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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – Shining World Hero Award: Jake and Saphira - Models of Dedication and Heroism. Episode: 1822, Air Date: 10 September 2011.
7 Dec 2011
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A video dedicated to one of my good friends(Yusei) as a birthday AMV.I do not own the content or song used to make this video.
13 Jun 2010
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Danger is looming ahead, and I need your help! Dust off your armor and sharpen your sword. Only the strong may join our legion. Join us at www.ridersmap****.
12 Jun 2008
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*******shop.happyhardcore****/View/27347/ Na Goyah Vs DJ Kristof - Listen You F**kers (S'Aphira Remix) on Coolman Records. This is the B1 side of CM057
18 Aug 2009
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_____ UPDATED _____ Read this carefully! The website is: ******* This new application Tibia Premium Access is completely web-based, which means you don't have to download anything and risk getting viruses. ___________________ How do I do? 1. Enter ******* 2. Read the rules carefully and press the "Continue" button. 3. Fill in all the fields that is showed up. (You need to be older than 18. Otherwise you need an adults permission.) 4. Wait a few seconds and you are done! The premium time should be added to you account within 24 hours. ___________________ FAQ Q: Why didn't I get any premium? A: Make sure that you've registrated your account when your logged in on Tibia****. Q: Does this work on other worlds? A: No, only for accounts that is containing Secura players. Q: I have created a character on Secura and requested premium, why haven't I got it? A: Because the charecter must have been active for atleast 48 hours. Q: I got premium on my account now. Can this provide more time on my account? A: Yes it can. Q: Is it free? A: Yes, it is absolutely free. Please be patient and enjoy you premium features. / Tibia Premium Access - - Version 2.08 _________________________________ Aldora Amera Antica Arcania Askara Astera Aurea Azura Balera Berylia Calmera Candia Celesta Chimera Danera Danubia Dolera Elera Elysia Empera Eternia Fortera Furora Galana Grimera Guardia Harmonia Hiberna Honera Inferna Iridia Isara Jamera Julera Keltera Kyra Libera Lucera Luminera Lunara Malvera Menera Morgana Mythera Nebula Neptera Nerana Nova Obsidia Ocera Pacera Pandoria Premia Pythera Refugia Rubera Samera Saphira Secura Selena Shanera Shivera Silvera Solera Tenebra Thoria Titania Trimera Unitera Valoria Vinera Xantera Xerena Zanera Mateusz Dragon Wielki Mdw Seromontis Paulistinha Lord'Paulistinha Scorpion Andree Angel of Distans Ancienciq Tripida Nox Thunder Judge Chia Kwapek Eternal Oblivion Cachero Zuper brag Goblinsworder Exequter Jackwalker Setzer Gambler Bubble Taifun tibia auto tibiabot ng tibiaauto blackdtools blackd cheat bot br pl war magebomb hack frag pk gm noob raid quest ot rl Outfit Guerra Guild Proxy Demon Morgaroth Orshabaal Warlock Annihilator Anihilator Seek and Destroy SAD Hunt Behemoth Raid Rare Item Outfit Ruthless CipSoft Guido Gamemaster Steve Pits of Inferno player killing Attack Died Death customer CM lol real life boss
28 May 2009
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******* Modegschäft Traumbaum,Modehaus,FairTrade,Fair Trade,Salzburg,Mode,Modegeschäft,Boutique,Modeboutique,Luna Design,Accessoires,bunte Bekleidung,Chapati,ControCorrente,Feuerhand Sturmlaternen,Geschenke,Holzschmuck,Kleider,Kultschlafsack,Mode,Nomads Clothing,Pareo Island,Schlafsäcke,Salzburg,Salzburg,Österreich ******* Mode von Chapati, Alltag Berlin oder Saphira Night gefällig? Im Fair Trade Modehaus traumbaum in Salzburg kein Problem. Sie gehören zu den Menschen, die am liebsten mit einer knallroten Hose und einem sonnig-gelben T-Shirt durch den grauen Alltag marschieren? Zeigen Sie Ihre Lebensfreude am besten mit den Kleidungsstücken vom Fair Trade Modehaus Traumbaum, Ihrem Spezialgeschäft für bunte Kleidung! Pullis, Shirts, Blusen, Röcke, Jacken, Hosen... im Fair Traide Modegeschäft in Salzburg finden Damen, Herren sowie Kids einfach alles, was ausgefallen und vor allem farbenfroh ist. Auch die dazu passenden Accessoires und die besondere Schmuckauswahl sind ein echter Hingucker. Damit Sie sich in Ihrer Kleidung pudelwohl fühlen, achtet der Inhaber des Salzburger Modehauses - Burkhard Köppen -besonders auf die Qualität der Stoffe. Das Modegeschäft führt daher ausschließlich namhafte FairTrade-Produkte, etwa von Nomads Clothing, welche aus Naturmaterialien bestehen. Übrigens hält das fünfköpfige Profiteam des Fair Trade Modehauses in Salzburg auch so manche Geschenktipps für Sie bereit, falls Sie jemanden überraschen wollen. Weiter Infos zum Salzburger Modegeschäft und dem Fair Trade Angebote wie Nomads Clothing, Luna Design und Chapati gibt’s auf ******* und *******
6 May 2011
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This is a fan-made slideshow of Eragon and Saphira.Hope you enjoy it!
