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Sabarimala - www.neelaearth**** Nestled in the thick forests of the Sabari Hills of the Western Ghats range, and situated in the District of Pathanamthitta, this hill shrine dedicated to Lord Ayyappan is a pilgrim’s wish of a lifetime, to pay obeisance and to seek blessings. Such is the popularity of this shrine that it draws thousands of people from all over the world, irrespective of cast or creed. The shrine will be teeming with devotees especially during the pilgrim season from November to January. It is a 4 to 5 km trek from the banks of the River Pamba to the shrine on top of the hill. Women, who are past their fertility age or before puberty are allowed to enter the shrine.
27 Dec 2009
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Sabarimala - www.neelaearth**** Devotees come in thousands during the pilgrim season that starts from the middle of November to December. At the hill shrine of Sabarimala, dedicated to Lord Ayyappa, pilgrims from inside as well as outside the state of Kerala come with their offerings. Sabarimala is also an epitome of religious harmony. One can witness here, people besides those from the Hindu community also coming to express their faith. Check out the video clip of the month featuring this unique pilgrim center in India.
12 Nov 2009
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Sabarimala, one of the major pilgrim centre in Kerala.
29 Apr 2010
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Harivarasanam Sung by KJ Yesudas..original sound track Harivarasanam (Malayalam: ഹരിവരാസനം), also known as Hariharasuthāshtakam, is a Malayalam/Sanskrit Hindu devotional song composed in the astakam metre, recited at Sabarimala, before closing the temple door every night. The song was written by Kambangudi Kulathur Srinivasa Iyer and Swami Vimochanananda sang it for the first time at Sabarimala.Though there have been many versions of this song sung by many renowned vocalists, the Sabarimala temple plays the rendition by K. J. Yesudas of a musical version composed by the renowned music director G. Devarajan every evening after the final pooja. Verses:- Harivarasanam Viswamohanam # Repository of Hari's boons, Enchanter of the universe, Haridadheeswaram Aaradhyapadukam #Essence of Hari's grace, He whose holy feet is worshipped, Arivimarddanam Nithyanarthanam #He who kills enemies by good thought, He who daily dances the cosmic dance, Hariharathmajam Devamashraye #Son of Hari and Hara, I take refuge in thee, Oh Lord Sharanam Ayyappa Swamy Sharanam Ayyappa #My refuge is in you Ayyappa, Sharanam Ayyappa Swamy Sharanam Ayyappa #My refuge is in you Ayyappa, Saranakirtanam Bakhtamanasam #He who likes song of refuge, He who is in the mind of devotees, Bharanalolupam Narthanalasam #He who is the great ruler, He who loves to dance, Arunabhasuram Bhoothanayakam #He who shines like the rising sun, He who is the king of all beings, Pranayasathyakam Praananayakam #He whose soul is truth, He who is the darling of all souls, Pranathakalpakam Suprabhanjitham #He who created universe, He who shines with a glittering halo Pranavamanidram Keerthanapriyam #He who is the temple of "OM", He who loves songs, Thuragavahanam Sundarananam #He who rides a horse, He who has a pretty face Varagadhayudham Vedavavarnitham #He who has the blessed mace as weapon, He who is glorified by Vedas Gurukrupakaram Keerthanapriyam #He who bestows grace like a teacher, He who loves songs Tribuvanarchitam Devathathmakam #He who is worshiped by the three worlds, He who is the soul of all gods, Trinayanam Prabhum Divyadeshikam #He who is lord Shiva, He who is worshipped by devas, Tridashapoojitham Chinthithapradam #He who is who is worshipped three times a day, He whose thought itself is fulfilling, Bhavabhayapaham Bhavukavaham #He who destroys fear, He who brings prosperity Bhuvanamohanam Bhoothibhooshanam #He who is enchanter of universe, He who wears holy ash as ornament Dhavalavahanam Divyavaranam #He who rides a white elephant Kalamrudusmitham Sundarananam #He who blesses with enchanting smile, He who has a pretty face, Kalabhakomalam Gathramohanam #He who is adorned by sandal paste, He who has a pretty mien, Kalabhakesari Vajivahanam #He who is a like a lion to the elephants, He who rides on a tiger Srithajanapriyam Chinthithapradam #He who is dear to his devotees, He who fulfills wishes, Sruthivibhushanam Sadhujeevanam #He who is praised by Vedas, He who blesses life of ascetics, Sruthimanoharam Geethalalasam #He who is the essence of Vedas, He who enjoys divine music, *************************************************************************** panchadreeshwari mangalam hari hara premakruthey mangalam pinchalamkrutha mangalam pranamathaam chinthamani mangalam panchasyadwaja mangalam thrujagadhamadhya prabhoo mangalam panchastropama mangalam shruthisirolankaara san mangalam *****************************************************************
1 Feb 2013
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Ayyappa Sabarimala Tharangini Yesudas Pampa Sasthavu Pampavasan Pallikkettu Malikappuram Azhutha Appachemedu Karimala Pilgrimage Devotional Geetham Gaanam Pandalam Raja Aryankavu Nilakkal Brahmacharya Vrithasuddhi Kerala Pilgrimage Temples of Kerala Tarangini
16 Jan 2009
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G.Sudhakaran and Kerala Communist Govt raised allegation that Sabarimala was a buddhist shrine. Rahul Easwar countered the argument by saying "The allegation of Sabarimala being a Buddhist temple is foolish and baseless. Sabarimala is a great Hindu pilgrim centre and It is the most glorious symbol of Indian culture, accepting all. 1000 years back Swamy Ayyappa built a mosque for his Muslim friend Babar inside the templex complex." Sabarimala is a hindu temple which accepts Vaishnava, Saiva, Buddhist, Islamic principle and declares 'Tatvamasi', you are that cosmic principle, some calls it god, some calls it Ayyappa, some Allah, Some Yahova. In essence it is one, the ultimate cosmic principle, God
6 Sep 2009
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Sabarimala, one of the major pilgrim centre in Kerala.
