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18 Feb 2008
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IS TRINITY A RACIST AFRICAN AMERICAN CHURCH OR A "WARM AND ACCEPTING" CHURCH COMMUNITY WHERE ALL RACES ARE "ENTHUSIASTICALLY WELCOMED" Congregants Said Trinity Was "A Warm and Accepting Community." The New York Times reported, "On blogs and cable news shows, conservative critics have called it separatist and antiwhite. Congregants respond by saying critics are misreading the church's tenets, that it is a warm and accepting community and is not hostile to whites." [New York Times, 4/30/07] Religion Historian: At Trinity, "My Wife And I On Occasion Attend, And, Like All Other Non-Blacks, Are Enthusiastically Welcomed." University of Chicago's Martin Marty, a historian of modern Christianity. wrote, "Trinity is the largest congregation in the whole United Church of Christ, the ex-Congregational (think Jonathan Edwards) and Reformed (think Reinhold Niebuhr) mainline church body. Trinity's rubric is "Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian." So far as I can tell Trinity shapes a kind of ellipse around these two "centers," neither of which makes sense without the other. This you would never know from the slanders of its enemies or the incomprehension and naiveté of some reporters who lack background in the civil rights and African-American movements of several decades ago — a background out of which Trinity's stirrings first rose and on which it transformatively trades...More important, for Trinity, being 'unashamedly black' does not mean being 'anti-white. My wife and I on occasion attend, and, like all other non-blacks, are enthusiastically welcomed." [Martin Marty, 4/2/07] Keywords: Barack Obama, Racist, Black, African American, Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago, Religion, Christian, Faith, Race, Africa TRINITY TENETS ARE "TAKEN DIRECTLY FROM SCRIPTURE" AND EMPHASIZE "COMMITMENT" TO GOD, COMMUNITY, FAMILY, WORK, SELF-DISCIPLINE AND SELF-RESPECT Obama Says Black Values System Must Be Understood as a Whole. "Obama said it was important to understand the document as a whole rather than highlight individual tenets. 'Commitment to God, black community, commitment to the black family, the black work ethic, self-discipline and self-respect,' he said. 'Those are values that the conservative movement in particular has suggested are necessary for black advancement...So I would be puzzled that they would object or quibble with the bulk of a document that basically espouses profoundly conservative values of self-reliance and self-help.'" [Chicago Tribune, 2/6/07] Obama Says Argument Against "Middleclassness" Taken Directly From Scripture. "In his published memoirs, Obama said even he was stopped by Trinity's tenet to disavow "middleclassness" when he first read it two decades ago in a church pamphlet. The brochure implored upwardly mobile church members not to distance themselves from less fortunate Trinity worshipers. 'As I read it, at least, it was a very simple argument taken directly from Scripture: 'To whom much is given much is required,'' Obama said. [Chicago Tribune, 2/6/07]
28 Jan 2008
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American Indian names have been a joke for long enough. Joke is on the white man now.
24 Jan 2008
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See what happens when American Idol meets the Numa Numa dance! What will the judges think?
2 Aug 2008
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Innovative vehicle design and green technologies are major focal points this year at the 2008 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Vehicles unveiled during the NAIAS 2008 Press Preview reinforced current trends toward fuel economy, environmental impact, sustainability and the impact of those movements on vehicle design. "Manufacturers are definitely paying attention and adapting their designs to reflect the environmental concerns," said Carl Galeana, senior co-chairman of the NAIAS 2008. "We are proud that the NAIAS is once again on the forefront featuring the advancement of these important changes relative to the global automotive industry." Preview Week featured several design events recognizing the integral part design plays in the automotive industry; events included the Eyes on Design awards, AutoWeek Design Forum, the Michelin Challenge Design, the "My Other Car Is..." student project and the PPG Design Challenge awards.
25 Jan 2008
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2008 NORTH AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL AUTO SHOW PRESS PREVIEW WEEK DEBUTS 55 VEHICLES, DRAWS MORE THAN 6,000 MEDIA, AND WELCOMES 37,000 INDUSTRY INSIDERS Press Preview (Jan. 13-15) and Industry Preview (Jan. 16 and 17), also known as Press Preview Week, at the 2008 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) featured 55 vehicle debuts, welcomed more than 6,000 international media from nearly 60 countries along with a host of celebrities and drew 37,000 industry insiders from 2,000 companies. Of the 55 vehicles unveiled, 45 were worldwide debuts and 10 were North American debuts. "We are extremely pleased with the outcome of Press Preview Week," said Carl Galeana, senior co-chairman for the NAIAS 2008. "Fifty-five unveilings with a high concentration of worldwide debuts is very strong and we are thrilled with the level of media attendance, celebrities and industry executives at our show."
26 Jan 2008
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Spoof of me trying out for American Idol. Not real. But funny.
20 Apr 2008
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Rudolph W. Giuliani-TV Italy telly Biography 2008-National Italian American Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award 2008 Mayor of New York America's Mayor Presidential candidate Rudolph W. Giuliani brought to you by the Italian Broadcasting company.
16 Apr 2008
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look how americans give answers to some questions
30 Jan 2008
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*******www.microcinemadvd**** The Best of Slant Vol 1 features a collection of short films culled from seven years of Aurora Picture Show’s annual Slant: Bold Asian American Images festival. The Slant festival annually showcases the best in emerging Asian American cinema. Since its start in 2000, Slant has screened an eclectic mix of films that explore a wide range of topics and genres such as the smashing of stereotypes, off-beat comedies, family stories, explorations of culture and identity, and universal themes like love, loss, the human condition. Slant curator Melissa Hung is the founding editor of Hyphen, a magazine about Asian American culture. She is a frequent speaker on the topic of Asian American media and independent media. She lives in Oakland, California and works for the San Francisco WritersCorps, a creative writing program for urban youth.
9 Feb 2009
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The intro to the new "American Gladiators".
25 May 2009
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We were lucky enough to track down this audition tape from The New American Gladiators. It is an absolute crime that some of these warriors did not make it on the show. Check runawaybox channel for more rockin' vids!
9 Dec 2008
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AIU Online's Mobile Learning Initiative Brings the University Campus to an iPhone™ or iPod touch™ Near You American InterContinental University Online (AIU Online), the web-based campus of American InterContinental University, has just announced the launch of AIU Mobile - an easy-to-use mobile education delivery channel that truly defines the word "portability." AIU Mobile delivers many of the same elements that are found at AIU Online's highly-successful Virtual Campus - the gateway through which AIU Online students attend classes, interact with faculty, and meet classmates via their computers. AIU Mobile allows students to access online educational programs and support via web-enabled cell phones and other wireless devices.
26 Jan 2012
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A guide to help our American neighbors to sound more Canadian so they can get the high quality, low cost healthcare they are dying for
11 Feb 2008
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Funny American Idol? Here is Christian's (4) version of "I Am Your Brother." Just a little something to make you smile. Children are a gift from the Lord.
22 Sep 2008
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Shortest President, a song by Lars LeHansa about the shortest president in American History
13 Feb 2008
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