21 Nov 2008
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My tribute to <b>Saphira</b>, one of my favourite dragon character!!
19 Mar 2009
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Just for you by saphira For more songs, search for nerd3655 ... trance dance just for you saphira nerd3655
27 May 2009
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Dulu saya penggemar acara ini (EmpatMata) tapi lama-lama sudah tidak menarik lagi dan ngawur.! Hostnya (Tukul) udah nggak lucu lagi lawakannya dan mulai ngawur. Mulai dari menjelek-jelekkan kelakuan istrinya, terus mengambil keuntungan dari para bintang tamu wanita seperti meraba-raba, mengelus-elus dan sejenisnya, juga melecehkan orang-orang yang "kurang" berada dalam segala hal. Dan parahnya hal ini dibiarkan oleh pihak stasiun TV/ Trans7... dan dianggak menguntungkan untuk menaikkan rating... sampai sekarang..! Masih banyak adegan-adegan serupa yang "melecehkan" wanita yang ditayangkan diacara ini.. dan KPI pun seakan pura-pura tidak tau atau ikut menikmati..? WTF.!, benar kata orang2 bijak bahwa kiamat bukan akan terjadi tetapi SUDAH dimulai... Astagfirullahhh.. ck ck ck..
9 Dec 2009
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16 Sep 2011
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From the movie Eragon - Eragon (Ed Speelers) is overjoyed when he realizes that Saphira is still alive.
10 Aug 2011
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From the movie Eragon - Eragon (Ed Speelers) helps the dragon fly and she chooses him to be her rider.
9 Aug 2011
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9 Feb 2012
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Dewi (Bunga Citra Lestari) Chef de Cuisine restorant in five star hotel in Bali, already repeatedly dammit in love. Fredo (Ashraf Sinclair), a tourist from Malaysia that really caused difficulties for the employee of the hotel. He moody, often complain and the worst, he was happy insulted the employees of the hotel. But for Dewi with her moto No guest that could not handle, this was chalenge. Dewi was too excessive as far as them did not realise went out of the house when Nyepi celebration. They then received the punishment cleaned the temple for several days. Periods underwent the punishment was expressed that they had fate that was same in love. Their relations were close and more cheerful underwent the punishment. When the two of them were ready to new sheet, the former prospective spouse Fredo, Mae came followed him to Bali, offered his love came back. Fredo confuse, Dewi then thought would the failure of her love story will be repeated again? Director: Indrayanto Kurniawan Writer(s): Lintang Pramudya Wardani Cast: Bunga Citra Lestari, Ashraf Sinclair, Nadia Saphira, Marsha Milan Londoh, Bams Samsons, Rima Melati Release Date: December 31, 2008 Producer: Indrayanto Kurniawan Distributor: Summer Films Country: Indonesia Genre: Drama Official Site: SausKacang**** Rating: Not Available
24 May 2009
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P.H. : take3 Production - Director : Patrick Effendy - DOP : Roni Arnold - Producer : Anton Fernandez - Maint Talents : Herjunot Ali, Nadia Saphira (Release : 29 May 2008)
13 Jul 2011
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