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A litle more about that oh so needed skill...
13 Jan 2008
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Do you think I can be a model???
30 Dec 2009
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I feel sorry for her, but I gotta say... she walked right into it with those absurd high heels.
18 May 2012
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Hey Folks! I want you to take a peek at my fierce runway walk. Remember to vote for me shavonmarieh!
21 Dec 2007
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The 2008 Miss America contestants show off their runway walk on Miss America: Reality Check, airing Fridays at 10/9c on TLC Choose which girl will be among the top 16 pageant finalists! Go to to vote for your favorite, and watch the Miss America Live! competition Saturday, January 26 at 8/7c on TLC
18 Jan 2008
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Xzibit ft Young De Runway Walk with lovely Gabrielle of
20 Mar 2012
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Victoria's stupid catwalk from the Spice Girls reunion tour in Newark, NJ. I still think she should have sang a song. Either "Not such an innocent girl" or "Let Your Head Go"
6 Sep 2009
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Male runway models walk with feet farther apart than female models. Walk the ramp like a male runway model in this free modeling video. Expert: Chita Johnson Bio: Chita Johnson has been modeling and teaching modeling for more than 20 years. She is an instructor at the John Robert Powers School of Modeling. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
19 Feb 2010
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3:10 ;)
6 Nov 2014
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Help Barbie become a great fashion model! This is an arcade game with many different activities to participate in. In each level, Barbie starts by going left to right with forced scrolling. She has a default speed and can speed up as well. She must avoid moving obstacles by moving up and down and controlling her speed. If she hits one, she loses a chance and it's game over if she runs out of chances. She must pick up items which grant point bonuses and extra chances. There is also a camera item to pick up which brings you to a magazine cover shoot. You are shown a cover with barbie wearing an outfit which is themed to the level. You must then go to her dressing room and dress her in a matching outfit. You are also given separate control of the colors of three different components and must match these. You are awarded points for each correct match. When you reach the right side of the level, you are given a runway practice. This consists of four positions on the runway floor labeled to tell you which button you must press at each one. Barbie then goes back through the level right-to-left. On the return trip, there is a handbag to pick up. This brings you to another magazine cover. You then go to a makeup mirror where you must match Barbie's hairstyle, earrings, eyeshadow and lip and nail color to the cover. Again, you are awarded points for each item which you get correct. When you reach the left side of the level, you must then do Barbie's runway walk that you were given earlier. You are awarded points for each station at which you perform the correct move. Barbie then continues to the next level. There are a total of four: Barbie driving down the street, skating on the beach, walking through a ski resort and walking through the park.
10 Nov 2008
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Bring attitude to your model runway walk. Learn how to do the grunge runway walk with this free video clip from a professional modeling agency. Expert: Mary Bio: Mary works at W Talent, a top modeling agency. She runs a program called "The Development Program." This program is responsible for training young models in everything they need to know. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins
12 May 2010
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NU'EST 1st Single [FACE] Teaser Urban Electro Band NU'EST REN Ren's teaser has been opened to public receiving splendid spotlight. He succeeded to change image as a handsome guy with cutting the blond hair with fabulous model runway walking. His fancy poses and runway dragged great deal of people. Furthermore, his unique eyes and poses made a flutter. ニューイースト(NU'EST)_ FACE (Teaser) (REN ver.) 中性的で神秘的な魅力を醸し出すレンのティーザー動画が公開された。華麗なスポットライトの中で長い金髪を切ってイケメンモデルに変身したファッショニスタ、レンは素敵なポーズとランウェーで多くの人々の視線を捕らえながら破格的な変身に成功した。個性の強いレンの目つきとポーズの一つ一つは人々の視線を引き付け多くの人々の心をときめかせている。 중성적이면서도 신비한 매력을 내뿜는 렌의 티저 영상이 공개됐다. 화려한 스포트라이트 속 긴 금발 머리를 자르며 꽃미남 모델로 변신한 패셔니스타 렌은 멋진 포즈와 런웨이로 많은 이들의 시선을 사로잡으며 파격적인 변신에 성공했다. 톡톡 튀는 개성 강한 렌의 눈빛과 포즈 하나 하나가 모든 이의 시선을 한눈에 사로잡으며 많은 이들의 마음을 설레게 하고 있다.
15 Sep 2012
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Kylie perfects her runway walk daily in some unconventional places
27 Jan 2013
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Kylie perfects her runway walk daily in some unconventional places
8 Mar 2013
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RUNWAY WALK ~ Sahsani Directed by: Urban World Management & Media Filmed & Edit by: Rich Peterson 13twentythree Photography Wardrobe & Dancers Hair by: Roberta Ryan for Images by Bobbi Makeup by: Maya Burnaugh Sahsani's Hair: Kilolo Keys Choreographed by: Cierra Burnaugh Stephanie Washington Andranita Smith Shannon Video shot at: Art of Dance Studio Linda Green, Owner Mpls, Mn Urban World Management Twitter: Web: (under construction) 13twentythree Photography Twitter: Web: YouTube: Images By Bobbi Twitter: YouTube: (under construction) Cierra Burnaugh Twitter: Andranita Smith Shannon Twitter: www.Andranita_bita
1 Oct 2013
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This is part one of a runway walking clinic taught by fashion show choreographer Mac Folkes. Become a member of by clicking here!
19 Jan 2014
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