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Is the new Galaxy worth the upgrade or should you stick with the old? The decider could well be in the OS, Ice Cream Sandwich or Gingerbread?
6 Dec 2011
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download file here *******grabupload****/thersaberner1103/Galaxy This is a video walkthrough of samsung galaxy s 2 tips and tricks, hacks part 2 - we have already posted part 1 you see the same at the link below.
14 Dec 2011
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Is the new Galaxy worth the upgrade or should you stick with the old? The decider could well be in the OS, Ice Cream Sandwich or Gingerbread?
20 Dec 2011
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The must-have gadgets to have in your collection from the last twelve months
17 Jan 2012
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The top Android smartphone takes on the tablet that thinks it's a phone
13 Apr 2012
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Can the new Android smartphone take on the popular Samsung S2?
18 Apr 2012
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Camera, OS, speed and design comparisons of the pair of Android smartphones
4 May 2012
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BY JIM FLINK ANCHOR ANA COMPAIN-ROMERO You're watching multisource tech news analysis from Newsy. Seen the latest Android phone about to hit the market. Can you say -- GAME ON? Samsung’s Galaxy S-2 -- has -- among other things -- a super fast mobile processor and a built in hi-def camera that is wowing -- the tech world. Take a look, courtesy MobileBurn. “I’m shooting a 1080p HD video with the Samsung Galaxy S2.” “Just recording the video, I can see it’s much smoother when I’m planning left and right. No jitters at all. Probably owning up to the dual-core processor.” Yeah. That’s a cell-phone video. Sweet, right? Venture beat lays out what else has everyone going inter-galactic about the Galaxy S2. “The phone features an 800 by 480 pixel resolution display on a 4.3-inch AMOLED screen. AMOLED screens use organic components that are designed to bring out more vibrant colors with lower power. The Galaxy S II also sports a fast Samsung dual-core processor and a built-in chipset ... that can be used for mobile payments.” So wanna be the first in line for the latest techy gadget? Too late. Already been done. Three -- million -- times. That’s the number of pre-orders Samsung says have already been placed. ZDNet says -- whoooaaa. “...if the device’s pre-orders are any indication, Samsung already has a hit on its hands. When the phone finally does go global it will reach 120 countries on over 140 mobile operators. Samsung expects global sales for the device to top 10 million, and at this rate, so do we.” PCWorld notes the significance of the Galaxy S-2’s release, saying Samsung hopes to ride a tsunami of hype into the summer. “....this will help sales, but we have yet to see Apple's iPhone offering this year. Rumor has it that we will only see a new iPhone in September, which means that Samsung might be able to bank on the fact that many iPhone contracts will expire in July, leaving a window of opportunity for would-be switchers.” Hold on a second, says Recombu. Samsung has so many Galaxies, an astronomer couldn’t figure it out. So, don’t count on it dominating the universe just yet. “There was the SamsungGalaxyAce, which not only sounded a lot like the SamsungGalaxyS, but also looked very much like a mini version of the SamsungGalaxyS2. Then there was the SamsungGalaxyMini, which had very similar specifications to the Galaxy Ace but looked very different. But as it was released round about the same time, it added to the head-scratching.” Samsung launched the pre-orders of the Galaxy S-2 in April. They haven’t yet hit the United States, where pre-sales are expected to skyrocket. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your newsfeed. Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy
14 May 2011
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