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Another Sylar/ Elle fanvid I made. Set to the song As the rush comes (Gabriel and Dresdens Remix) by motorcycle. Enjoy!
7 Feb 2009
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Song "As the Rush Comes" by Motorcycle.Written by, composed by: Dave Dresden, Jes Brieden, Josh Gabriel. Video clips made in NYC January 2007. I made this video when I was very tired and just came home after hard studying, so sorry that I look little bit "stupid-playful" and didnt take enough time to edit the video and cut out some parts.
5 Jul 2008
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1 Apr 2008
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Get a live look at the awesome Cityscape exhibition in Abu Dhabi. The opening day had two hour queues of people trying to get in and was described as "Like a Wild West Gold Rush. Come see what all the fuss is about at Citiscape Abu Dhabi 2008
1 Jul 2008
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New York vocalist and roctronica favourite Jes Brieden delivers her new single Imagination through leading UK tech-trance imprint Maelstrom Records. You might know her better as the angelic vocal talent featured on trance anthem As The Rush Comes by Motorcycle, Jes is the one that trance music’s elite call on when their records need that extra special something. Jes is a firm fixture on Tiësto’s world tours, as a support act performing tracks from her debut album Disconnect and as a featured artist on Tiësto track Everything. Jes has also worked with Mike Olson under their Guardians Of The Earth alias, producing smash Starchildren (which featured on Paul van Dyk’s highly successful compilation The Politics Of Dancing) as well as One Moon Circling. Collaborations soon followed with D: Fuse and Deepsky, leading onto her most famous partnership with Motorcycle. This summer also saw Jes selected as one of eight international artists to collaborate with designers for Coca Cola’s Beijing Olympics project ‘The Coke Side of Life’, using the theme ‘Individual Perseverance’ to compose track Be It All to accompany Jiang Hua’s unique and creative bottle design. After releasing Heaven earlier in the year to great success, Maelstrom welcome back Jes for next release Imagination. Filled with Jes’ raw emotion and breathy vocals, Imagination is a classic cut of electro-trance with rock elements that compliments Jes’ signature style. With king of dance Tiësto on hand to provide a Radio Edit and a Remix that makes full use of the rocky guitar loops, Kaskade are also on remix duties, teasing out two great house cuts from the process. Michael Moog provides the last remix of the package, filled with atmospheric loops and big electronic build-ups.
4 Dec 2008
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App Advice Daily is your ultimate source for iPhone News, Reviews, and Application information. On today's Appisode: The App Store Gold Rush comes to an end, Canada gets four iPhone carriers, and Metallica makes an iPhone app.
9 Oct 2009
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Download 'Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (AVB Universal Religion Mix)' here: *******clk.tradedoubler****/click?p=24371&a=1488904&****%2FWebObjects%2FMZStore.woa%2Fwa%2FviewAlbum%3Fi%3D6223125%26id%3D6223156%26s%3D143441%26partnerId%3D2003 For more Armada Music visit: *******www.armadamusic**** *******www.armadadownloads**** Download: *******clk.tradedoubler****/click?p=24371&a=1488904&****%2FWebObjects%2FMZStore.woa%2Fwa%2FviewAlbum%3Fi%3D173321986%26id%3D173320991%26s%3D143452%26partnerId%3D2003 Armada's first single release ever was 'Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes'. Under the legendary Motorcycle guise, vocalist Jes Brieden and producerduo Gabriel & Dresden released this monsterhit - popping the charts all around the world for a long time! More than 5 years after its release, it has proven to be timeless.
17 Nov 2010
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I love this song(: ♥DJ Tiesto Details: Artist: DJ Tiesto Song: Motorcycle- As the Rush Comes Album: Nyana CD 2
17 Aug 2012
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Nice chill mix by these American DJs.
14 Jun 2009
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Motorcycle - As the rush Comes (Sweeping Strings Remix) This is the extended version.
