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Here are the bottles of goodness for you from the taste of Kerala. Spicy, salty and sour; this gooseberry pickle is bound to keep you craving for more.
21 Apr 2017
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10: Scorpion Venom The notorious scorpion roams the desert sands and is well known for its dangerous bite. Though There are close to 2,000 scorpion species each species has specialized venom to suit its environment. Not many people though know how lucrative the venom can be. At close to $10,000 per litre it is one of the most expensive liquids on the planet. This is due to the obvious dangers of acquiring the venom, the rarity of the specimens and the medical uses of parts of the venom. In fact, Some of the toxins are immunosuppressants which are chemicals that suppress the immune system. These can help in diseases where the immune system is not functioning as it should and in the right doses, Scorpion venom toxins can help treat diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Interestingly scorpions are not prone to using their venom and would much rather catch prey with their claws due to the difficulty in creating it. However They will use the venom to escape larger predators and various situations they cannot flee from. Though often painful, scorpion bites are rarely fatal and many antivenoms have been made for the various types of scorpions in the United States alone. 9: GHB Known scientifically as Gamma Hydroxybutyric Acid, and non-scientifically as the ´Date Rape drug, GHB is a very interesting drug. As a drug it is a depressant, and therefore dampens the central nervous system. At $660 per litre, legitimate uses for GHB include treatment for narcolepsy, alcoholism and cataplexy. It is used illegitimately and most famously as a drug that especially when mixed with alcohol can cause rapid intoxication and sedation. Side-effects can even include memory loss after use. The rapid intoxication effects are sometimes used by teenagers for a powerful high, and users describe it having a salty or soapy taste. 8: Mercury This amazing liquid metal is also known as quicksilver and before its toxicity became widely feared, it was used in many device
26 Apr 2017
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Super Salti
27 Aug 2007
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Now eny one can make electracity using salty water.And light up a led bulb for 10 hours.Try and get some lnowlege about it.
1 Jan 2008
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Guitar Guy - Salty Nuts
23 May 2009
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You can pass video and sound through a cup of salty water and/or a lemon...
9 Nov 2008
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A Salty Soup
17 Mar 2009
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At Salty Grom Surf Camp we have created a program that teaches basic and intermediate surfing skills in a fun and safe way. Our C.P.R. certified instructors are well experienced and knowledgeable about ocean life and safety. We all share a common love for the ocean and surfing, so we make it our goal to create a pleasurable ocean experience for future surfers. We offer 5 day camps as well as 2 day camps. Our low student to instructor ratio of 4:1 gives a new surfer the attention they need. If you are looking for an even more personal experience we also offer private and semi private lessons.
23 May 2009
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Salty Waters offers Custom Saltwater Aquariums, Reef Tanks, Fish, Fish Tank Supplies, Equipment, Lighting, Maintenance, Nano Tanks, Coral and more to a Raleigh, Cary, Durham and Greensboro customer base. Distributed by Tubemogul.
26 Jun 2009
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Adam heads down to sunny Sarasota, Florida, where he faces the fully loaded salty dog -- a one foot long hot dog fried in beer batter, and topped with cheese, bacon, and sauerkraut! All new episodes of Man v. Food air Wednesdays at 10pm E/P only on Travel Channel.****/TV_Shows/Man_v_Food
16 Sep 2009
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DAYING, CHINA - AUGUST 14: Swimmers crowd in a salty swimming pool boasting to be "China's Dead Sea" in Daying county on August 14, 2011 in Sichuan province, China. The operator says nearly one million swimmers have been to the swimming resort this summer.
23 Sep 2011
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Get him at Chely's Toys and Imports at Ebay Chantilly Lane Duets Musical measures 22" Cap'N Salty Pirate And Parrot Sings HOT HOT HOT !!!! This cute duo really get you up and in the mood! They sing HOT HOT HOT!!! Remember that popular song in 1986? What were you doing then? This is a collector's item as this one is retired. Take them home and they will open you hearts and make you smile. Great gift for the flamboyant and happy! This is in excellent condtion and all is working.
4 Oct 2011
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Do you like your watermelon salty? Well then Pepsi Japan has just the thing for you.
1 Dec 2012
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Do you like your watermelon salty? Well then Pepsi Japan has just the thing for you.
30 Mar 2013
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Today on HardNews, StarCraft MMO, Salty Bet gambling, and Golden Tee's greatest accessory ever.
13 Aug 2013
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In response to the growing popularity of sweet and salty flavor mash-ups, Snyder’s of Hanover is excited to add Cinnamon Sugar and Salted Caramel varieties to its existing line of Flavored Pretzel Pieces. Hitting store shelves this January, consumers are now offered an expanded opportunity for enjoyment beyond Snyder’s of Hanover’s traditional savory flavors. Both of the sweet and salty varieties will retail around $3.69 for a 10-oz bag. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.multivu****/players/English/64907-snyders-of-hanover/
14 Jan 2014
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