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Download link: *******www.4shared****/file/187594270/4ba6b754/The_Prince_of_Egypt_Soundtrack.html "When You Believe" Performed by Michelle Pfeiffer and Sally Dworsky Produced by Hans Zimmer
13 May 2012
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This was the ever dramatic scene form the movie "Prince of egypt", with the OST When you believe. In the film, this song of inspiration is performed by the characters Tzipporah (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Miriam (sung by Sally Dworsky). The protagonists of this ballad recall tough times that have them questioning their faith: they have prayed for many nights to God but those prayers seem to remain unanswered, and they wonder if they are wasting their time. Nevertheless, they realize that although times may be difficult, "there can be miracles when you believe" in God. 09:39, 18 January 2009 (UTC)~ COPYRIGHT IS RESEVRED TO DREAMWORKS (:
18 Jan 2009
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From the movie The Lion King - Timon (Nathan Lane) and Pumbaa (Ernie Sabella) witness Simba (Joseph Williams) and Nala (Sally Dworsky) fall in love among the waterfalls.
2 Jun 2011
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my personal top five greatest disney love songs: 5) "I Won't Say I'm in Love" from Hercules Sung by Susan Egan, Lillias White, Vanéese Y. Thomas, Cheryl Freeman, LaChanze, and Roz Ryan 4) "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid Sung by Samuel E. Wright 3) "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" from The Lion King Sung by Joseph Williams, Sally Dworsky, and Kristle Edwards 2) "Beauty and the Beast" from Beauty and the Beast Sung by Angela Lansbury 1) "A Whole New World" from Aladdin Sung by Brad Kane and Lea Salonga these timeless, classic songs are really romantic, well sung, beautifully animated, and creatively written. props to disney! :) unfortunately i had to cut some parts out, such as the dialogue between timon and pumba in "can you feel the love tonight" and the part in "kiss the girl" when eric guesses ariel's name...but i had to make the video under 10 minutes because youtube doesnt allow longer videos =[
23 Jun 2011
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I only share the versions that are not available on torrent downloads. If I share to much they'll get blocked and I don't want that. Download uTorrent: *******www.utorrent****/downloads/win Torrent links: English: ******* English, French, Eur. Spanish, Italian & Hungarian: ******* Br. Portuguese: ******* Eur. Spanish: *******[dvdrip][spanish] Latin Spanish: ******* Hebrew: ******* Swedish, Norwegian, Danish & Finnish, ISO file: ******* Dutch ISO file: ******* The whole movie in English with optional English subtitles, also in Danish, Indonesian, Norwegian, Romanian, Turkish and Vietnamese for now :) I can make a Swedish one too but it's going to take time. If anyone find more subs you can send them to me :) Do you want to see the movie with Director's commentary? Click here: ***********/watch?v=W9nRR_LrYIU I cut the end credits to avoid copyright issues of the pop version of "When You Believe" Cast: Ofra Haza as Yocheved Val Kilmer as Moses (Speaking) Val Kilmer as God Amick Byram as Moses (Singing) Ralph Fiennes as Rameses Michelle Pfeiffer as Tzipporah Sandra Bullock as Miriam (Speaking) Sally Dworsky as Miriam (Singing) Eden Riegel as young Miriam Danny Glover as Jethro (Speaking) Brian Stokes Mitchell as Jethro (Singing) Helen Mirren as Queen Tuya (Speaking) Linda Dee Shayne as Queen Tuya (Singing) Steve Martin as Hotep Martin Short as Huy Jeff Goldblum as Aaron Patrick Stewart as Pharaoh Seti © Dreamworks
5 Nov 2013
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The Prince of Egypt - 12 - When You Believe Music is composed by Hans Zimmer and sang by Michelle Pfeiffer and Sally Dworsky The picture belongs to the original owners
6 Jan 2014
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