18 Nov 2009
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Visit *******www.hindudevotionalblog****/2008/11/sastha-gayatri-mantra-lyrics-swamy.html for Lyrics of Sastha Gayatri Mantra and other Ayyappa Stotras and Slokhas. Gayatri Mantram of Swamy Ayyappa of Sabarimala. This the mantra to be chanted by all Ayyappan devotees daily who are taking mandala kala vratham to visit Sabarimala Swamy Ayyappa Temple.
30 Nov 2009
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For more information on this video click - *******www.indiavideo****/kerala/worship/temple/sabarimala-in-pathanamthitta-86.php#Desc Video by *******www.invismultimedia****
26 Dec 2009
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Ayyappa Telugu Devotional SongsIrumudi kattu sabarimala neyyabhishekam manikanttunike - Telugu Sabarimala Yathara Album Songs and Video Songs Download www,
17 Nov 2014
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13 Jun 2009
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The Lord Ayyappa temple will be closed after the Mandala Pooja celebrations at 10 pm today. The temple reopens on Dec 30. *******
4 Nov 2010
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12 Jan 2015
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A folk song composed by me on sabarimala lord sri ayyappan. Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa!!! You can contact me at vinoth_buddieshotmail****. Thanks!
7 Dec 2008
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It was an unbeliveavable incident happend at Elavathoor Srisastha Temple, Lord ayyappa showed his presence by pouring the devine THEERTHAM through the AMRITH KUMBAM in his right hand. The incident happend on December 18, 2008. The incident was first witnessed by the Mel-Shanti(The Main Priest), Sankaranarayanan Namboothiri. On that morning while he was applying sandal paste on the idol, noticed that the "tirtham" (holy water) flowing out of the Kumbham on the right hand of the idol. He immediately informed the temeple authorities. They called Thantri Brahmashree Puliyannoor Krishnan Namboodiripad. Krishnan Namboodiripad came and after ascertaining the facts told the assembled devotees about the miracle and gave them the holy "tirtham". At this time, the Eagle(Krishna Parunth - considered as auspicious as per hindu mythology) was spotted hovering over the "Sreekovil" (sanctumanctorum). The Thantri, considering the opinion of the devotees, decided on a "Thamboola Prasnam" which was conducted by noted astrologer Attupurath Kalarikkal Dinesh Paniker and Manikandan Panicker on December 20. Significantly, the Eagle again hovered over the temple when the astrologer arrived at the temple. The Thamboola Prasnam confirmed that the main priest, indeed had the darshan of the Lord Ayyappa and the 'tirtham' was "Amritam".It also said that the temeple had the presence of "Shaiva, Brahma, Vaishnava Trimurtees and the idol was similar to the same idol of Manikandan of Sabarimala. The Prasnam was followed by various types of "Prayaschitham" (Purification rituals) on December 21 under the supervision of the Thantri, Melshanti and others. The presence of the asuspicious Eagle was once again there.It circled over the temple thrice to the accompaniments of "Saranam" chanting by devotees, before disappearing from sight. Astrologers opined that the rare event was for the overall prosperity of the area. Streams of devotees are coming to the temple after hearing about the miracle. Location of the temple : In India - Kerala state- Thrissur (dist)- Elavathoor Village, Annakara, parapoor. History : Almost 1000 years old Elavathur Sahastha temple
4 Jan 2009
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I got the download of title song of Swami Ayyappan from CoolGoose public domain. I wanted to share the same with other pilgrims as a humble service but instead of just putting back the MP3, I tried to work with Windows Movie Maker as a virtual sabarimala yatra from Erumeli to Sannidhanam. This yatra also features Uttiram Star and Makara Jyothi.
28 Oct 2009
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