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Gigi Hadid Victoria's Secret Runway Walk Compilation 2015-2016 HD I know that I normally do videos about Versace or Victoria's Secret , but today I wanted to do something different . Hope you'll like it
3 Dec 2017
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A litle more about that oh so needed skill...
13 Jan 2008
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Do you think I can be a model???
30 Dec 2009
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I feel sorry for her, but I gotta say... she walked right into it with those absurd high heels.
18 May 2012
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And the gold medal goes to.... Rihanna for funniest fall! Here's a look at our celebrity picks for the gold, silver, and bronze medal winners in alternative Olympic categories.
25 Jul 2012
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Hey Folks! I want you to take a peek at my fierce runway walk. Remember to vote for me shavonmarieh!
21 Dec 2007
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The 2008 Miss America contestants show off their runway walk on Miss America: Reality Check, airing Fridays at 10/9c on TLC Choose which girl will be among the top 16 pageant finalists! Go to *******www.TLC****/missamerica to vote for your favorite, and watch the Miss America Live! competition Saturday, January 26 at 8/7c on TLC
18 Jan 2008
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