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For high quality video see: ******* We talk about starbucks, delloutlet, fordfiesta and fried chicken savings on twitter. Twittering isn't just for celebrities, it's for business too! Everyone is trying to save some money and this video shows you how to save on twitter. Sarah Austin on BetterTV.
12 Aug 2009
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I drove all the way to LA for *******apps.facebook****/sarah_austin and the Fiesta Movement in my red ford fiesta. We talked about the environment at Fox's eco casino event in Hollywood with Eliza Dushku from Dollhouse and the cast of Glee!
26 Sep 2009
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6 Apr 2010
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Sarah Austin is one of the top lifecasters who produces Pop17**** which explores the new "online micro-celebrity". She has a weekly live show on Mogulus. Spring**** Paul Terry Walhus inteviews her at SXSW 2009.
4 Aug 2009
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for *******pop17****, a web show about internet fame, we take a look at Drew Curtis. He created *******Fark**** and always can be caught drinking a beer. Fark is a community news site for college age kids. It's got some great off the wall new stories. A funny story example is about a man who acted in self defense upon a robbery naked.
9 Jan 2010
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Intel asked me to make this video about what inspires me. What inspires you?
24 Oct 2008
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follow me *******twitter****/pop17 subscribe *******pop17**** join at *******pop17fans.ning**** This is where I show you the behind the scenes bloopers from pop17. This month we had a couple fail moments. FAIL :(
6 Jan 2009
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*******pop17**** was at SXSW last week. We interviewed some great bloggers and video personalities including Loic! *******loiclemeur****/ He's the founder of *******seesmic**** and now works. When not working on seesmic he's busy with *******www.twhirl****/
24 Mar 2009
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As you know, kids aren’t as active as they used to be. In a big effort to encourage youth to find interest in sports again, the IOC is launching this challenge to offer a once in a lifetime opportunity for kids to compete against some of the most iconic athletic figures of this generation. And yes, the videos are as hilarious and quirky as they sound. What’s a better way to empower youth by way of athletic participation than asking them to compete against the very best?Below are a few links more links of Rafael Nadal, Lindsey Jacobellis and Shawn Johnson participating in the aforementioned challenges. Think you can do better? Bring it on, and show us. · Rafael Nadal: *******thebestofuschallenge.olympic****/index.html?c=3 · Lindsey Jacobellis: *******thebestofuschallenge.olympic****/index.html?c=10 · Shawn Johnson: *******thebestofuschallenge.olympic****/index.html?c=18
16 Oct 2009
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Tia Carrere is a supporter of women. On *******twitter****/pop17 and *******twitter****/tiacarrere we showed off our night to our friends and followers. San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom was there to show his support. We are so excited to have had the opportunity to talk about finance for women starting their business abroad!
3 May 2010
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for *******pop17**** I went to see David Karp. David is a 22 year old founder of *******tumblr**** Sarah Austin
21 Jun 2008
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Not a regular show, but still a 'good and fun' one none the less! Mainly to send thanks to both Sarah Austin (Pop17) & Jack Conte! They've both sent some love my way and were kind enough to give mention to me in both of their recent posts and gave word for all to come see me (and subscribe :D ) Please check them out in all their glory Sarah Austin (Pop17): *******pop17**** *******youtube****/pop17 *******mogulus****/pop17 Jack Conte: *******youtube****/jackcontemusic *******myspace****/jackconte (Shortened Facebook Link) ******* 5 Strangley Awesome Acts Of Revenge!!: ******* My Facebook blog page: ******* Website and Email: *******mcduffchannel**** mcduffchannelgmail**** A Cardboard Hope (End Video): ******* Hope you enjoy'd! Please Do Rate*****, Comment and or Subscribe! Later Dayz -Scott
31 Aug 2008
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