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The clip What is Shy Shen? from Rush Hour 3 (2007) Phew. Oh. Hello, Inspector. Minister Reynard. They want to kill me. Me and my family. A dozen agents from the French secret police... have already been murdered... only this last month. We are at war with the triads, right here in my own city. Who is Shy Shen? Ah, Shy Shen-uh- Shy Shen is not a person. It's a list. A list? Yes. Every 5 years, the triad bosses come together... for an election, and during that ceremony they choose the men... who will lead the triads. Dragon heads. Yes. 13 dragon heads who will control... the largest criminal organization in the world. And their 13 names are inscribed on the list known as Shy Shen. A list which has been handed down and kept secret... from generation to generation. If the names on that list were ever to get out... well, the secret society wouldn't be so secret anymore... and they would all end up in jail, or dead. And the list is somewhere in Paris? A young lady named Genevieve made contact with Ambassador Han... and we believe she knows where it is. I'm asking for your help, Inspector. Finish what Ambassador Han started. Get to the girl before the triads do and you'll get Shy Shen.
13 Nov 2011
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