17 Dec 2008
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This is the club scene from the film "Babel" featuring Rinko Kikuchi. With the song "As the rush comes" playing. Please enjoy... Note: I do like the original music from the scene. Enjoy!!!1
17 Jun 2010
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Jennifer Rush - Come Give Me Your Hand
22 Dec 2012
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"As the Rush Comes" Motorcycle *Armin Van Buuren's Mix* ---------------------- I love this song!!! Is awesome!!! ^-^ So, I wanted you to listen the mix. *-* The pic was edited by me xD
26 Jun 2013
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26 Dec 2011
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It would have been simple to take the easy route. After all, Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden - better known as Gabriel & Dresden - boast one of the most impressive resumes in contemporary dance music, with over half a dozen #1 Billboard Dance chart hits to their credit, including remixes for Annie Lennox ("Pavement Cracks"), Jewel ("Intuition"), Sarah McLachlan ("Fallen"), and "Me Against The Music" by Britney Spears featuring Madonna. In addition, in 2003 they racked up an international pop hit with "When The Rush Comes" by Motorcycle (their collaborative project with vocalist Jes Brieden), and continued sending ecstatic surges through packed dance floors with underground faves like "Lament." For their debut album, the team could have simply assembled a Greatest Hits set. Certainly, many of their high-profile colleagues have gotten away with exactly that. But, as anyone who has scrutinized their music closely recognizes, the reason Gabriel & Dresden have attained this pinnacle of success - in a genre that is too often defined by clichés - is because they never follow the easy, predictable route. And they weren't about to start with Bloom. "We wanted to make an experience of new music, that people are going to remember, with maybe a couple things that they know from the past," emphasizes Dresden. A mix CD that would stand the test of time, a la the cream of the Northern Exposure or Global Underground discs. With this in mind, the duo chose a handful of tracks by other artists they felt passionate about, as well as select gems from their own catalog. Then, using those cuts as pivotal points, they rounded the program out by composing new material. "We ended up producing several new songs specifically to fit a particular spot in the set," explains Dresden. In order to focus on completing Bloom, Gabriel & Dresden enforced a blackout on all outside remix gigs. But even with two such determined individuals, nothing ever goes quite as planned. "Very late in the game, the offer to remix Dido came about," Dresden recalls. The chance to put their stamp on "Don't Leave Home," from her best-selling Life For Rent - and potentially reach a whole new audience of listeners who are less familiar with club music - was too tempting to refuse. The result is a 10+ minute masterpiece that marries the epic yet nuanced drama of Gabriel & Dresden with the intimacy of Dido's original, a rare feat that Josh Gabriel hopes will strike a chord with music lovers of all stripes. "What we're best at is taking underground techniques, and applying them to pop songs, and making credible, vocal dance music." So far, the prognosis for the remix's reception is encouraging: Dido went out of her way to e-mail them directly to thank them, saying she listened to their version before her shows every night. "If I deeply affect one person, that makes me proud," Gabriel confesses. "When you deeply affect somebody you respect, that's even better. I was a Dido fan long before we touched her track, so her gratitude meant a lot to me." The rest of Bloom is equally noteworthy, from the frisky syncopations and hypnotic, Middle Eastern-flavored hook of "Lament," to galloping rhythms and instantly recognizable vocals of the Junkie XL Club Mix of Sarah McLachlan's "World on Fire." With its pulsating tribal beats and luminescent aura, the Gabriel & Dresden original "Dub Horizon" unfolds like a journey by husky-driven sled over the frozen tundra, illuminated by the aurora borealis. Another high point is the team's celebrated Code 313 Dub Mix of Lili Haydn's "Anything," which showcases the pop violinist's virtuoso skills in a wholly unique, mesmerizing setting. Though their rise to the top of their field may seem rapid, in reality Dave Dresden and Josh Gabriel are both longtime dance music veterans. Dresden began his career as one of the best-loved DJs in Connecticut, as well as a successful music journalist, before relocating to Los Angeles in 2000 to serve as the music director for GrooveRadio, and branching out as an A&R scout for clients including U.K. tastemaker Pete Tong. A California native, producer Josh Gabriel was already revered as the inventor of the popular software Mixman when he met Dresden at a rooftop party during the Winter Music Conference in Miami, FL in 2001. The two struck up a conversation, and Gabriel passed Dresden a copy of his latest track. "I went to my room and I listened to it and went, 'Wow, this is it!'" He immediately hipped Tong to the tune, "Wave 3," which soon became one of the biggest floor fillers of the year. When Tong offered to reward Dave's hard work with a shot at remixing New Order's "Someone Like You," Dresden didn't hesitate to enlist Gabriel to join him in the enterprise. Thus began a series of increasingly high profile remixes and original tracks born from a creative dynamic that intermingles the talents of two very distinct personalities.
6 Jan 2009
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Por fin me lancé en paracaidas, 4000 metros de altura, un minuto de caida libre, que vaina tan buena. Canción de Fondo: "As the rush comes" - Motorcycle
2 Oct 2009
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