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The Classic Novel by the Award-Winning Author of Go Tell It On the Mountain that Captures the Vibrancy of a Circle of Bohemian Friends in '50s New York. The first unabridged recording of this essential work DESCRIPTION Published in 1962, this is an emotionally intense novel of love, hatred, race and liberal America in the 1950s. Set in Greenwich Village, Harlem, and France, Another Country tells the story of the suicide of jazz-musician Rufus Scott and the friends who search for an understanding of his life and death, discovering uncomfortable truths about themselves along the way. AUTHOR INFORMATION James Baldwin (1924–1987) was educated in New York. He is the author of more than twenty works of fiction and nonfiction, including Go Tell It on the Mountain, Notes of a Native Son, Another Country, and Blues for Mister Charlie. He has received many awards including the Eugene F. Saxon Memorial Trust Award, a Rosenwald Fellowship, a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Partisan Review Fellowship, and a Ford Foundation grant. He was made a Commander of the Legion of Honor in 1986. NARRATOR INFORMATION Veteran actor and narrator Dion Graham who appeared on The Wire on HBO and narrated The First 48 on A&E, as well as various projects for the BBC and PBS. He has performed on and Off-Broadway, internationally, in films and in several hit television series. “An almost unbearable, tumultuous, blood-pounding experience.” —THE WASHINGTON POST
4 Feb 2009
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Before the celebrity game during 2009 NBA All Star Week, Rufus, the Charlotte Bobcats' mascot, tossed a basketball backwards, over his head, and off the groin of Bango, the Milwaukee Bucks' mascot. The ball went through the hoop, as did Bango. No mascots were harmed in the making of this film (we hope). UPDATE: Bango did suffer a knee injury, but will recover and continue to entertain fans before and after surgery: wish him the best.
20 Jun 2009
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Here is the first look at ’Til Spring,” the new release from Clarence Bucaro. The New York Times compared Bucaro’s sound to “late-1970s Van Morrison” and the Boston Phoenix suggested he could be the “roots offspring of Jackson Browne and Ricki Lee Jones”. Shot on location in New York City, this new music video from Clarence Bucaro portrays his literal and figurative life's journey and the renewal message that he offers in the lyrical content of the life-affirming single "'Til A Spring Wind Blows Again". Directed by Brian Barnes, the cinematic story unfolds in some famous scenes around New York; look for the Flat Iron Building, the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, Coney Island, and the Brooklyn Bridge. "It won't be long..." until the internet and video channels are all buzzing about Clarence Bucaro and this stellar video for "'Til A Spring Wind Blows Again". CD Produced by Tom Schick (Norah Jones, Ryan Adams, Rufus Wainright). *******www.myspace****/clarencebucaro Distributed by Tubemogul.
4 Mar 2009
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How to unlock all characters (Cammy gouki guile ryu ken sagat abel el fuerte dan sakura rose m.bison vega balrog fei long gen seth akuma gouken chun-li blanka crimson viper dhalsim rufus zangief)
9 Mar 2009
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Top tanning and perfection brand St Tropez rocks up at Mummy Rocks, the kid's party, held in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital. Several celebrity mums attended the bash along with their kids, including Sadie Frost, Meg Matthews, Samantha Morton, Rufus Sewell and Mick Jones from The Clash. Lots of St Tropez treatments were on offer including skin finishing treatments including the look of the moment, "The No Tan, Tan" - a light optimistic glow, as well as the classic St. Tropez beach bronzed look. Stylish...
