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******* Funny cat video from when my Russian Blue cat Roxanne was a kitten and includes her playing and going crazy with her companion, Edie the Ragdoll. Guitar soundtrack shifts from rockabilly to heavy metal. Thanks for watching these crazy cats and enjoy their antics. Catflix is home to creative cat videos. You'll find original content here in the form of web series about cats, as well as music videos on different cat breeds. Keep an eye out for the upcoming web series "Philosopher Cat." And please subscribe!
2 Mar 2012
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******* another funny cat video, as if there weren't enough! russian blue cat roxanne has always been afraid of loud noises, especially sneezes. i try to be sensitive and go to a different part of the apartment when i'm about to sneeze, but this time, i didn't have time. i added a heavy metal soundtrack.
2 Mar 2012
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28 Mar 2010
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My Grey cat Joey..with 6 digits gets a little frisky the other day. I believe he is a Russian Blue + he is the sweetest but friskiest little cat. Take a look.
30 Mar 2008
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LEAVE A COMMENT W/ YOUR FAVORITE CAT VIDEO AND SHARE W/ CAT LOVERS YOU KNOW... For thousands of years going back to the Ancient Egyptians, cats have been put on public display. But the first cat shows in the United States, held in Maine, didn't appear until between 1860 and 1870. Finally, in 1895, a show clawed its way into New York City, hosted in Madison Square Garden. Badoop-badoop! Fast-forward to the present: Cat clubs and cat fancy organizations are everywhere, holding local, state and national shows in every part of the country. And no wonder: If you search YouTube, either online or on your TV with your TiVo HD DVR, it's very clear that you don't have to be a cat breeder to be easily amused and entertained by the very funny videos featuring endless breeds of cats--from hilarious cat bloopers to just cute cat behaviour. But what's missing from most of these viral videos are a the cat fanciers themselves, who regularly travel across the country attending cat shows. Talk about a special breed of PEOPLE! Perhaps you're familiar with the crazy cat lady on some of The Simpsons episodes? I guess they're not all THAT crazy--are they? So... I went to Pleasanton, California with a very clear mission: to find out just how crazy people can get about cats--and, while I was there, to learn out how well they know their famous felines of Film and Television with our very first Badoop-Badoop Cat Quiz! What better place to get a close-up perspective of the cat fancier lifestyel than the Crow Canyon Cat Show! I couldn't believe all the cats I saw: Siamese cats, known for their legendary voice and captivating blue eyes; Persian cats, with their long flowing coats and open pansy-like faces; Himalayan cats, actually a Persian cat with the color pattern of a Siamese cat (who knew?!); the Egyptian Mau, which were worshiped as deities in ancient Egypt; the remarkably dense and muscular Tonkinese; Burmese cats, often described as "bricks wrapped in silk"; Exotic cats that look like a Persian but have short hair; Siberian cats, which history shows have been around for at least one thousand years; Sphynx cats, which are the most famous of the hairless cats, and probably made most popular in recent years by Doctor Evil from the Austin Powers movies; and Abyssinian cats, one of the oldest known breeds on this planet. One of my favorites was a plump Russian Blue Cat with a plush double coat similar to a beaver--gorgeous! What a spectacle, these fancy cat shows! Cat toys are everywhere, grooming stations and supplies to style and fluff abound, and the large crates where the cats are displayed are decorated with animal prints, feather boas and more! In preparation for the show, cats are bathed, nails clipped, and ears cleaned. And some cats are more "high-maintenance" than others. A longhaired cat requires much more effort than a shorthaired cat and, if shown on a regular basis, must be bathed weekly and combed twice daily! What divas! Here are a few grooming tricks I learned while I was there: By fluffing up the hair on top of a cat's head, you can modify the appearance of large ears; to make a cat's tail appear shorter, trim the excess hair at the end of the tail; to give the kitty a rounded look, clip the hair around the face; and to make their eyes look rounder, cut the hair over the eyes; finally, to make the cat's neck look thicker or shorter, just comb out its ruff so that it stands out to frame its face. Do you think our favorite Hollywood stars heed any of this advice? Even though our breeders didn't get every answer correct in our Cat Quiz, it's clear that these folks clearly know and love their cats. I got a particular kick out of the fact that while that the show manager assured me that cat people are not crazy, the club's treasurer told me that the difference between cat owners and dog owners is that Dogs have "Masters," and Cats have "Staff."
