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The Global Digital Pen Market size is expected to reach $801.4 million by 2023, rising at a market growth of 14.1% CAGR during the forecast period.
19 Feb 2018
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Vocabulary is one of the keys to speaking fluent English. Even if your grammar is perfect, if you don’t know the correct words to express yourself in English, you will find it difficult to speak fluently. Luckily, improving your vocabulary is one of the most fun aspects of learning English. Follow these ten top tips to improve your English vocabulary and see how fun and productive your study time can be. Connect It’s easier to memorize words based on a common theme. Make your own connections between words and possibly organize them in a spider diagram or on the same pages of your notebook. The theme might be a topic or situation (Eg. words for talking about food), phrasal verbs using a common word (Eg. phrasal verbs containing the word ‘get’) or words that have a grammar point in common (Eg. verbs that take a gerund). Write Actually using vocabulary can help it stick in your mind. Write sentences with new vocabulary words or compose a story using a group of words or expressions. If you are out and about, you can make the example sentences in your mind if you don’t have a pen and paper handy. Draw Become an artist by drawing pictures related to the words you study. Your drawings can help trigger your memory in the future. This works really well for (visual learners [link to article on learning styles]) and even if you are not a great artist, a drawing can often help fix a word or idiom in your memory. Act Get your moves on by acting out words and expressions you learn. Or, imagine and act out a situation where you would need to use them. If you have a (study partner[link to tips article that contains this tip]) act out a word or expression from your notebook and see if he or she can guess what it it then swap over and try to guess what your partner is acting out. If you are alone, use a mirror and pretend you are having a conversation with someone using your new vocabulary. Create Design flash cards or (index cards [link to blog article on this topic]) in Englis
16 Feb 2018
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We present to you the first whats app status video song 'Happy Happy' from the upcoming Bollywood movie "Blackमेल". This latest track is the sung by Badshah & Aastha Gill, also composed by "Badshah & penned by the hit machine "Badshah". Please watch: "Best Of All time Whats App Status Video'' If you like this video Please Share and Subscribe Our Channel. Thank You.
7 Mar 2018
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Kid with a pen and lots of tricks,
20 Sep 2006
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Cool trick with a pen
18 May 2006
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Check out this crazy pen moves..
30 May 2006
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Amazing trick - twisting the pen with the fingers...
20 Jun 2006
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Is your boss a "pain in the neck"? Well just stick his "Pen in your ass".
18 Jul 2006
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More from the 'Fly' Pen computer.
10 Aug 2006
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More from the amazing Fly Pen.
10 Aug 2006
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What to do when you're bored? Make a pen...
15 Jul 2009
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A great Ballpoint Pen trick.
11 Oct 2006
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