!!! (Fix Xbox 360 RROD in under an hour. 100% guranteed!!!)
19 Jan 2010
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*******3redlightfix.duriss**** Help you fixing the RROD step by step
16 Apr 2010
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Part 2 of 2 of Red Ring of Death review. It's the GREEN RING OF LIFE! Classic Game Room reviews the RROD and the repair process for warranty service on a Microsoft Xbox 360! How long does it take to get the Xbox 360 fixes, was it done properly and was their Xbox customer service polite, prompt and effective. CGRHD goes through the Red Ring of Death so you don't have to (although you probably will anyway). CGRHD endures the Xbox 360 repair process... what, my Xbox turned into a Sega Dreamcast!??? Watch exclusive video of Classic Game Room's Xbox 360 being unboxed and amazingly unwrapped from plastic. Unrivaled cinematography captures the excitement of tossing packing material asunder and tearing into the juicy nectar of GREEN RING sweetness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH GOD, IT'S FULL OF GREEN! IT WORKS, IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now who's up for some Atari 2600 Combat? Three years for three red rings, three cheers for three..... is there a beer that rhymes with rings anyone? This is not a failure, it is an Xbox 360 red ring of death review, part 2, for you! Boogaloo!
14 Aug 2012
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Check it out! With the creation of all the next generation consoles and as we move into new technology it is no wonder that these consoles encounter more problems. One console that has really had quite a few problems is the Xbox 360 and it is amazing how many people are looking for Xbox 360 Repair. This is because the console is quite small and has all the equipment of a high end gaming PC put into a small space! I have written this article to give you a few ideas of what you can do if you have a broken Xbox before you pay money for Xbox 360 Repair. Firstly there are to many errors to list here so I will just deal with the main problems: One of the main problems with the Xbox 360 is overheating and I would say that over 60% of Xbox 360 Repair is done because the console has burnt itself out! You can minimize the risk of your console overheating by making sure that you keep it in an are that is well ventilated! This means if you have it right next to a heater or fireplace then it would be a good idea to move it and try keeping it cooler. The second most common reason people look for Xbox 360 Repair is the DVD drive and there tends to be three different types. You normally know if you have this problem as when you put a disc in it starts making a loud crunching sound. The Best way to fix this is with a good repair guide. I hope this article has helped give you a few things you can try before you send in the console for Xbox 360 Repair.
2 Aug 2008
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A short and easy way to fix the red ring of death on the xbox 360. NOTE: THIS WILL NOT FIX THE XBOX, IT IS NOT EVEN A PROPER FIX, IN FACE, IT'S NOT A FIX AT ALL, DO NOT USE!
30 Nov 2008
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Most advanced, up to date method of fixing the 360 yourself. Fix errors e74, 0102, freezing/no video and more. To read the whole tutorial, please visit... *******xbox-experts****
26 Jan 2009
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5 Feb 2009
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ake control of your own Xbox 360 and fix it yourself, you will be playing your games in no time. You can find a good guide in here *******tinyurl****/rrodfix/ Good Luck!
7 May 2009
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*******tinyurl****/fixyourxbox360console Click Here - DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! Unless you are very technical you do not want to have to guess what to do out of some Ebook. What you need is a permanent fix that you can complete at home today with simple household items so you can get back to your games!
22 Aug 2009
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