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Saudi in-liners - aggressive skaters - Jeddah City - Saudi Arabia
18 Sep 2008
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*******live.pirillo**** - Yaqob is a community member from Saudi Arabia. He saw all of the videos we've put up lately about favorite foods from other countries, and decided to send us his own list!
23 Mar 2008
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Saudi Woman Owned By Treadmill
26 May 2008
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This is not a suprise coming from our "friends" in Saudi Arabia. They were told by the U.S. government to make their textbooks more "infidel" friendly. As author Robert Spencer puts it: "What do you expect? The idea that adulterers and apostates should be killed isn't "extremist" or "hijacked" Islam. It's mainstream Islamic teaching, taught in the Sunnah and all the schools of Islamic law. I know that pointing that out will earn me more charges of "Islamophobia," but reality is reality, fellows. This is just Islamorealism. Oh, and by the way, the 1999 valedictorian of the Islamic Saudi Academy was Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, who is now doing 30 years in the pen for joining an Al-Qaeda plot to kill Bush. Surprised?...". More here: *******www.jihadwatch****/archives/021366.php
20 Jul 2009
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getthedaily**** International efforts are being made to counter the upward swing of oil prices. The Saudi Arabian King said the country will increase production point-7 million-barrels daily from the current 9-million-barrels by next month. This will mark the highest oil production rate since 1981. Some US officials say that while the Saudi Arabian efforts will help with domestic prices, the Middle Eastern country actually has the supply to increase production more significantly. Last week, President Bush asked Congress to allow oil drilling in untapped waters and thus increased production in the oceans off the US coast. The average price of gas domestically rose about 10 cents in the past 14 days, now putting it at 4-dollars and-10-cents. With this latest record-high gasoline price, consumers are looking for alternative ways to cut-down on fuel costs. One company helps its employees ease the high-gas-price trend by optioning workers to turn their vehicle into a moving billboard. Jobing-dot-com gives free gas plus a 500-dollar incentive, to post professional advertising decals on employee cars. It costs the company about 3 to 4-thousand dollars for the car make-under, and about ..........
24 Jun 2008
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Rich Saudi kids hobbies.
5 Jul 2008
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Gulf War, Kuwaiti Liberation 1991..Saudi F-15C shooting Down Two Iraqi Mirage F-1's in less than one minute
9 Feb 2009
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After the 9/11 the Saudi's government is having a bad image of being a country that export Terrorists since many of those involve on the attack of the 9/11 are Saudi nationalities. To change this image the Saudi donated millions of dollars into campuses around the US.
11 Jan 2011
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it is very funy urdu by the saudi arabia person
1 Jul 2009
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Danya, the winner of the No Reservations FAN-atic casting-call, persuades Anthony to take on a challenge, and travel to Saudi Arabia for his No Reservations Fanatic special. New episodes of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations premiere Mondays at 10PM only on Travel Channel! For more info, visit: ***********/TV_Shows/Anthony_Bourdain
18 Jul 2008
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Anthony enjoys a traditional lamb dinner during his trip to Saudi Arabia with Danya, the winner of the No Reservations FAN-atic casting-call. New episodes of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations premiere Mondays at 10PM only on Travel Channel! For more info, visit: ***********/TV_Shows/Anthony_Bourdain
18 Jul 2008
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Largest Mall in Jeddah Saudi Arabia
24 Sep 2008
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