31 Mar 2010
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This is my 3 month old kitten amusing himself with a new toy. I recently just discovered that he is a Korat, not a Russian Blue as the rescue group thought he was.
19 Oct 2009
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More Videos: *******www.yokky**** Marmaduke, the world's most lovable Great Dane, leaps from comic strip fame (appearing in 600 newspapers in over 20 countries) to big screen stardom. In this family comedy, the super-sized dog who never fit in, finally finds a place where it's okay to stand out. Now living large in Orange County, California, Marmaduke is helping his family make the big transition from the Midwest to The O.C. But he's also discovering that fitting in with his new four-legged friends isn't always easy for a 200-pound teenage dog. Lucky for Marmaduke, he doesn't have to go it alone because he always has his "step-bro" and best pal, Carlos, a Russian Blue Cat, watching his back.
6 Jul 2010
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More Cats 101 Video: *******animal.discovery****/videos/cat/#mkcpgn=ytapl1 | The Russian Blue is a quiet, elegant cat. Although they look more gray than blue...
14 Nov 2013
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*******www.janson****/dvd/show_title.php?pid=20253 The Ideal Companion: A DVD Guide to Cat Breeds is an indispensable "visual guidebook," not just for prospective cat owners, but for cat lovers in general. Produced in cooperation with North America's top breeders, this DVD provides insights into the history, temperament, sociability and life span of 20 different breeds of cats. It includes colorful charts that indicate brushing requirements and detail how active and vocal each breed tends to be, and a special section with valuable tips on what to look for when choosing a kitten.
26 Jan 2009
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Most armies of the world have been able to successfully field drum magazines and gain a firepower volume edge over the backward U.S. Army and marines. Jim Sullivan who co-invented the AR15/M16 spoke recently on this in a PBS News Hour TV interview on September 24, 2007, "Defense Department Sticks With M16s Despite Problems" *******www.pbs****/newshour/bb/military/july-dec07/rifles_09-24.html PAUL SOLMAN: Though he's now 74, Sullivan's intellectual curiosity is still his long suit. In the years since the M-16, he's debuted a new rifle, something called the Ultimax, to rave reviews. He didn't make it in or for the United States, however, but the country of Singapore. He's also invented a 100-round magazine for the Ultimax, the M-16 and M-4. It's being used by England, Germany, even famously neutral Switzerland. But the U.S. Army... JIM SULLIVAN: Doesn't use this thing. PAUL SOLMAN: They don't use it now? JIM SULLIVAN: No. I mean, our Soldiers are still limited to 30-shot magazines. That's what they're trying to fight with over there in Iraq. This is emptied in full auto in three seconds. It takes him about five seconds before he can fire the next shot. That's just like a giant malfunction, OK? During that time, the man's helpless. However, the unreliability of the C-MAG drum with two small 50 round bulges in trial U.S. use has soured many to the entire concept. Here is how they work in clean environments showing the CAPABILITY we need: C MAG ***********/watch?v=inhl0fbjcdk CL MAG ***********/watch?v=-kPtfUtH8Ps Since C-MAGs jam, the baby (good capability) is tossed with bath water (unreliable drums). The benefits of a drum over a belt-fed machine gun or assault rifle/carbine is that if you are moving vigorously in individual movement techniques (IMT) there's no belt to get kinked and snagged on that has to be gingerly worked around when running n' gunning. A drum is in essence a giant box magazine in a circle. The problem is that to carry a large number of rounds the spring has to be very stiff and most drums are loaded with the spring held off and then you release the spring to press the rounds up the follower adding lots of mechanical complication. The MWG employs the "KISS" principle and leaves the stiff spring alone and invests in a loading tool to exert more force to load all 90 rounds. With the SKEDCO Assault Pack, the loading tool is kept in an outer pouchette and dummy corded so it cannot be lost during field use. A small price to pay up-front for simplicity and reliability. *******www****batreform****/canteencover.htm *******www.mwgco**** *******www.90rounder**** MWG Company POB 97-1643 Miami, Florida 33197 (305) 232-7344 (866) 307-1466 Drum magazines are usually used by either light/medium machine gunners to offer sustained fire to pin down the