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A bad guy tries to rob a store. But to his bad luck, a brave customer came in between and kicked his *ss . Seeing him others also barge in and catches the robber.
11 Oct 2017
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We all say that we have the nerves of steel, but not like this brave man. Once you see him, you would probably die laughing.
29 Sep 2017
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K-Syran bursts back with the third single release from the forthcoming album with the tantalising ‘Temptation’; an intoxicating catchy pop-dance track which whips and whirls its way around K-Syran’s cute bubbly vocals. ‘Temptation’ is a pull to the darker side, a brave venture into our secret inner-selves, those corners that we rarely to admit to ourselves, and never expose to other. Vibrant and seductive, ‘Temptation’ explores how shining a bright torch on our darker thoughts will expose and then dissolve them. Just like a dream – the moment you try to make it tangible it disappears. But, for a brief moment of melodic paradise, ‘Temptation’ will allow you to wallow in that moment of pure pop bliss. Bestowed with an impressive remix package including remixes from Nathan Jain, Most Lost, ANO, Block & Crown, DJ Pioneer and Justin Wilkes.
5 Oct 2017
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Dedicated to the brave citizens of nations across the world who contribute to society by not fearing for the goals of terrorists.i miss mumbai, is memories of days i spent in Mumbai and an effort to spread the message of world peace and humanity.Lets join togather and be brave to fight terrorism........ Local trains are life line of mumbai - The annual traffic density, about 255 million passenger-km per km of route, is believed to be the world record for passenger rail transport.....On july 11th 2006 , 7 trains were bombed by terrorists but train service resumed with in the next 4 hours of the incident.Mumbaites never feared to board the train the very next day.Almost 70 % of citizens went to office and even school and college goers never feared to travel by train.Its a message sent by millions of mumbaites born in the land of Mahatma - We dont need weapons to fight terrorism. All it takes is a brave heart - venkat raman About project i miss mumbai - The musicians of the tracks used are Ronald E warren and Ron sorbo .Many thanks to them. I just own the licence to broadcast from digital sound media..The full version took 5 months to shoot and 10 days to edit. Finally its on metacafe for u to watch,comment and rate..... venkat
14 Nov 2006
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From a young age, Celina has been making beautiful jewellery. With some encouragement from her peers, she decided to step up to the challenge to become one of Canada's up and coming jewellery designers with her company, Brave Butterfly
25 Jan 2007
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Mackenzie Walker braves this Albino Burmoise Python.
10 Jun 2007
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People caught on tape, stealing from tourist pockets...... see it by yourself see what you think... , I can't believe that these guys are brave enough to operate this much in broad daylight....
4 Jul 2007
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Brave Story : New Traveler for PSP
30 Sep 2007
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I had great seats to a Braves game while at NECC. They played the Nationals and won 6 to 2.
16 Oct 2007
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Nobody knows what hell our troops go through. They can only imagine. Here is a dedication I made to all our brave soldiers to keep them strong in our hearts until they come home safely for good
24 Jan 2008
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why morocco man brave with crocodile
29 Dec 2009
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Dragonforces bonus track from the album Sonic Firestorm Adavance Promo Version, Cry of the Brave. This video includes the lyrics and awesome pictures of the band and members.
4 Apr 2008
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on April 4th at Cartoon Upfront Execs announced that this coming fall the latest animated Batman Series will begin airing on Cartoon Network. The series, titled Batman the Brave and the Bold, from the same production team as the Legion of Super Heroes series, will follow the format of the Brave and the Bold books and basically be a team up title and will feature heroes such as Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, Aquaman and more. The new series will be rooted in its own continuity and while the art appears to be a bit campy with it airing on friday night along with the clone wars it might be a bit more mature in content that the previous series. This continues the great tradition of batman animated series and looks to be exciting. I think that Cartoon network is a good home for the show and the brave and the bold format will keep it fresh and exciting throughout. The other characters he partners up with are said to be providing the comic relief which will be good to play off the dark style of batman. The art is an interesting pop art style definitely leaning toward the golden age costumes I'm curious as to what time it will be set in. Animated fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming year with Batman The Brave and The Bold coming to Cartoon Network, Wolverine, and Iron Man coming to Nick toons which you can get more info on in a previous Shazap segment. Keep a look out
15 Apr 2008
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braveheart brave men danger dangerous situation fear
29 Apr 2008
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17 May 2008
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