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Second episode of the Beauty and Brains series with marketing manager and dancer Ruth Clay. We talk about art, philosophy, science and culture. Learn her thoughts on God, children today, art, and razor blade belly rings.
4 Jul 2008
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Ruthe Katrina ko kayse manaye Salman. Watch it on Zee Multiplex Zee Multiplex a bollywood gossip show boardcast in India by Zee and is brought to you on internet by GluTV****(<*******www.glutv****)>
4 Oct 2008
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In this video, ruptured disc surgery patient Ruth Meyer tells of her experience with Laser Spine Institute and the results of her procedure. Prior to coming to LSI, Ruth had experienced pain for more than six months because of a ruptured disc and got no respite from conservative treatments like physical therapy, nerve blocks, and pain medication. Due to her pain, she was forced to stop working and became depressed. Thankfully, she soon found Dr. St. Louis and Laser Spine Institute where she received endoscopic ruptured disc surgery that changed her life forever.For more information about the minimally invasive surgical techniques performed at Laser Spine Institute, visit LaserSpineInstitute.Com.
7 Nov 2008
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*******www.mrpaparazzi**** Ruth Lorenzo and Diana Vickers head to Lipsy in London to pick up armfuls of clothes. Ruth is seen arriving and browsing in the shop. She seems very cheerful and spends time posing for pictures. Ruth then leaves and tells the cameraman that she is backing Alexandra to win this year. Diana is then seen arriving afterwards and picks up a fur coat. She can also be seen enjoying the refreshments in the shop. She goes to leave but decides to head back to the shop.
18 Jun 2009
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On *******ClubHouseGAS****, we go with the Babe Ruth League, Inc to Fenway Park. Sixteen championship teams take the field and are honored by the Red Sox organization.
8 Apr 2009
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We help you to create body awareness and develop a more streamlined shape. Flexible venues in Central, Wanchai, Pokfulam, Mid-Levels. Pilates focuses on improving posture through strengthening your core muscles - abdominals, pelvic floor etc. See Pilates Studio Hong Kong www.rhplus-studio**** for Inquiry ! The Leading Pilates Community in Hong Kong ! From the beginning RH+STUDIO : Pilates Mat Classes by Ruth : was a runway success that caught on through enthusiastic, word-of-mouth recommendation and since then it has consistently been one of the leading, most popular and busiest pilates community in Hong Kong!
10 Apr 2009
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A Video Tribute to Ruth S. Moore. A successful radio playwright, and wife to the Reverend Joseph G. Moore. Ruth Moore is survived by three sons, five grandchildren, and nine great grandchildren.
14 May 2009
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*******timesharerelief360****/Vid_Cook (via Timeshare Relief) - Curtis and Ruth C. narrate their awful experience from a timeshare presentation where they needed to attend in order to address their concerns about the timeshare they owned. But after four long hours, instead of answering their questions, the company asked that they pay another $13,500 for more timeshare points. Now, with Timeshare Relief to back them up, they no longer have to worry about the burden brought about by their timeshare ownership. Want timeshare relief? If you bought a timeshare and want to find a way out, there is hope for your timeshare financial burden. Discover what over 25,000 other distressed owners did with their unwanted timeshares. The company Timeshare Relief can help. Go to *******timesharerelief360****/wp_blog or call 866-797-0535 and sign up for a free consultation right now.
10 Jun 2009
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Grandma's at Boot Camp? That's right, Ruth is a Grandma that has lost over 30 lbs and 20 inches with Be More Fitness, "The Fitness Experts". Check out this touching testimonial and see how age has nothing to with attitude. View our site at *******www.bemorefitness**** to see more exciting video testimonials.
14 Jul 2009
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The Monster In The Box is the latest addition to Ruth Rendell's classic and beguiling Inspector Wexford series. In this enthralling new book, Rendell, "the best mystery writer in the English-speaking waorld" (Time), takes Inspector Wexford back to his days as a young policeman, and to the man he has long suspected of murder -- serial murder. Outside the house where Wexford investigated his first murder case -- a woman found strangled in her bedroom -- he noticed a short, muscular man wearing a scarf and walking a dog. He gave Wexford an unnerving stare. Without any solid evidence, Wexford began to suspect that this man -- Eric Targo, he learned -- was the killer. Over the years there are more unsolved, apparently motiveless murders in the town of Kingsmarkham, and Wexford continues to quietly suspect that the increasingly prosperous Targo -- van driver, property developer, kennel owner, and animal lover -- is behind them. Now, half a lifetime later, Wexford spots Targo back in Kingsmarkham after a long absence. Wexford tells his longtime partner, Mike Burden, about his suspicions, but Burden dismisses them as fantasy. Meanwhile, Burden's wife, Jenny, has suspicions of her own. She believes that the Rahmans, a highly respectable immigrant family from Pakistan, may be forcing their daughter, Tamima, into an arranged marriage -- or worse. In The Monster in the Box, the twenty-second book in the Inspector Wexford series, fans will be thrilled to meet the now-aging inspector in the robust early days of his career. For new readers, no introduction to this spectacular writer and her compelling protagonist could be finer.
29 Sep 2009
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Ruth has been a patient of Dr. Rosenberg for 31 years and thinks "he's the greatest!" She takes pride in knowing that he is up to date with all of his equipment, loves his staff and laser treatment, and appreciates the fact that Dr. Rosenberg has a wonderful sense of humor and most importantly, continues to take continuing education courses. "He does everything he's supposed to do". Simon W. Rosenberg, DMD (for over 30 years) can rebuild a tooth or your entire smile using the CEREC. Restorations can usually be done with NO SHOT, NO PAIN, NO KIDDING (No Shot, No Pain, No Kidding is a trademark of Biolase), using the Biolase Waterlase MD Dental Laser. Using CEREC one-visit veneers, crowns or onlays your teeth can be restored with precision and the most tooth like appearance and material properties. For more info: *******www.DrSimonRosenberg**** or call 917-720-5689
15 Dec 2009
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Different takes of Ed (Darren Burrows) and Ruth-Anne (Peg Phillips). Look for Take 6 where an uncooperative door sign steals the scene. Includes wild track audio from the sound reel.
23 Feb 2010
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