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Sein letzter Deckakt in Österreich ;-)
30 Mar 2012
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LITTLE BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clip from the TV show Game of Thrones, season two, episode six, "The Old Gods and the New." NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.
19 Jan 2013
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Irri & Doreah: ***********/watch?v=elHaFwbv4BA Loras & Margaery: ***********/watch?v=-m1-xPObOLk Varys & Littlefinger: ***********/watch?v=1WsuxUkVY20 Full Playlist: ***********/playlist?list=PLOf6UEpityVbHpIjohttPLpG1QULCHJxZ&feature=view_all
4 Nov 2014
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Me singing Listen from Dreamgirls at Sandor Csik Music School's examination in Budapest, Hungary. You can write me to zsazsa.rethygmail****
4 Sep 2008
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Discipline and an ideal for perfection has created an artistic masterpiece in celebration of humanity's quest for beauty and truth... Hungarians Takacs Gyula and Olah Sandor were competitors at the 6th International Circus Festival, Budapest, 2006. View their website at golden-power dot com Alternately: ***********/watch?v=uYpUs87ha0w Greek composer Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou or better known as Vangelis - wrote the music for the film "1492 Conquest of Paradise" - 1. This is an embodiment of the Uebermensch idea of German National Socialism's Beauty concept. 2. It does not mean any kind of superiority but rather pushing oneself to the obvious innate human limits. 3. All humans participate in life-giving processes and such an act is a celebration of the Godliness within all of us. There is no playing the victim or generating a feeling of envy and hatred for someone or something. 4. Mind and body are in harmony and with that of another human being.It is the highest form of accomplishment where the strength comes from within. 5. A pity some Jews, Christians and Muslims shy away from celebrating a combination of ideals such as physical and mental Beauty and Harmony.
15 Oct 2008
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29 Oct 2009
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Johann Strauss "DER ZIGEUNERBARON" 1969 / GRACE BUMBRY, Saffi / NICOLAI GEDDA, Sandor Barinkay. / "So elend und so treu...O habet acht, habet acht..." Saffi. / "Wer uns getraut" Duett Saffi / Barinkay. SAFFI. "So elend und treu ist Keiner Auf Erden, wie der Zigeuner, O habet Acht Habet Acht Vor den Kindern der Nacht! Wo vom Zigeuner Ihr nur hört, Wo Zigeunerinnen sind, Mann gib Acht auf dein Pferd! Weib gib Acht auf dein Kind! Dschingrah dschingrah Dschingrah dschingrah Die Zigeuner sind da, Dschingrah dschingrah Die Zigeuner sind da! Flieh' wie du kannst Und fürchte den Zigeuner Wo er erscheint, Ist er ein grimmiger Feind' Trian triandavar Trian triandavar, Flieh' wie du kannst Und fürchte den Zigeuner Wo er erscheint, Da heija! kommt er als Feind! Doch treu und wahr, Treu und wahr Ist dem Freund er immerdar! Hält der Zigeuner dich nur werth, Dann gehorchet er dir blind Mann vertrau ihm dein Pferd! Weib vertrau ihm dein Kind! Dschingrah dschingrah Dschingrah dschingrah Die Zigeuner sind da!! Dschingrah dschingrah Die Zigeuner sind da!! Reich ihm die Hand Vertraue dem Zigeuner! Wo er erscheint, Ist er ein treuer Freund! Trian triandavar Trian triandavar Reich ihm die Hand, Vertraue dem Zigeuner, Wo er erscheint, Da heija! kommt er als Freund!" ---------------- BARINKAY. "Wer uns getraut? Ei sprich! SAFFI. Sag' Du's! BARINKAY. Der Dompfaff, der hat uns getraut! ALLE. Der Dompfaff, der hat sie getraut! Ja, ja! BARINKAY. Im Dom, der uns zu Häupten blaut! SAFFI. O seht doch, wie herrlich, voll Glanz ihr Majestät! BARINKAY. Mit Sternengold, Mit Sternengold, So weit Ihr schaut, besät! SAFFI, BARINKAY. Und mild sang die Nachtigall Ihr Liedchen in die Nacht: Die Liebe, die Liebe Ist eine Himmelsmacht! ALLE. Ja mild sang die Nachtigall Ihr Liedchen in die Nacht: Die Liebe, die Liebe Ist eine Himmelsmacht! BARINKAY. Wer Zeuge war? Ei sprich! SAFFI. Sag' Du's! BARINKAY. Zwei Störche, die klapperten laut ALLE. Zwei Störche, die klapperten laut! Ja ja! BARINKAY. Das Storchenpaar hat zugeschaut. SAFFI. Es nickten und blickten So schlau uns Beide an! BARINKAY. Als sagten sie: O liebet Euch, Ihr seid ja Weib und Mann! SAFFI, BARINKAY. Vergeßt nie, daß oft der Storch Das Glück in's Haus gebracht, Wo Liebe, ja Liebe Daheim die Himmelsmacht! ALLE. Vergeßt nie, daß oft der Storch Das Glück in's Haus gebracht, Wo Liebe, ja Liebe Daheim die Himmelsmacht!"
