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See video of Jamaican Usain Bolts winning gold medals in Beijing. Wearing Puma running shoes, Usain Bolts race was victorious, and he won two gold medals for running. This video shows Usain Bolts dance after a race. With Jamaican pride, he danced in victory before being awarded his medals. usain bolts medals, video, usain bolt dominates speed, puma, run
15 Jul 2011
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8 Aug 2010
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*******thecanadiancopywriter****/ -Discover the powerful and most effective secret technique used by top companies that has been pulling in tens of thousands of extra dollars each and every month for decades – like clockwork.
14 May 2009
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Want to runn multi Live messengers? Here it is the patch! .... Update old msn before installing this patch.... Works fine for me...
13 Nov 2007
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Me ana some other friends plaing Free Runn
29 Jan 2007
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To find out watch this video and prepare to be amazed!!!
5 Nov 2006
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First Kiss is a 84 minute kiss video between the artists Idan Bitton and Alfredo Calle Ferran. While the camera is still, the kiss is in motion provoking the viewer to stay and watch. Idan and Alfredo do not interact with the viewer, but offer a peek into their intimate moments of commitment. This long lasting, present and unapologetic kiss defines our current gay rights momentum. We are here, we love each other, and this is what it looks like. Directed: Idan Bitton Performed: Idan Bitton & Alfredo Calle Ferran Video: Runn Shayo more of Idan's work: www.idanbitton**** www.facebook****/idanbittonstudio
13 Oct 2013
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Get "Pumpin Blood" now! ******* Follow NONONO: *******www.nononoofficial****/ *******www.facebook****/nononoofficial *******www.twitter****/nononoofficial *******www.soundcloud****/nononoofficial Director: Magnus Härdner // *******www.magnushardner****/ / www.b-reel**** Producer: Simon Mulk // *******cargocollective****/simonmulk DOP: Simon Rudholm // *******www.simonrudholm****/ First assistent camera: William Fredberg Air cam operator: Daniel Casselby Production Assistent: Niklas Beckman Larsson Production Assistent: Kim Ståhlnacke Light: Magnus Lundin Talent 1: Viktor Khan Talent 2: Agnes Hallén Special thanks to Olle Delkvist LYRICS: Hey heart, on the road afain, moving on, forward See the stars, won't break the bones They're in the car, on the highway It's so magical, feeling, that no one's got a hold Your heart can list the all, happiness you know This is your heart, it's alive It's pumping blood It's your eart, it's alive It's pumping blood And the whole wide world is whistling Hey heart, on the road again, driving stand, forward See the stars, won't take his course Got the band and ... It's the best of world's feeling, like nothing can go wrong Hear the sirens, the world, you catching on This is your heart, it's alive It's pumping blood It's your eart, it's alive It's pumping blood And the whole wide world is whistling Hey heart, won't you runn again On the highway, on the highway Hey heart, won't you runn again On the highway, on the highway This is your heart, it's alive It's pumping blood It's your eart, it's alive It's pumping blood And the whole wide world is whistling.
17 Aug 2013
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*******www.SpeedTrainingChallenge**** - For free speed training instructions. For speed fast muscles are just as important as strong muscles - yet making your muscles faster is often overlooked. Strong muscles are important but when they are also fast that is when you explode past your opponent. Speed Training Challenge website *******www.SpeedTrainingChallenge**** To find out why this program far outperforms many speed training drills or weight lifting workouts for getting faster and why many are amazed at their results - listen to or download the speed training seminar recording or transcript here. *******www.musclespeed**** Muscle speed is accomplished by conditioning your fast twitch muscle fibers for their natural ability to contract with amazing speed. Whether your sport is football, soccer, track, baseball or basketball, fast muscle contraction speed cannot be accomplished with the same workouts used for muscle strength. Speed training with resistance bands and isometrics using short training sessions is a very effective way to isolate and condition your fast twitch fibers for speed - and to develop faster sprint speed and running speed than ever before. Training all of the muscles used in the runnning process for faster sprint speed will help you run faster ans is often overlooked in many speed