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Russian's Tunning / Russo
12 Mar 2007
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Mario gives the story on the live in-studio recording featuring Paul Russo on saxophone.
1 Aug 2007
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Jazz guitarist Nick Russo (www.nickrusso****) taped live at CD release party and hip hop female emcee Mooka Jerz (www.myspace****/mookaa) raps in video "Dirty Game" under Utility records
3 Aug 2007
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Bebados Russos Brigando - Bizarro
27 Feb 2008
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video clip de Renato Russo
1 May 2008
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Ryan Russo performing his demo form with the Orange City Florida Premier Mixed Martial Arts Demo team October 2007 at St Peter's Catholic Church‎ in Deland Florida. (386) 774-7621. The # 1 Orange City Florida Martial Arts School.
25 Oct 2008
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Intervista ad Aaron Russo, scomparso nel 2007, regista americano, spiega come ha conosciuto Nicholas Rockefeller ( svela delle confidenze di Nicholas R., tante cose interessanti, gli anticipa l'attacco alle torri gemelle Twin Towers 9/11, la guerra in IRAQ, e un possibile attacco in IRAN e in Venezuela. Spiega anche del "loro" obbiettivo finale, quello degli impianti RFID "Radio Frequency Identification" da impiantare a tutta la popolazione mondiale per manipolarla definitivamente.) tgalternativo.ilbello****
2 Jan 2009
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Dann Russo is a veteran performer of the earthy bar set in Boston Massechusettes. Originally from New York, Dann has been performing in New England for more than 10- years. Also performing regularly in the virtual world Second Life, Dann (Numbers) as he is known there, mixes poetry and music in a very down-to-earth mix of blues and rock. This music video was produced in machinima by Steve Cropper for the 'Life On Line' show (
24 Jan 2009
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American singer/song-writer Dann Russo of Boston performs his single, 'Parking Lot Kings', which is about how success can look a little disappointing through the rear view mirror of life. Music video by Steve Cropper. The full version is on Life On Line,
6 Mar 2009
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Warren chats with David Russo about his feature length narrative, the art of compromise, and male miscarriage out the rear. *******www.littledizzlefilm**** *******www.thewarrenreport****
1 Apr 2009
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When Gianni Russo puts on his Brioni suit, you know he means business. At Nino's, The Godfather's infamous trouble maker stirs up a zesty pasta dish you can't refuse. Once a movie crook, this super-cook will help sharpen your knife skills... to chop onions fit for the entire family. He'll finish you off with a few glasses of his Prosecco and signature wine!
17 Apr 2009
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6 Aug 2009
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