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Indian Air Force "Sarang" Helicopter Aerobatic team performing some extreme helicopter maneuvers. This team comprises HAL's Dhruv also known as India's Advance Light Helicopter. Currently IAF holds around 35 of these machines. Some other countries in the list are: Burma, Isreal & Maruitius. visit: *******www.illuminativisuals**** more info. I seriously regret the quality of the video but this was suppose to be my first Aviation Video with a normal camcoder before this I was too busy in just clicking photos rather than videos.
1 Sep 2010
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One word for palaces in Jaipur is “uncountable”. Jaipur, the capital of royal state Rajasthan, is furnished with uncounted number of palaces, resorts and hotels which serves the purpose of royal accommodation in the city. Jaipur is categorized under a list of city with numerous palaces describing and aiming to the royal and unique presence which is what city is famous for. Establishing the royal journey to the city, the palaces in Jaipur serves to their best without compromising with the quality values of the hotel. One such palace in Jaipur is named as “Sarang palace”.
18 Oct 2012
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Riset ilmiah tanaman obat sarang semut telah dilakukan oleh para peneliti, Baik di luar negeri, maupun oleh peneliti dalam negeri. Kabar baiknya, dosis walau ditingkatkan sampai 400 kali lipat, tetap aman untuk dikonsumsi. Namun, dosis yang dianjurkan adalah 3 kali sehari, masing-masing satu gelas. Untuk mengenal lebih lanjut tentang riset ini, Anda bisa kunjungi *******www.sarangsemutbandung****/2013/03/riset-ilmiah-tumbuhan-sarang-semut.html Jual sarang semut segar, bonggol iris dadakan - khasiat lebih mantap. Untuk info dan pemesanan, bisa hubungi: Pak Indra Alfaatih 0853-1796-3881 (wa) 0838-2262-0838 0858-625-79799 Bb D1366D6F
11 Oct 2016
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This is a supplement video. it contains three of my performances.1) A fusion dance during the schools charity concert, 2)performing during the theater production- The Elephant Man, 3) and a song sung by me- I believe i can fly. there is also a picture of me debating during an international conference. This video defines my take on life and how enthusiastic i am in trying to take in the very essence of life!
15 Dec 2009
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One of Kim Jong Kook's hit songs, from his 3rd solo album "This Is Me" (2005).
7 Apr 2010
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TVXQ Sarang present an INTERNATIONAL online singing contest for all DBSK/TVXQ/THSK fans! www.tvxqsarang.proboards****
20 Jun 2010
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nice beach..all of your are invited to visit of charge..
7 Oct 2007
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The Indian Peafowl from hatching to adulthood
25 Jan 2009
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sempena hari bapa pada 21 hb 06.
7 Sep 2009
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@2013 richard garneau all rights reserved I created this video. I performed and compsed all music content in this video and retain all rights
19 Mar 2013
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Indonesia Gameplay
26 Apr 2017
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Today I going to share some language learning with every one. I dont think it is really useful but who know, one day you might meet some one you like which speak different language with you. Below is 10 different language and word on how to express your love and affection in many different languages. And a short video demonstrate how to speak, if not pronouce properly just learn yourself. Faster learn and say to your lover!! I Love You Dudu ~ HaHa Chinese 我愛你 [我爱你] French Je t'aime, Je t'adore Hawaiian Aloha Au Ia ʻOe, Aloha No Au Ia ʻOe Hindi मैं तुम्हैं बहुत चाहता हुँ (Maiṅ tumhaiṅ bahut cāhatā hūṅ) male मैं तुमसे प्यार करता हुँ (Maiṅ tumse pyār kartā hūṅ) male मैं तुम्हैं बहुत चाहता चाहती हुँ (Maiṅ tumhaiṅ bahut cāhatī hūṅ) female मैं तुमसे प्यार करती हुँ (Maiṅ tumse pyār kartī hūṅ) female Italian Ti amo Japanese 好きです (suki desu) 好きだ (suki da)好きだよ (suki dayo) 大好きです (daisuki desu)愛してるよ (aishiteru yo)好きよ (suki yo) 愛してるわ (aishiteru wa) - said by women Korean 사랑해 (sarang hae) Malay Aku cinta pada mu/ Sayang Sayang Kamu Thai ผมรักคุณ (phom rak khun - male speaker) ฉันรักคุณ (chan rak khun - female speaker) Arabic (Modern Standard) to a man (uħib:ukato) أُحِبُّكَ to a woman - (uħib:uki) أُحِبُّكِ
25 May 2009
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