5 Nov 2009
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*******demonstrations.wolfram****/DeepDrawingOfMetals/ The Wolfram Demonstrations Project contains thousands of free interactive visualizations, with new entries added daily. Deep drawing is a manufacturing method to form cylindrical vessels (cups) from sheet metal. The sheet metal is placed over a hole (die) and a cylindrical tool (punch) is used to press the sheet through the hole. The difference in diameter between the ho... Contributed by: Sandor Kabai
12 Dec 2009
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*******demonstrations.wolfram****/DeployingAndSteeringAParabolicAntenna/ The Wolfram Demonstrations Project contains thousands of free interactive visualizations, with new entries added daily. The paraboloid dish consists of segments that can be separated and rotated in order to stack them. The device shown here is capable of aligning a parabolic antenna by turning around two perpendicular axes. Contributed by: Sandor Kabai
18 Feb 2010
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Original-June 2, 2008, ***********/CBNnews/383817.aspx, Hungarian-June 4, 2008, ***********/watch?v=DRsLZxJtj1U , Pastor Sandor Nemeth, Hit Park, Faith Church, Hungarian revival, communism, persecution, charismatic movement in Europe, 700 Club, 700-as klub, Hit Gyulekezete, Hit Gyülekezete, Pat Robertson, Zionism, cionizmus, pentecostal-charismatic movement, punkosdi-karizmatikus mozgalom, zsido-kereszteny kinyilatkoztatas, Central-Europe, Kozep-Europa
31 May 2010
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Director - Freddie Francis, Screenplay - John Elder [Anthony Hinds], Producer - Hinds, Photography - John Wilcox, Music - Don Banks, Special Effects - Les Bowie, Makeup - Roy Ashton, Art Direction - Don Mingaye. Production Company - Hammer. 1964. Cast: Peter Cushing (Baron Frankenstein), Peter Woodthorpe (Zoltan), Sandor Eles (Hans), Kiwi Kingston (The Monster), Katy Wild (Rena) Forced to flee when he is discovered performing an unholy experiment on a still warm corpse which was brought to him by a body-snatcher, Baron Frankenstein and his assistant, Hans, are able to escape to the Barons old castle, high in the mountains of Karlstaad. The castle is a shamble, and Frankenstein explains that it was wontanly wrecked by outraged villagers who had stormed the castle and pillaged it when they found out the Baron had created a living being--an uneartly creature--out of pieces of other beings. The creature, however, had managed to escape, only to die in the bitter cold of the mountain snows. To cheer themselves up, Frankenstein and Hans decide to attend a carnival in town. Although they are heavily disguised, the Baron gives himself away, and they are almost arrested, but they manage to escape by dodging into the tent of The Great Zoltan, a mystical hypnotist. Afraid to return to the castle, Frankenstein and Hans make their way deep into the mountains, where they meet a deaf-and-dumb beggar girl who befriends them. A violent storm threatens, and the girl beckons them into the cave which is her home. In the inner recess of the cave, Frankenstein is dumbfounded to find, perfectly preserved in ice, the body of his creature of many years ago, and reasons that it must have fallen into the glacier when the villagers chased it into the mountains. Frankenstein and Hans manage to free the creature, and transport it back to the Barons castle. Using the electrical power generated by the storm, they reanimate the creature; and though it lives, its brain is dormant. Frankenstein returns to the fair to ask The Great Zoltan to use his hypnotic powers to restore the Creatures brain to activity. Zoltan is able to do this, but the creature is completely under Zoltans hypnotic spell, and Frankenstein is forced to accept Zoltan as a partner. Without Frankensteins knowledge, Zoltan has the creature commit robbery and murder. By this time, the chief of Police is aware of Frankensteins presence in the castle, and arrives to arrest him. Frankenstein tries desperately to make him realize that the creature is on the loose and violent, but the chief refuses to believe him and carts him off to jail. However, the Baron has already instructed Hans to find the creature and return him to the castle. Hans traces it to the beggar girls cave and persuades them both to return with him to the chateau. Meantime, the chief of Police is now convinced of the monsters existance and organizes a posse to track it down and kill it. Baron Frankenstein manages to escape from jail and reaches the castle ahead of the posse. He frantically tries to get the creature under control, but it is no use. The monster is in a drunken rage, and has accidentally swallowed a bottle of chloroform. The whole laboratory catches fire, and the creature and his creastor are apparently destroyed in a spectacular, cataclysmic explosion.