7 Apr 2009
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ORIGINAL VIDEO An excellent animation which explains the hiv replication very clearly. For free download of this video please visit my web page *******rufusrajadurai.wetpaint****/ And other 3D animation videos visit *******rufusrajadurai.wetpaint****/pa... Regards, Dr.Rufus The Lyrics of this video is here Targeting HIV replication The replication of HIV 1 is a multi-stage process. Each step is crucial to successful replication and is therefore a potential target of antiretroviral drugs. Step one is the infection of a suitable host-cell, such as a CD4-positive T-lymphocyte. Entry of HIV into the cell requires the presence of certain receptors on the cell surface, CD4 -- receptors and co-receptors such as CCR5 or CXCR4. These receptors interact with protein-complexes, which are embedded in the viral envelope. These complexes are composed of two glycoproteins: an extracellular gp 120 and a transmembrane gp 41 When HIV approaches the target cell gp120 binds to the CD4-receptors. This process is termed attachment. It promotes further binding to a co-receptor. Co-receptor binding results in a conformational change in gp120. This allows gp41 to unfold and insert its hydrophobic terminus into the cell membrane. Gp 41 then folds back on itself. This draws the virus towards the cell and facilitates the fusion of their membranes. The viral nucleocapsid enters the host cell and breaks open releasing two viral RNA-strands and 3 essential replication enzymes: Integrase, Protease and Reverse Transcriptase. Reverse Transcriptase begins the reverse transcription of viral RNA. It has two catalytic domains: The Ribonuclease-H active site And the polymerase active site Here single stranded viral RNA is transcribed into an RNA-DNA double helix. Ribonuclease- H breaks down the RNA. The polymerase then completes the remaining DNA-strand to form a DNA -- double helix. Now Integrase goes into action. It cleaves a dinucleotide from each 3-prime end of the DNA creating two sticky ends. Integrase then transfers the DNA into the cell nucleus and facilitates its integration into the host cell genome. The host cell genome now contains the genetic information of HIV. Activation of the cell induces transcription of proviral DNA into messenger RNA. The viral messenger RNA migrates into the cytoplasm where building blocks for a new virus are synthesised. Some of them have to be processed by the viral protease. Protease cleaves longer proteins into smaller core proteins. This step is crucial to create an infectious virus. Two viral RNA-strands and the replication enzymes then come together and core proteins assemble around them forming the capsid. This immature particle leaves the cell acquiring a new envelope of host and viral proteins. The virus matures and becomes ready to infect other cells. HIV replicates billions of times per day destroying the hosts` immune cells and eventually causing disease progression. Drugs which interfere with the key steps of viral replication can stop this fatal process. Entry into the host cell can be blocked by fusion inhibitors for example. Inhibition of reverse transcriptase by nucleoside inhibitors or by non-nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase- inhibitors is part of standard antiretroviral regimens. The action of Integrase can be blocked. Protease inhibitors are also part of standard antiretroviral therapy. Each blocked step in viral replication is a step towards better control of HIV disease. Script, Storyboard, Art Direction by: Frank Schauder, MD Animation: MACKEVISION Publicity: Dr.Rufus Rajadurai.MD.,D.DENS.,
23 Apr 2009
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Uploaded : 1/10/2009 This Monday It's a GOSSIP GIRL BLOCKBUSTER EVENT. If you love TYRA BANKS, and can't get enough HILARY DUFF, than get ready for a happy ending. GOSSIP GIRL, ALL NEW, This MONDAY at 9/8c on the CW. TV TO TALK ABOUT THE CW Episode synopsis : Its the first day of school at Constance Billard which means its also time for Jenny to take her rightful place as the new Queen Bee. Unfortunately for Jenny, Blair is more than happy to intervene when news reaches her that she may be needed back at Constance. Lily (Kelly Rutherford) returns home to Rufus and her family to find that things are definitely not as she left them. A famous movie actress, Olivia Burke (guest star Hilary Duff), enrolls at NYU and is assigned to be Vanessas roommate hoping for a somewhat normal college experience. Tyra Banks guest stars as Ursula, an actress co-starring in Olivias movie and someone who Serena befriends. Episode 3x04 "Dan De Fleurette" airs on Monday, October 5th at 9/8c on the CW.
6 Nov 2009
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Talking about relationship and her upcoming movies Leighton Meester Interviews for the season 3 . u can watch the whole Seasons on ***********/ in gossip girl The fun starts with the lead character of the show, Serena van der Woodsen returning home from a boarding school and meeting her one time,The other important characters of the show are Jenny Humphrey, Vanessa Abrams, Chuck Bass, Dan Humphrey, Rufus Humphrey, and Lillian van der Woodsen etc.