enemy for riflemen/grenadiers/SMgunners to maneuver on the enemy or to give a sub-machine gunner a large ammo supply to spray a room or trench line without having to stop and change magazines or worse be caught temporarily out of ammo. The assault rifle/carbine combines the function of a medium-range rifle for single-shot accuracy with burst or automatic fire like a sub-machine gun (SMG) to clear buildings, bunkers and trenches but has always needed a drum magazine to do the latter well. The SKEDCO Assault Pack enables EVERY SOLDIER to start battle with an unhindered 90-round ammunition supply to dominate firefights but is also based on the understanding that we don't want every Soldier burdened with drum magazines like "frying pans" all over his body ruining IMT maneuverability. The SKEDCO Assault Pack enables the MWG drum to be protected from bumps, its black color camouflaged and when its emptied, clipped to the Soldier's load bearing equipment (LBE) as he switches to NATO STANAG 4179 30-round M16/M4 magazines *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/STANAG_magazine to sustain him in the rest of the fight. This way the Soldier rifleman/grenadier/leader etc. is still streamlined and agile to fire & maneuver upon the enemy. FYI: the uncovered, MWG 90-rounder drum is shown in M16s fired by futuristic Detroit policemen in the science fiction thriller/social commentary "RoboCop 2" P.S. notice Wiesel, the Russian blue ground attack cat taking instruction on the 90-rounder drum for future joint operations
23 Jul 2008
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WATCH Craigslist ads and HIT PAUSE to review info on rescued animals at PET MANIA, available & adopted, Memorial 2 Fathers Days. Many bottle-fed rescues, Siamese (Flame Pt and Seal Pt), Manx, tortoiseshell, Russian Blues, tabbies, B&W, and gray & white. Puppies include Boston Terrier-Pug, German Shepherd, Border Collie-Shepherd, and Springer-Spaniel mix. Pet Mania offers daily adoptions at 353 D. North Pass Avenue (Lakeside Shopping Center, Burbank, CA 91505 at 818.848.5512 (phone Laura) or 818.848.5519 (fax).
14 Aug 2008
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The best of Mr. Tinkles from Cats & Dogs (c) WB 2001 Sean Hayes, Jon Lovitz, and Glenn Ficarra voice the Persian, Exotic, and Russian Blue.
30 Sep 2010
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The clip Trying to get into the house from Cats & Dogs (2001) with Glenn Ficarra What do we got? A Russian Blue. And a number 2 in sector 3. That steamer was bigger than me. Nice work. Sit this one out. Is she gone? I don't see her. But I was framed! That cat- Wait up. Look out. Code 4. Quick, smell my butt. All right, break it up. Cold nose! Go! Piece of junk American door. I cannot believe I do this job for half price. And this Tinkles, he is jerk. He talk too much and shed all over. West-east. On her way to the corner. And she's out. And she's out. Oh, man, it's locked.
22 Nov 2011
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my russian blue is a talkative cat... especially when he was hungry. I fed him immediately after this! :-D
1 Jan 2012
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If you wish to buy this without video, then click the link - the story is below)) *******www.cdbaby****/cd/andreydobrovolskiy ************/us/artist/andrey-dobrovolskiy/id652117440 This slide guitar сomposition was written in summer 2004 on the Mannerheim' Street in Helsinki, where I used to busk trying to earn the real blues biography and a little money. I really think that Russian street musicians who busk on European streets deserve some prize from our government. They keep on complaining that money is running out of the country, and we were the only people who would bring money back. It's a kind of joke of course but nobody has ever done it except street musicians. That job was not easy: you had to play unlimited number of hours every day and nobody could gaurantee you good profit. My record was 16 hours of non-lasting playing. But those dozens of hours of street practising resulted in this music. Several years later I invited Eugene Lamba (the best Russian blues player Im sure) to record this stuff. He agreed and showed everything I love his style for: nuclear sound, great precise phrasing, good knowlege of tradition etc. And couple of years later we decided to make a video for this song. It took us the whole year 2012 to film: we would never hurry always leaving everything we could do "tomorrow" for "tomorrow". That would have been too complicated to go to Helsinki so we decided to show our hometown instead of a kind Helsinki which I'm really grateful to for that hard but kind summer and for the music it