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Jigsaw wants you to go see SAW IV, in theaters.
26 Oct 2007
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Saw IV is the UKs number 1 horror. Its everything I expected it to be.
5 Nov 2007
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Saw IV is the UKs number 1 horror. Its everything I expected it to be.
5 Nov 2007
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Andrea Renee & Scott on the Red Carpet of Saw IV
7 Nov 2007
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This board traveled 108 MPH. Have you ever wanted to see a live tablesaw kickback? It happens when the material being cut binds on the back part of the blade. This video was made to teach the concept and to help woodworkers have a better understand of how a kickback happens. Please do not try this at home. People have encountered serious injuries from tablesaw kickback. This kickback happened because of 3 errors by the operator. 1. The board was let go during the cut. 2. The board was pushed slightly away from the fence during the cut. 3. The safety features of the saw were removed (splitter and anti-kickback fingures). Kickback also occurs when the ripfence is used to crosscut. It can happen when the miter gauge and rip fence are used together or when the scrap material connects with the spinning blade.
9 Nov 2007
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The FINAL SAW!!! SAW V Teaser Trailer!!!
11 Nov 2007
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The Fab-Saw Junior rail saw is designed for small to large fabrication shops or out on the job site. This Fab-Saw Junior has the capability of using 8" blades that will cut a full plunge cut over 3.5 cm in depth. This Fab-Saw Jr. uses the same rails and configuration as the Fab-Saw.
12 Nov 2007
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A must watch 4 saw lovers don miss it
24 Dec 2007
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0:14 HAHA tries to do a backflip in the pool, most painful backflip i ever saw, definately going to leave a mark!
31 Dec 2007
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Having some fun shooting a fully automatic M249 SAW machine gun in Las Vegas.This is a very real and very dangerous weapon. It is the same light machine gun found in many first person shooters. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to shoot a real one (in a nice, safe environment, of course!)Special thanks to the employees of The Gun Store in Las Vegas, Nevada for putting up with us filming the visit. Those off duty officers are a tad nervous when any Joe Shmuck off the street can come in and handle a loaded, fully automatic rifle. They were very accommodating.For those of you asking the same question I did, yes - new fully automatic weapons are illegal to own in the USA, unless you're the military or police. The assault weapons ban did not pass until 1994, so it is still perfectly legal to own an auto made before then.The music, "Cold Metal [Smack]" is licensed and royalty free via Pinnacle Studio/SmartSound.
2 Jan 2008
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The Tallaght Chain Saw Massacre Trailer Part 1 This Trailer Is So Badly Made Words Can Not Tell You How Shit The Film Was To Maked
4 Feb 2008
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a another runescape saw trailer
18 May 2008
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Sawed in half
17 Feb 2008
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I saw climbing, the mountain is one of the biggest that exists in the game I think ... Huge same!
19 Feb 2008
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Dan Harlan "See Saw".More Magic Videos Comment & Rate Please
29 Feb 2008
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The incomparable icon of beauty Elizabeth Taylor leads the way in The Last Time I Saw Paris, a delectable romance fraught with tragedy. Director Richard Brooks steers this delicate and deeply emotional film to lofty heights, letting his all star cast shine bright. Sweeping through elegant locales in Paris, Taylor meets the debonair Van Johnson and two are readily married. This creates friction with Johnson’s previous love interest, played beautifully by Donna Reed, sowing the seeds for future pain and suffering. But for the time being, Johnson and Taylor are a gorgeous couple on cloud nine living a luxurious life provided by a lump sum that Johnson received in inheritance. But as the two young lovers attempt to coexist, their inimical flaws become ever more divisive, causing sorrow. Based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Paradise Revisited,” The Last Time I Saw Paris is a masterpiece of filmmaking that evokes powerful feelings of love and loss as well as giving viewers the pleasure of seeing a young Elizabeth Taylor.
20 Mar 2008
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