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*******www.allanscottphotography****** The wedding of Karen & Chris at Rudding Park, Harrogate Professional York Photographer specialising in Wedding and Potrait Photography. Covering weddings and portraits throughout the Yorkshire area including York, Harrogate, Leeds.
7 Jun 2012
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21 Dec 2009
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KHAJOO BRIDGE Life Giving River…..Zāyandéh-Rūd Zāyandé-Rūd is the largest river which flows on the plains of central Iran (rud, spelled rood in Persian means river and ‘zayandeh’ means ‘life-giving’). It starts in the Zagros Mountains and flows 300 kilometres eastward and passes through Isfahan city. It flows throughout the year as against many other rivers of Iran which are seasonal. It is adorned with many historical Safavid era bridges which have great cultural influence on the lives of local people namely Khaju Bridge, Se-o-Seh Bridge, Marnan Brige, Shehristan Bridge, Pul-e-Choobi (Joui Bridge), etc. The river water gives life to the people of Isfahan and a green landscape to the city. There are lush green parks on both sides of the river which add to the beauty of the city manifold and create an effect of paradise on earth. About 4-5 years ago, Government of Iran withheld the water of Zayandeh Rud in Chadegan Reservoir Dam (also called Zayandeh Dam), about 200 km above Isfahan for other useful purposes which converted the river into desert after thousands of years of life. It adversely affected the life patterns and cultural activities of the people of Isfahan. They felt deprived and protested and mourned over their deprivation. After years of vehement protests and demands, the Government of Iran released the water of the river on 7 April 2013 which brought a life into the lives of 5 million people of Isfahan. The “Life-Giving River” has started flowing again with its cool and inspiring spirit. This video shows the happy Isfahanians. Khaju Bridge was built by the Persian Safavid king, Shah Abbas II around 1650 C.E., on the foundations of an older bridge. In the center of the structure, a pavilion exists inside of which the then King Shah Abbas would have once sat, admiring the views. Today remnant of a stone seat is all that remains of the king's chair. Khaju Bridge has 23 arches and is 105 meters long and 14 meters wide. The pass way of the bridge is 7.5 meters wide. This video gives glimpses of Khajoo Bridge as on 22.4.2013. From this video one can understand the importance of this bridge in the lives of local people and also enjoy the cultural touch of Isfahani life.
8 Jun 2013
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From brandUn DeShay's mixtape "One! For the Money. Feat. Casey Veggies. Prod. by DeShay Ali Get the full mixtape at: segalaxy.blogspot****
12 Oct 2008
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Tercer partido de la liguilla de la Champions 08/09
22 Oct 2008
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Jon R is back to tackle another special holiday episode of Ask the Buffalo. Jon continues the one question trend and shares his thoughts, opinions, and insight on how one can become a tech reviewer or tech consumer journalist. If you're thinking of starting up a YouTube channel, or if you're looking for some pointers on how you can improve your review vids, this is the video for you!
27 Dec 2011
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3 Feb 2017
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copterx ae- gy-401 -hitec 65mg -gws park rud servo-jr 7202 xp
24 Aug 2009
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Gale Rodrigues Group Vanessa Rodrigues - orgue/organ Chris Gale - sax Mike Rud - guitare/guitar Davide DiRenzo - batterie/drums "Tastes Like Burning" de/by Vanessa Rodrigues Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill Serie Trio Mercredis/Jeudis 5-12-18-19 novembre 2009 November 5-12-18-19 2009 Wednesday/Thursday Series Montréal, QC, Canada upstairsjazz**** Mercredi le 4 novembre, 2009 / Wednesday November 4th, 2009 plus de vidéos - more videos : par/by Sortiesjazznights****
24 Nov 2009
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Atashgah Atashgah or the Fire Temple is a Sassanid-era archaeological complex located on the top of a hill about eight kilometers west of city center of Isfahan, Iran. The hill, about 210 meters high, was previously called Maras or Marabin after a village near there. It is believed to be an ancient Zoroastrian fire temple which is currently no longer in use. Looking from the top of the hill gives a magnificent view of Zayandeh Rud river and the city of Isfahan. One part of the complex, on the southern flank of the hill, is the remains of Marabin citadel of about twenty buildings/rooms. Atashgah has characteristic of Zoroastrian fire-temples of the 3rd century. There are the remains of a tower-like circular building on the top of the hill which is known as Burj-i Qurban, "Tower of Sacrifice,". It was reportedly twenty meters high in old times. An Arab historian Masudi visited the site around 10th century and recorded local tradition that the site was converted from one of idol worship to one of fire by "King Yustasf (i.e. Vishtaspa, the patron of Zoroaster) when he adopted the religion of the Magi. Atashgah is one of the most favorite visiting places for local as well as foreign tourists. Climbing up the hill to see the archeological remains is an uphill task for elderly people.
8 May 2013
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