27 Oct 2009
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Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs movie trailer Bill Hader ... Flint Lockwood (voice) Anna Faris ... Sam Sparks (voice) James Caan ... Tim Lockwood (voice) Andy Samberg ... 'Baby' Brent (voice) Bruce Campbell ... Mayor Shelbourne (voice) Mr. T ... Earl Devereaux (voice) Bobb'e J. Thompson ... Cal Deveraux (voice) Benjamin Bratt ... Manny (voice) Neil Patrick Harris ... Steve (voice) Al Roker ... Patrick Patrickson (voice) Lauren Graham ... Fran Lockwood (voice) Will Forte ... Joe Towne (voice) Max Neuwirth ... Young Flint (voice) Peter Siragusa ... Rufus (voice) Angela Shelton ... Regina Devereaux (voice)
12 Nov 2009
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This performance features Recording Artist - Rufus Harris sharing Joy to the World from his Christmas album - Come and Listen: Songs of the Savior. The concert was taped at Dexter United Methodist Church in Dexter, Michigan and was produced to benefit Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree program - a ministry that helps kids of prisoners at Christmas time and throughout the year. Rufus' clever and catchy rendition of this song was one of most downloaded tunes on Music For Troops**** in 2006. Photos in the video were provided by freefoto****. To support Angel Tree visit: www.angeltree****. Buy the music download for .99 cents on redletterrecords**** or the Come and Listen album on rufusharris****.
19 Dec 2009
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13 Jan 2010
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*******henhousestudios****/ Recently named one of Rolling Stones top 25 artists on MySpace, singer-songwriter Shannon Hurley is making good on their word. After working with Julian Lennon, Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, and Rufus Wainright, she became enamored with songwriting. She studied with Pat Leonard (hit songwriter for Madonna) and moved to LA is 2001. Shannon is a sought-after session musician and has opened for Jesse McCartney, Gwen Stefani, and The Black-Eyed Peas. Hen House Studios is a record label and documentary film company located in Venice, California. First made famous by their unique concept in which they recorded musicians for free in exchange for the right to film them, Hen House has grown to a premiere, web based multi media company. Their site features countless music videos, CDs, DVDs, TV shows and podcasts all produced by the studio. Hen House has also produced a TV show "Hen House Studios Live" which is syndicated nationally. "Hear the music and see the stories."
18 Feb 2010
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Welcome to my 400th video Street Fighter 2 (The World Warrior) (Arcade) / Full Perfect - Ken Well, that was the video chosen to celebrate my 400 videos uploaded on YouTube! I wished it were that way, because as promising for some friends to do Full Perfect of Street Fighter 2 (Arcade). This video has been divided into two parts and that first, you will note the fights against: -) Blanka (First opponent) -) Guile (Second) -) E. Honda (Third) -) Bonus Stage (The First) -) Ryu (Fourth challenge) -) Zangief (Fifth) -) Chun-Li (Sixth) -) Bonus Stage (The Second) My challenge was, with the most difficult (Level 7), winning every fights without lose any damage. Has it been more than 10 days I'm preparing this video, that really gave much work to run! Even for someone already experienced, recorder Full Perfect in all fights require much knowledge of a game, great skill and luck also! :P I hope you can watch and leave your comments! Thank you now! Please watch in High Quality === Additional Tags === Street Fighter II SF2 SF Fight Games Battle Luta Pancada Sutorito Faitā Jogos de Luta Capcom 1987 TurboGrafx Nintendo Nes Super Nintendo Snes N64 XBox X-Box 360 PS1 PS2 PS3 Sagat Mike Bison Balrog Vega Ryu Ken Blanka Zangief Dhalsim Guile E. Honda Chun-Li Champion Edition 1992 Hyper Fighting The New Challengers 1993 Turbo 1994 The Anniversary Edition 2003 Turbo HD Remix 2008 New Generation 1997 2nd Impact - Giant Attack 1998 Fight for the Future 1999 Street Fighter IV Abel Adon Akuma Allen Snider Alex Area Birdie Blair Cammy Charlie C. Viper Cody Dan Darun Dee Jay Dudley Eagle El. Fuerte Elena Fei Long Gen Geki Gill Gouken Goutetsu Guy Hokuto Hugo Ibuki Ingrid Jack Karin Kairi Lee Makoto Mike Nanase Necro Oro Pullum Q R.Mika Remy Retsu Rolento Rose Rufus Sakura Sean Sharon Seth Juli Juni T.Hawk Twelve Urien Yang Yun Full Perfect