evoked. And yes you may see season' and guitar park' changes and the evolution of Eugene's haircuts during the year. And yes we are talking about women when we're "drunk" and I'm knocking on the table shouting. Эта штука сама собой написалась летом 2004 на улице Маннергейма в Хельсинки, на которой я играл, зарабатывая блюзовую биографию и немного денег. До сих пор думаю, что русские уличные музыканты, играющий на европейских улицах, заслуживают какой-нибудь скромной награды от правительства: в то время, как бизнес капиталы из страны вывозит, уличные музыканты тоненьким, но непрекращающимся ручейком валюту в страну возвращают. Непростым трудом, кстати, добытую валюту: играть приходится более-менее при любой погоде по много часов, и понятно, что особо престижной такую работу даже среди музыкантов никто не назовет. Спустя несколько лет я предложил одному своему коллеге в Питере записать этот блюз, но коллега оказался в худших отечественных традициях человеком непродуктивным, и тогда я предложил запись Жене Ламбе. За что искренне благодарю звезды на небе и что еще можно благодарить: для меня Женя - лучший отечественный блюзовый гитарист, - ядерный звук, отличная фразировка, знание стиля и традиции и так далее. Спустя еще пару лет мы решили снять видео. Которое снимали целый год, в милых, опять же, отечетственных традициях откладывая продолжение и окончание съемок на то никогда не наступающее время, когда "всем будет удобно". Но вот год после начала съемок прошел. Эволюцию причесок Жени, пополнение гитарного парка, перемены петербургской погоды можно наблюдать более или менее доброжелательным взглядом. Да когда я там стучу по столу, я акцетирую "ДУУУУУРА" и увы, именно так оно и было). Петербург показан за неимением Хельсинки и большей, чем на Невский, хлопотностью поездки туда. Сайт и группа А. Добровольского: ******* *******vk****/club14690077 Группа Евгения Ламбы: ******* Производство видео - Андрей Шибанов.
9 Aug 2013
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Watch Part 2: ************/watch?v=0jo_EG7XqZQ A short video showcasing a handful of incredible rat tricks performed by my five talented rats: Suki (Brown Agouti Berkshire Dumbo Rat) Famous (Pink-Eyed Himalayan Top-Eared Rat) Raven (Black Variegated Berkshire Dumbo Rat) Shadow (Black Mismarked Irish Top-Eared Rat) Paris (Russian Blue Berkshire Dumbo Rat) All tricks are taught with positive reinforcement and clicker training. Most of the tricks in this video are performed by Suki, Famous, Raven, and Shadow, since Paris had undergone surgery during the time this video was filmed. You can read about her surgery on my blog: *******nanabordercollie.blogspot****/2013/08/prayers-for-paris.html I have included footage of a few of her tricks that were filmed prior to her surgery, however she has many other impressive tricks up her sleeve that I haven't yet filmed. Stay tuned for another upcoming video that will include more of Paris' (and the other rats') amazing tricks! I hope you all enjoy. :) - NanaBorderCollie My rats are available for print ads, commercials, film, and other media work. If you are interested in using one or more of them for your project, please contact us: *******www.useyourclicker****/contact-us.html Credit to talented rat trainer, Abby Roeser, for a couple of the trick ideas: ***********/channel/UCevUK7507j29PkS90l6jcUw Music by Josh Woodward: *******www.joshwoodward****/ Their official website: *******www.useyourclicker****/ Their official blog: *******nanabordercollie.blogspot****/ Their official Flickr page: ************/photos/nanabordercollie/ Their official facebook page: ********www.facebook****/pages/Amazing-Animal-Tricks/617175718326361 Note to viewers: The cage shown briefly in this video is not their cage. They reside in a huge multi-level mansion, though I have them out much of the time. Additional note: My rats are trained animal actors for media work and so it is crucial that they are able to perform outside and in foreign environments. As a wildlife enthusiast and a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, I am well aware of the various wildlife species that inhabit the area. Fortunately, rat-feeding birds (esp. raptors/birds of prey) are very scarce due to my area being an extremely poor food source; of course I still exercise caution and remain vigilant nonetheless. Never once have I witnessed any animal species, birds of prey or other, watching my rats or even being present when they are out. I would never, ever do anything that could potentially endanger my animals. They are priceless, dearly loved family members and their safety is of paramount importance. I LOVE my ratties! :)
14 Dec 2014
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