training programs. For example your hip or thigh flexor muscles are a primary muscle group involved in sprinting. The hip flexors are among the strongest muscle groups in the body and crucial for you to sprint at your fastest speeds. Yet they are still found to be under developed far below their full potential in most athletes. This is mostly because many people are unaware of their function and importance and because there are few,if any, machines at the gym that will strengthen these muscles. The only way that I have ever been able to effectively isolate the thigh flexors is with resistance bands. The only way I have ever been able to increase the speed of these muscles is with isometric training. And remember - being fast is not the same as being strong. You will need fast muscles to dramatically improve your sprint speed, run faster, and become the best athlete possible. Watch additional speed training videos at: *******www.speedtrainingsecrets**** Send questions to supportathleticquickness**** ***********/watch?v=DQFacKBoZ7U
7 May 2013
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Let's learn music with our cute and dorky SuJu boys! No animals were harmed during the making of this video, hehe :p List of shows: Sk!p Bet/Extrvagant Chllenge We G0t Mrried 5uper Juni0r-M Celebr!ty T0ur Gu!des/Strs Led the Wy Str K!ng Id0l Str (K-P0p) Athlet!cs Champi0nship 5uper Juni0r-M N3xt TV Entertinment Let'5 G0 Drem Tem 5uper Juni0r P0llution S0ng (Ink!gay0) 5uper Juni0r-M Fun Mus!c We G0t Mrried Vlentine Specil The Mking of 5uper Juni0r M!ni Drma ETN Entertinment N3ws Ky0chon CF Fuj! TV SS4 0saka Spec!l Str0ng Hert Itt 0ptta Vitmin Imm0rtal S0ngs 2 Donghae and Siwon - GTV 100%Entertinment MN3t Betles C0de B0ys in C!ty 3 DVD AEN Sk!p Bet Interv!ew A11 My L0ve drama Runn!ng Mn Sh!n PD Vriety W0rld Mam0nde Web CF MN3t 5uperstar K3 H33chul's Sungd0ng Cafe Donghae and Siwon - Let'5 B3 Fr!ends MN3t W!de KB5 Hert is Beting 0h! My Sch00l M!C0untd0wn Intimte N0te Be5t C0uple 0ppa 0ppa Mu5ic Bnk Performance C0me T0 Ply (Kyu and Radi0 Str hosts) p!t-A-Pt Shke B00m the K-P0p 5uper Juni0r F0resight !t's 0k, Dddy's Dughter drama Hell0 Bby Str0ng Hert (Siwon's 0h! My Ldy drama cut) SS1 VCR DVD Ryeowook's Twitter Video Sukir/K!ss the Radi0 C0me T0 Ply with SMT0wn SS3 Jpan DVD Brekups re s0 Typicl 0f Me - Str0ng Hert performance K!ng of Id0ls in Pattaya As!an!sm - Msita Behind the Scene 0ppa 0ppa Mu5ic C0re performance Wving Flg W0rld Cup Specil Intr0duc!ng Str Fr!end H3y H3y H3y 0ppa Bnd MM Awards Mu5ic C0re Sh!msh!mtapa with Donghae, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk Ar!rang Sh0wbiz Extra
5 Apr 2013
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The new official music video for the "Major Tom(Coming Home)" cover done by the Shiny Toy Guns. Yes, live, but indeed official! This is also the famous cover song used on the Lincoln MKZ car commercial. Download Major Tom (Coming Home) : *******www.megaupload****/?d=0MJBDWZF Download Major Tom (Coming Home) [LIVE] : *******www.megaupload****/?d=8Y7317WM Watch in High Quality here : *******lincoln****/music/ Lyrics: Standing there alone The ship is waiting All systems are go Are you sure? Control is not convinced But the computer Has the evidence No need to abort The countdown starts Watching in a trance The crew is certain Nothing left to chance All is working Trying to relax Up in the capsule Send me up a drink Jokes Major Tom The count goes on 4, 3, 2, 1 Earth below us Drifting, falling Floating weightless Calling, calling Home Second stage is cut Were now in orbit Stabilizers up Runnning perfect Starting to collect Requested data What will it affect when all is done? Thinks Major Tom Back at ground control There is a problem Go to rockets full Not responding Hello Major Tom Are you receiving? Turn the thrusters on Were standing by Theres no reply 4, 3, 2, 1 Earth below us Drifting, falling Floating weightless Calling, calling Home Across the stratosphere A final message: Give my wife my love Then nothing more Far beneath the ship The world is mourning They dont realize Hes alive No one understands But Major Tom sees Now the light commands This is my home.. Im coming home Earth below us Drifting, falling Floating weightless Coming home Earth below us Drifting, falling Floating weightless Coming home Earth below us Drifting, falling Floating weightless Coming Coming home Home Home Home Home Home
7 Mar 2011
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nice bhojpuri bhakati song
6 Oct 2010
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12 May 2010
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free runnning
25 Feb 2010
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1 Sep 2009
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New YouTube for mobile works with phones. (*******www.sefanatics****)
10 Nov 2008
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