28 Jul 2010
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*******demonstrations.wolfram****/FractalRobotArm/ The Wolfram Demonstrations Project contains thousands of free interactive visualizations, with new entries added daily. Hinged arms mounted on similar booms can be used to depict a fractal robot arm. You can control the booms independently or together using an external controller such as a gamepad. Models like this can be used for prototyping mechanical engineering proje... Contributed by: Sandor Kabai
16 Oct 2010
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Video of the 2009 Daytona BiketoberFest held in Daytona, Florida. Pictures and Video Include : Full Throttle Bike Contest, Rats Hole Bike Contest, Fall Cycle Scene, Daytona SpeedWay Bike Races, Hooters Bikini Contest, MotorCycle Art, Fighter Jet Plane MotorCycle Side Car by Robert Harris, V8Choppers**** of Miami, OK., Larry Carrington of Hooyers, Kathy Lomaskin of SkinandLeather****, JT Long of KoticKustoms****, Chris Cruz Artistry, AirBrush Art and Custom Bike Painting by Chester of Tampa, FL., Todd Lunderman of Lunderman Boss Hoss Cycles, Paul Holden of Holden Cycle Works, Ken Pisano of Exotic Cycle Creations, TouringCreation****, Johnnys Custom Shop of McAllen, TX., Insta-Gator-Choppers****, R. Scott Singer of Insta-Gator-Helicopters, Inc., Paul of ExoticChoppers****, Manny Sanchez and Rei Gonzales of 360 Monster Tire Choppers & Trikes, Jesse Srpan of Raw Iron Choppers, Jim Wizard of Wizards WorkShop, Paints by Paula, Sandor Dombi, Don H. Overstreet of Overstreet Financial Group, Stephen Galvin of Wikked Kustoms, Melissa Michelle - Model, DreamCyclesInc****, Gerd Scheidel of Studio 1 FotoDesign, Martha of Har-Low Photography, Jason Rupp of Empire Distributing, David and Howard Shumate - Photographer/Videographer of BlingMaster**** and MaxTherapy****.
30 Aug 2011
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*******www.myspace****/brigittesisters realisateur: Mark Maggiori chef operateur: Berzerker coiffeur: Fred Birault merci à Soko et Aurélien, Laura Treves et Sandor Funtek
26 Sep 2011
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The clip allow the darkness in from Drag Me to Hell (2009) My late husband, Sandor, was also medium. He chose this site to build a house upon because he sensed certain forces at work here. In this place, there is a particular... A particular confluence of forces which allows a doorway to be opened through which we may pass... ...and through which others may pass into our world. Please be seated. What's going on? Everything we're doing is for your own good. Please. Christine, please. Thank you. Once the spirit has entered me, put my hand upon the animal.
22 Nov 2011
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*******www.100violins**** *******www.facebook****/100violins. NO RACIST COMMENTS AGAINST ROMA PEOPLE, POLITICS OR ANYTHING BESIDES COMMENTING THE MUSIC OR YOUR COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED! "Hungarian Dance No.5" by Johannes Brahms, performed by the Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra. The beautiful piece "Hungarian Dance No.5" by Johannes Brahms, performed by the Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra. The wonderful traditional music of the gypsies has inspired many composers all over Europe... and now, this music is played by those gypsies it were inspired in. The Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra, in Hungarian "Szaztagú Cinanyzenekar" (100 - head Gypsy Orchestra) is the world's largest Gypsy symphony orchestra. It has been founded in 1985, when Sandor Jaroka, at the time Hungary's most famous "primas" (gypsy soloist) died. All Hungarian Gypsy musicians had come to his funeral. After the ceremony they begun to play. The orchestra had been born out of that improvised moment (over a great musicians grave!).
18 Jan 2012
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