20 Mar 2010
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la primera parte del programa con la banda del día ARTIC MONKEYS y top propuesta con HYSTERICA+LE BUTCHERETTES+RUFUS
22 Aug 2010
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Le dernier film de JP MOCKY avec Rufus,Bruno Putzulu... Investissez dans ce film sur internet et gagnez de l'argent. touscoprod****
2 Nov 2010
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*******alturl****/yd3ix Click on the link in description to Watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 Full Movie Online Free. The Order arrives to meet Harry, and six others, which include Ron, Hermione, Fred and George Weasley, Fleur Delacour, and Mundungus Fletcher, to take Polyjuice Potion to become Harry's doppelgängers. Harry and the six copies leave Privet Drive paired with a protector, with the real Harry riding with Hagrid on his flying motorcycle. They are intercepted almost immediately by Death Eaters, and the pairs scatter. Voldemort appears, but Harry's wand defeats Voldemort's borrowed one and they arrive safely at the Burrow. All but Mad-Eye Moody, who was killed in the skirmish by Voldemort, and Mundungus, who disapparated when he saw Voldemort, arrive after, but George has a bad head wound from a curse Snape conjured. Ron convinces Harry to remain at the Burrow until after Bill and Fleur's wedding, before leaving to find and destroy the Horcruxes. Minister of Magic Rufus Scrimgeour arrives at the Burrow and distributes the items from Dumbledore's last will and testament to Ron (the Deluminator), Hermione (personal copy of "The Tales of Beetle the Bard"), and Harry (the first Snitch Harry caught and the missing Sword of Gryffindor). During the wedding, Harry sees Xenophilius Lovegood and notices a strange symbol on his necklace. Harry talks to Elphias Dodge, one of Dumbledore's old friends, and Ron's Aunt Muriel, a gossiper, and learns that the Dumbledore family once lived in Harry's hometown, Godric's Hollow. A Patronus message sent by Kingsley Shacklebolt appears and warns that the Ministry has fallen, Scrimgeour is dead, and that "they are coming". Death Eaters appear, and Harry, Ron and Hermione disapparate to London. Taking refuge in a cafe, they discuss their immediate plans, but before they can leave two Death Eaters arrive. The trio win the duel and escape to Grimmauld Place, where they discover that Regulus Arcturus Black, Sirius' younger brother, is the R.A.B. from the false locket found at the end of Half-Blood Prince. Kreacher reveals that the real locket was in the house, but Mundungus took it when he looted Grimmauld Place. Harry sends Kreacher to retrieve Mundungus, who explains that Umbridge extorted it from him in return for not revoking his peddler's license. They plan to break into the Ministry, now under the eye of Death Eaters, to recover it. They capture and impersonate three Ministry members and enter, but are quickly split up: Hermione to the courtrooms with Umbridge to witness a false trial, Ron to the Head of Magical Law Enforcement's (Death Eater Yaxley's) office to deal with a lingering rainstorm charm, and Harry is left free to wander since he serendipitously copied the Death Eater Runcorn. Harry finds Umbridge's office, but not the locket, and makes his way down to courtroom, joined by Ron. They and Hermione stun Umbridge and take back the locket, and attempt to leave the Ministry. However, their Polyjuice Potion wears off, and during the battle to Floo away, Yaxley catches hold of them as they appear at Grimmauld Place.
20 Nov 2010
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