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Renata Lorenc is an award-winning publicist and film producer, and principal in RULA PR. She is also a featured columnist for Vegas Buzz News
29 May 2008
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Vodafone Egypt new TV ad uses the singing talent of Rula Zaki. Hear more from her at RulaZaki****
30 Jan 2010
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township ghost
10 Feb 2011
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jeff hardy rulas the wwe champion
4 Apr 2006
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First International Pictures and Rula PR hosted screening, director's Q&A, and afterparty for Paul Weiland's "Sixty Six" New York premiere.
27 Aug 2008
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Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary-general of Hezbollah, has told his fighters to be on alert for any possible Israeli attack on Lebanon following raids on Gaza that have killed nearly 300 Palestinians. Nasrallah told a gathering in Beirut's southern suburbs that the Israeli assault on Gaza was a carbon copy of its attacks on Lebanon during a 34-day war with Hezbollah in 2006. About 1,200 people died in Lebanon and 158 in Israel in that conflict. "I have asked the brothers in the resistance in the south specifically to be present, on alert and cautious because we are facing a criminal enemy and we don't know the magnitude of the conspiracies," Nasrallah said. Speaking via video link for security reasons, Nasrallah said Israeli forces had gone on alert along the border with Lebanon since Saturday when the attack on Gaza began. He said the Israelis were either taking precautionary measures or preparing for an attack in an attempt to avenge its failure to destroy Hezbollah in 2006. "We are ready to face any aggression on our land, our country or our dignity," he said. 'Blunt truth' Rula Amin, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Lebanon, said Nasrallah wanted to talk to the Arab people "bluntly and truthfully". "He said this attack by Israel is part of a larger US-Israeli plan to weaken Hamas, to impose upon the Palestinians and on Hamas to surrender and accept a settlement plan on Israeli terms. "The harshest words he had were for the Arab regimes. He said some were 'partners in this plot'. "He quoted Israeli officials saying that the support they were receiving from Arab countries to continue their attacks on Gaza was even stronger than the support received during the time when they were attacking Hezbollah in 2006. "What he says echoes the sentiments on the Arab street. Today in Beirut, many of the harsh words were not only against Israel, but against Arab governments, who they say have been silent, standing by, and according to some protesters, taking part." Call to Egyptians Nasrallah urged Egyptians in their "millions" to take to the streets to force their government to open the country's border with Gaza, where Israel is conducting deadly air raids against Palestinians. "If the Egyptian people took to the streets by the millions, could the police kill millions of Egyptians? "People of Egypt, you must open this border by the force of your chests," he said. The Hezbollah chief also called for a mass rally to be held in his movement's bastion in the Shia southern suburbs of Beirut on Monday in solidarity with the people of Gaza. "We will tell the world we are here, and terrorism and killing cannot intimidate us," he said. Agencies
6 Jan 2009
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Instruktør Julian Schnabel, der stod bag anmelder- og publikumsfavoritten Dykkerklokken og sommerfuglen, er tilbage med endnu et intenst drama. Miral er et smukt og bevægende portræt, fortalt gennem tre stærke kvinder, om diplomatiets sorte samvittighed på det globale landkort - Palæstina. Jerusalem, 1948. Oprettelsen af staten Israel betyder at en kvart million palæstinensere er på flugt. På vej til arbejde møder Hind Husseini (Hiam Abbass) 55 hjemløse børn på gaden. Hun inviterer dem hjem og giver dem mad og ly for natten. I løbet af et halvt år har Hind taget 2000 børn til sig og det berømte børnehjem Dar Al-Tifl bliver grundlagt i bedstefaderens villa. Miral (Freida Pinto) kommer under Hinds vinger i 1978 og den trygge opvækst med masser af kærlighed og disciplineret skolegang skærmer hende for de grufulde hændelser, der forgår udenfor murerne. Som 17-årig sendes Miral til en flygtningelejr for at undervise, og pludselig får hun øjnene op for de brutale forhold det palæstinensiske folk lever under. Miral forelsker sig i den politiske aktivist Hani og befinder sig samtidig i et personligt dilemma. Skal hun slutte sig til den palæstinensiske oprørsbevægelse og gå i væbnet kamp for retten til landet, eller skal hun efterleve Mama Hinds ukuelige mantra om, at uddannelse og diplomati er den sande vej til fred? Schnabel, der selv er af jødisk oprindelse, er også anerkendt billedkunstner og debuterede i 1996 med sit unikke filmportræt af maleren Basquiat. Miral er baseret på den palæstinensiske journalist Rula Jebreals selvbiografi og i rollen som Miral ses Frieda Pinto, der fik sit globale gennembrud i Oscar-vinderen Slumdog Millionaire. Desuden medvirker Willem Dafoe (Antichrist), Hiam Abass (The Visitor) og Vanessa Redgrave (Soning).
