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Una divertentissima scena tratta dal film Be kind rewind di Michel Gondry, con Jack Black e Mos Def: le bizzarre riprese sweeded di Rush Hour! Per altre curiosità, filmati, immagini, gadget
1 Nov 2008
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Pay close attention to the woman who appears in the bottom right at around :15 seconds. She seems like she's very distracted and in a rush.
19 May 2008
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DJ Rush - club Masai Bulgaria 15.08.2007
19 May 2008
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26 May 2008
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Christian Artist Ami Rushes shares the verse she remembers and uses to guide her through her life: Psalm 138.8
6 Jun 2008
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Christian artist Ami Rushes talks about the books she relates most to in the Bible. She reflects on the comforting words of the Psalms, and the knowledge and wisdom to be gained from Proverbs.
6 Jun 2008
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Rush Limbaugh continues to hate Katrina victims as he compares them to flood victims in Iowa and Illinois. Want some political assistance? Come to
29 Jan 2010
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Showing you a overview of Silent Gold Rush website. We want to give you the key to success!
9 Feb 2009
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Ardream Rush Movie For Funn
28 Jun 2008
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Real Estate Investor and Business Owner Kenny Rushing launched his new Real Estate Program "THE NEW JACK INVESTORS GUIDE" on Saturday June 28th, 2008 with a bangin' party hosted by Hip Hop Artist T-BOZ, formerly of TLC. The party was held at Kenny Rushing's multi-million dollar estate in Tampa, Florida. The guest list read a "who's who" in the Real Estate Industry. Names like Brenda Ayala-Figueruelo, Preston Ely, Mike Collins even Russ Whitney himself was there with his entrouage. Asked about his program Kenny replied "I'm really excited on getting this out.." and "'s the only product of it's like and will work in any market!" produced by Felix "the dj" aka "the Internet Master Blaster" at Click Marketing Group, Inc. "Get Noticed" (727) 327-8895
18 Feb 2009
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Song "As the Rush Comes" by Motorcycle.Written by, composed by: Dave Dresden, Jes Brieden, Josh Gabriel. Video clips made in NYC January 2007. I made this video when I was very tired and just came home after hard studying, so sorry that I look little bit "stupid-playful" and didnt take enough time to edit the video and cut out some parts.
5 Jul 2008
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A one minute sample from "Fool's Gold"-Gold Rush This episode tells the story of Jedediah Daniel who, in the 1800s, set his sights toward the Wild West to strike it rich in the California Gold Rush. As with other gold miners of that era, he had great self-discipline and determination. Facing hardships and potential ruin, he was willing to risk everything he had to start a new life for himself. As Jedediah searches for a viable gold vein in the mountains, he faces many obstacles and has several opportunities to give up and go home. His story is a lot like our walk of faith. When we enter into relationship with Jesus Christ we become aware, through His Word, that there are riches in Christ that are yet to be discovered. This fact energizes our faith and drives us to do whatever it takes to strike the spiritual gold that does not perish. Spiritual gold; faith in God a substance that can never be taken away!
10 Apr 2009
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Sip rush pk
11 Jul 2008
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You will remember this day for as long as you live! Why? Because THIS will be the day that you TURN your life around and begin to live a LIFE of ABUNDACE and Prosperity! Why am I so confident about that? Because at 12 Noon EST TODAY, my good friend Kenny Rushing a.k.a The Real Estate King Pin will release his much anticipate program the "New Jack Investors Guide: 100 Common Real Estate Mistakes & How You Can Avoid Them." Everybody in the WHOLE GALAXY of real estate education is going CRAZY about Kenny's LAUNCH! Word has it that the DEMAND will outweigh the SUPPLY of this program. Kenny is only releasing 1000 programs to the public and then he is SHUTTING IT DOWN. Who knows when Kenny will allow you to buy his program again? I heard he may not for a long while. That's why you must snag this program at exactly 12 Noon EST or you may be SHUT OUT! produced by Felix "the DJ" aka "the Internet Master Blaster" Click Marketing Group, Inc. (727) 327-8895 Get Noticed! Distributed by Tubemogul.
16 Jul 2008
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0:24 In this video we see as passengers traveling subway station in Shinjuku in Tokyo in the middle of rush hour, as if they were sardine cans.
23 Aug 2008
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A much better quality video of the outtakes and bloopers from the ending of Rush Hour 3. I included some of the ending too. Much better quality. Made with Premiere Pro CS3.
12 Aug 2008
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