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This guy over here is demonstrating how easily you can show magic trick using the extra fat of your chest area (if you have them of course).
28 Nov 2017
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Use pen to teach everyone to draw
1 Dec 2017
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Penis Piano.mp4
10 Dec 2017
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We hit Michaels for creative ideas.
15 Dec 2017
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Pinky Dhaliwal Presents New Punjabi Song "KOKE" in the voice of Blockbuster Queen "SUNANDA SHARMA", Lyrics Penned down by "SANGDIL 47", Music by "GAGSTUDIOZ", Video by "RIMPY PRINCE". ENJOY...... LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE Listen Full Audio on Gaana : Download Full Audio from To Set Hello-Tune sms KOKE send it to 56060 SONG CREDIT : ☟ Song ➤ KOKE Artist ➤ Sunanda Sharma Lyricist ➤ Sangdil 47 Music ➤ GagStudioz Mix & Mastering ➤ Sameer Charegaonkar A Film by ➤ Rimpy Prince Team Amar Audio ➤ Pardeep Sharma, Sandeep Joshi, Harpreet Harry, Preet Kalsi, Amninder Grewal, Neeru Chopra, Jyoti Dhaliwal Copyright ➤ MAD4MUSIC Online Promotion - Gold Media Koke Lyrics: Gal sun meri phulkari suit waliye Maapeya ne bade chavan laadan naal paliye Ho… gal sun meri phulkari suit waliye Ni maapeya ne bade chavan laadan naal.. Ho naini surma bana ke pa la aes nu Ni munda supne kuware warga Je tu satrangi peengh koke waliye Kainthe wala vi hullare warga (x2) Ho… Lag diyan shartan je selfie queen te Google te search’an vi wajjan shokeen te Lag diyan shartan je selfie queen te Google te search’an vi… Ho je patanjali tu oh vi bikaner de Haye ni bhujiye karare warga Je tu satrangi peengh koke waliye Kainthey wala vi hullare warga (x2) Ho killer smile teri ghaint ae je nakhra Kaim look ohdi rohb rakhda ae athra Killer smile jeha ghaint tera nakhra Kaim look ohdi rohb rakhda ae… Aa dil vekh ke haweliyan da dol je Ni munda rangle chubaare warga Je tu satrangi peengh koke waliye Kainthe wla vi hullare warga (x2)
18 Nov 2017
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18 Nov 2017
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Let’s take a Selfie and make sure that you are present in the office. Forget about pen and Attendance register, use smart attendance application more trustworthy, user-friendly and advanced.
21 Nov 2017
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We all have seen people drawing with pencils, pen, chalk, colors, and even charcoals, but if you want to see an edible painting, it's here. See this man drawing with hot sugar.
23 Nov 2017
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Clipping path service applied basically to isolate an object from existing background using Photoshop pen tool, a manual process. It is used to remove the background, color correction, neck manipulation etc. For more information, here you go:
13 Dec 2017
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Kid with a pen and lots of tricks,
20 Sep 2006
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Cool trick with a pen
18 May 2006
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Check out this crazy pen moves..
30 May 2006
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Amazing trick - twisting the pen with the fingers...
20 Jun 2006
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Is your boss a "pain in the neck"? Well just stick his "Pen in your ass".
18 Jul 2006
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More from the 'Fly' Pen computer.
10 Aug 2006
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More from the amazing Fly Pen.
10 Aug 2006
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