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** My main website ** I got a call to be an extra for thier Internet video. I just so happen to have the audition that day that is near by where they are at so I agree to be part of thier video. Since I was only an extra, I will not include a video clip of me on my YouTube account. Instead, here's a link to the video. Witness the biggest and greatest office confrontation ever! I play as an Enforcer toward the end of the video. You only see me twice for few seconds. And here's link to their official Run Away Box website. The first 3/4 of the video are my pictures from my camera and the last 1/4 of the video are pictures from the camera crew. For people who don't want to see the slideshow but actually see the pictures, I will upload the pictures soon. Right now, I am having problems with my Photobucket account. I may sign up for another website.
25 Apr 2009
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2:35 The MITB cast mess up a bunch of takes and waste a lot of tape.
4 Oct 2008
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2:32 As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of RETURN OF THE JEDI, Andrew reminds us not to forget about the heroic Ewoks.
2 May 2008
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2:28 A honest take on R&B seduction.
20 Mar 2008
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0:46 Giorgi is brought to violence against a bag of kittens
16 Dec 2013
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0:32 Helen has no tolerance for a bad pedicure.
8 Feb 2013
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0:48 Everything goes wrong when Nickynik, Charlestrippy, and Mr. Safety are in the elevator during a power outage.
10 Feb 2012
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0:24 Hit Elevator Series expands to daily uploads on July 9th
14 Jan 2012
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0:41 Sharon's affair with comedian Daniel Tosh may be at an end.
6 Dec 2011
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2:27 Greg forgets that it's Mother's Day! From Thanks for the feature, YouTube!
7 Nov 2011
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2:15 Laura doesn't catch on to the double entendres Greg is flinging at her. For bloopers, behind the scenes, and more check out our runaway blog:
8 Jan 2010
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2:11 Enter the mind of a cop who thinks he's...
5 Mar 2009
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5:33 Witness the biggest and greatest office confrontation ever!
21 Dec 2008
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Learn how to romance a girl with one semester of spanish put to a catchy song. Download this and other runawaybox mp3s for free at
6 Sep 2008
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