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Russian Martial Art- Stick
6 Oct 2007
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russian martial arts
13 Jun 2009
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russian martial arts
20 Jun 2009
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Drunk Russian Karate on
3 Jul 2008
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International Center of Russian Hand to Hand Combat. USA headquater - Los Angeles, CA For more info - visit our web site - www.SystemaSpetsnaz****
14 Jun 2009
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Systema SpetsNaz - Russian Style Combat is a reality based survival system of the Russian Special Forces, adaptable for military, police, security or civilian application. - Strikes, punches, kicks - Joint locks, throws, take downs - No contact combat - Defensive tactics - Weapons self defense Instructors: Vadim Starov - Russia Oleg Spector - USA
14 Feb 2010
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See the Russian martial art system in action
1 Mar 2007
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We guarantee that you will lose weight, build muscle, and feel great using the AQUAVEE Portable Swim System. Just 15 minutes per day 3 days a week will show results! We are so sure that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. You’re still not convinced? Please read what the professionals said about Aquavee Aquavee Test Summary by Dr. Sam Benson and Coach Tony MacGuiness of Performance Kinetics athlete training and testing facility in London England General Observations: In use, the Aquavee tends to increase the resistance throughout the stroke. This is because of the static position. When attached to the belt, I felt neutrally balanced, with perhaps a little more effort to keep the feet up. This may lead to interesting applications with respect to balance training for swimmers. I prefer to swim with the waist belt deflated. Working against an elastic line is fantastic for developing a smooth stroke with continuous propulsion. The weak spots in the stroke (for example a pause during breathing, or one weaker arm) are apparent because you can both see and feel the elastic line pulling you backward. This may be one of the key advantages of the Aquavee over endless pool type systems. Free swimming after training on the Aquavee: The body feels amazingly together during free swimming. I felt I moved almost effortlessly and much more smoothly. In Conclusion I found that the effects were much more beneficial and yet similar to using paddles and fins and balance drills using floats. The Aquavee is very demanding strength-wise and would be an excellent training tool for people who swim for fitness. Dr. Sam Benson has previously worked as a Biological Research Scientist and is an experienced Martial arts instructor. Part of a Biochemical research team at Imperial College London, Sam also studied Physical sciences and Human Physiology. With 12 years of martial arts experience he has competed nationally and internationally in physically and mentally demanding competition. Sam specializes in breathing, body conditioning, physical therapy and psychological training, derived from the holistic Russian martial art Systema, which was developed in the Dinamo Olympic training facility in St. Petersburg, Russia. Tony MacGuiness is an established swim coach who has worked with the elite British Modern Pentathlon Olympic Team, and was personal coach to Olympic Champion Dr. Stephanie Cook. He has also coached European Junior Champion Ian McKenzie and World Masters Champions and Masters World Record holders, European Masters Champion and European Masters Record holders. In 1993 Tony was appointed as a member of the Irish National Coaching team
18 Dec 2007
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Systema Kadochnikova Russian Style Russian Martial Art is a system of education in human biomechanics and the study of human behavior under extreme situations. Students are guided towards introspection and exploration of their full human potential. Movement is natural and free, and acquiring skills is based on the study of Cossack and Russian folk dances, Slavic folklore, and "Natural Laws." The ancient Slavic martial traditions dates to the nomadic steppe-warriors of approximately 5,000 BCE, passed from father to son in families for generations of pre-Soviet Russia, and then only among the elite combat specialist subdivisions (SPETSNAZ) of the former USSR. Scott Sonnon, USA Sambo Team Coach and Trainer and World Sambo Vice-Champion, was the first foreigner accepted into this heritage in the attempt to bring the world together in fraternity. Sonnon imported the art to America in 1996 to improve the quality of life of his compatriots through the Russian health system, advanced sports biomechanics, and elite combative preparation. In 2000, one of the sportive derivations of Russian Martial Art, named Sambo, will be Olympic at the Sydney Games. Russian Martial Art derives its name ROSS from "ROSSIYA" which is the Russian spelling for the word RUSSIA. ROSS, a Russian acronym standing for "Russian Native Martial Art" was developed by Commander Alexander Retuinskih, President of the All-Russian Federation of Russian Martial Art (RFRMA), Chairman of the International Combat Sambo Commission, Chairman of the Russian Combat Sambo Committee, officer General of the Cossack Military. In 1991, the RFRMA was sanctioned by the Russian Olympic Committee as the sole representative of Russian Martial Art. ROSS is taught to trainers of Russian Spetsnaz units of the Ministries of Internal Affairs, Defense and protective services, Russian Marine troops, VDV, OMON, and Minsk's "Alpha" units in Byelorussia, special MVD units "Vityaz", frontier troops of Lithuania and many others. In Russian Martial Art, the main goal of a person is to render the adversary harmless while minimizing losses for both self and foe: to work efficiently in any situation. Learning Russian Martial Art, students acquire great power as fighters, but more importantly as a human beings, increasing ones value for health and life, for both self and others. Both in combat and in life, students treat other creatures with awareness and compassion. When necessary, firm action is issued, but never in a callous or careless manner, and when all other option have been considered. "Your life is not yours alone; it belongs to your friends, family and community" (Alexander Ivanovich Retuinskih), or as is said in the Cossack Cadet Code: "The life of your friend is always more valuable than your own. You can die yourself, but rescue your friend." ROSS undertakes training in 8 directions: 1.Russian-Style Close-Quarters Combat and Survival 2.Renovated SAMBO 3.Executive and Close Protection Training 4.Bayonet-Fencing 5.Advanced Sports Biomechanics 6.Acrobatic Dance, Stunt and Theatrical Combat 7.Russian System of Health and Wellness 8.Russian Fisticuffs
28 Mar 2008
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Russian Martial Art - Hand to Hand Combat - International Training Center. Video presented by Oleg Spector - Chief Instructor - USA Rep - Systema Spetsnaz
7 Apr 2009
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WANT TO BECOME A MARTIAL ARTS FIGHTER OR LEARN SELF-DEFENSE? Visit [*******www.SystemaSpetsNaz****/ www.SystemaSpetsNaz**** - Russian Martial Arts] Learn How to Protect Yourself with Martial Arts! Techniques demonstrated by: Oleg Spector - USA Chief Instructor of Systema SpetsNaz - Russian Martial Art
30 Apr 2010
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WANT TO BECOME A MARTIAL ARTS FIGHTER OR LEARN SELF-DEFENSE? Visit *******www.SystemaSpetsNaz**** Learn How to Protect Yourself with Martial Arts! Techniques demonstrated by: Oleg Spector - USA Chief Instructor of Systema SpetsNaz - Russian Martial Art
30 Apr 2010
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This DVD provides valuable knowledge of the Russian Spetsnaz mentality. It teaches the personal qualities a soldier should develop to serve in a special forces unit. It also includes the history of Russian combat training for age-old Russian Martial Arts to the present, and unique documentary video excerpts of Russian Special Forces during World War II - under water, in a forest, during winter and windy conditions, maneuvers over the river and icy mountains, empty hand combat and weapons fighting. A complete understanding of the Spetsnaz psychology will benefit your fighting techniques and make your training easier and more effective. Language: English Running Time - 38 min.
8 Feb 2013
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Pasha, a russian martial arts expert show off his skills in the forest. Be afraid, be very afraid.
6 Sep 2009
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Martin Wheeler demonstrates the Russian Martial Art Systema's intuitive softwork principle.
14 Sep 2009
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Russian Martial Art System "Sibirskiy Viun", Dmitry Skogorev, Systema spetsnaz, *******,
5 May 2010
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