13 Jan 2011
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USAIN BOLT- The World's Fastest Man did 19.59sec (200m) Athletissima in the rain on 7.709. Check out www.rulabrown****. Rula Brown (Bee Cat ) USAIN BOLT-Broke Word Record in 100m 9.58sec in Berlin, Germany Honors for this video (2) #93 - Most Viewed (Today) - Sports - Ireland #88 - Most Viewed (Today) - Sports - Sweden
20 Jun 2011
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1 Aug 2009
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29 Mar 2010
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Super Hit Song From Indian Film Jewel Thief 1967 Dev Anand Vaijayantimala Ashok Kumar Tanuja Music By S.D.Burman Directed By Vijay Anand Http://www.shemaroo****
14 May 2010
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21 May 2012
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roula koromila roula koromila koromhla rula royla
6 Sep 2009
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SAY NO TO/FOR UNVEILED! ----------------------- Miss Arab World 2007 Wafaa Ganahi. Bahraini girl wins Miss Arab World contest Gulf News Report Published: July 28, 2007, 23:03 Dubai : Miss Bahrain bagged the Miss Arab World 2007 crown in Cairo on Friday night after nearly six hours of contest. Wafaa Ganahi, a 23-year-old teacher from the Law Faculty of Bahrain University, won the title, while the first runner-up was 25-year-old Miss Egypt Shaimaa Mansour. Miss Lebanon Rula Bahij, 23, was the second runner-up. Wafaa , Bahrain 's first ever contestant in the event, was crowned by Miss Arab World 2006 Claudia Hanna from Iraq. Asked whether she would continue her teaching career, Wafaa hesitantly nodded in affirmation. Earlier, Shaimaa, who is a football referee, said she was attending the contest to promote Egypt 's tourism and sports. Seventeen women from 15 countries attended the final competition, one of the major attractions of the second Arab Tourism Festival, which opened in Cairo . The first Miss Arab World Contest was held in Sharm Al Shaikh last year. ------------------------------- About women hijab check Quran: Etika berpakaian Menutup aurat dengan pakaian: 7:26 Pakaian wanita Wanita memanjangkan bajunya: 24:31, 33:59 Tabarruj (menampakkan kecantikan dan perhiasan) Wanita yang keluar rumah dengan perhiasannya: 24:60 Menampakkan perhiasan di depan muhrim: 24:31, 33:55 Hijab: 24:31, 24:60, 33:53, 33:55, 33:59 Menutup muka wanita: 24:31 Keringanan hijab terhadap orang tua: 24:60 Perhiasan pada pakaian wanita: 24:31 ------------------------------------- Thanks
4 Feb 2010
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Brick & Lace - Get that Clear Genre/Lang. : Hip-Hop Akon: CONVICT Im that girl right here Im that girl right here Im that girl right here Im that girl right here Chorus: If your looking for that gurl to spend your Gz (Im that girl right here) If your looking for that girl to stash your weed (Im that girl right here) and If your looking for that girl when your in need (Im that girl right here) Buh imma tell you right now im not to mess with, so lets just get that clear Baby boy hoooold up (right there) jus hooold up (right there) jus hooold up (right there) lets just get that clear Baby boy hooold up (right there) jus hooold up (right there) jus hooold up (right there) Lets jus get that clear Verse 1: See im jus an uptown girl i fall from jamaica [Lets jus get that clear] I ain sexi buh dont let the cute face fool ya [ Lets jus get that clear] All my men strong and gangsta in and thenieghbourhood rulas [ Lets jus get that clear] When it gets deep, believe he knows how to manouvea [ Lets jus get that clear] CHORUS Verse 2: So if ya looking for some loving im the one ta giva it to ya [Lets jus get that clear] up drop on roll bring it on then turn it ova [Lets jus get that clear] cuz yu no i can bounce to the top nd make it flow like riva [Lets jus get that clear] Sex so damn good i had you straight runnin fo da borda [Lets jus get that clear] CHORUS imma rida imma be the one holdin you down Nd when the shyt blows up imma stick around aint gunna be witcha buh aint gunna stry to wear the crown (boyyy) imma lace you and than replace you CHORUS Clearrrrr Lets jus get that clear Clearrr Lets jus get that clear Clearrrrr Lets jus get that clear Get That Clear - Brick & Lace Brick & Lace is a Jamaican R&B duo consisting of sisters, Nyanda and Nailah Thourborne. They are signed to Akon's Kon Live Distribution, 180 Entertainment, and Geffen Records. Nyanda and Nailah Thourborne have always wanted to be singers. Born to a Jamaican father and an American mother and raised predominantly in Kingston, Jamaica --on an opulent musical diet of reggae, R&B, hip hop, pop and country-- Nyanda and Nailah Thorbourne couldn't help but be trans-eclectic. "We are a hybrid," affirms Nailah in her effortlessly sexy West-Indian lilt. "It's not fabricated at all; it's who we are."[1]The duo also appeared in many mixtapes before they were eventually signed on 180 Entertainment, and later on to Akon's label, Kon Live Distribution. Brick and Lace Never akon kon live geffen sisters sexxy Nailah Nyanda 180 Entertainment Produced & Directed by Xavier Thompson DIphoeniX Prodz./M.A.Y.E.™ (Mad A Yaad Entertainment™) *BROUGHT TO YOU BY thenewXAVTHATHUGGIST*
22 Mar 2010
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Unul dintre cele mai asteptate materiale video ale anului, Mosano - "Indianotech", va rula in premiera si exclusivitate, incepand de maine, 13 februarie, doar la Kiss Tv! Realizat de Dragos Buliga si filmat in incinta Teatrului National, in cele mai friguroase zile ale acestei ierni, videoclipul piesei "Indianotech", se anunta a fi unul cat se poate de nonconformist, plin de adevarate "personaje". Totusi, nu vrem sa-ti divulgam prea multe, pentru ca de maine, ochii la Kiss Tv. Mosano are clip nou la "Indianotech"! Mosano este un proiect semnat David Deejay, singurul proiect "fara cuvinte" ce a reusit sa atraga atentia asupra lui prin originalitate si stil. Piesa "Indianotech" se bucura de un mare succes, atat in tara, cat si peste hotare, fiind licentiata in - Belgia, Olanda, Luxemburg, Italia, Grecia, Turcia, Germania, Austria, Elvetia.
8 Apr 2010
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