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i started the SAVE THE FUNK project - and am now broadcasting the FUNK 24/7 at FUNK FOREVER - come check us out on the web at
Battered. Beaten and Torn. It's no wonder that after all these years a handful of toast crusaders are finally speaking out and "spreading" some light over an issue close to their middles. Countless toasts everywhere are fighting back against being torn apart by cold, hard stick butter! Listen to the crumbly woes of Caroline Corn Muffin, Bobby Biscuit, Miss Melba Toast, Erma Bagel, and King Edward of English Muffin.
Petrica Narcisa SAVE THE DATE
23 May 2018
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#VoteNotoAbortion #VótaNíl #VótaNílgoMarbh #8thref #8threferendum #8thamendment #SaveThe8th #SábháilAnOctú
24 May 2018
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7 May 2018
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CareTap is an innovative app designed to fulfill DHS compliance requirements for EVV in home health care services. The software is HIPAA compliant and is useful for PCAs, home health workers and private duty nurses. The app provides real-time access and seamless user experience across multiple network locations. It ensures an overall increase in efficiency and productivity of home caregiver by saving the time spent on writing paper forms. The main features of the app include nursing service notes, treatment plan charts, GPS verification, paperless time sheets.
8 May 2018
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11 May 2018
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slaksa****...... save The Green
24 Feb 2007
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Saving The Private Ryan Trailer
22 Dec 2008
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1 Dec 2008
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We're Saving The World Preview Clip available at IndieFlix****
17 Jan 2009
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Featured in the upcoming film, "He's Just Not That Into You" Erin McCarley's single "Love Save the Empty" is the title track from her heat-seaking album currently available. Get the "He's Just Not That Into You" soundtrack from New Line Records, February 3. www.hesjustnotthatintoyoumovie****
11 Feb 2009
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Gordon Brown's famous save the world speech. If you've got debt problems, sort them out once and for all. Visit *******www.debtshifter**** for more info
18 Mar 2009
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Coach Pedro and Susan Adam-Rita discuss easy-to-use, Earth-saving tips in their new children’s book, “20 Easy Ways to Help Save the Earth.” For more information, visit www***achpedro****
7 May 2009
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