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What began as a dream in business communication is today a political and social challenge for Juan Vides, a resident of Oceanside who seeks to represent District 20 in the Assembly of New York. "Let's connect people," says Vides, "that's my slogan. That's what I want to achieve ", and that is that communication is his passion. As CEO of TechACS Corp, a marketing agency specializing in website design, Vides began working with the Hispanic community of Long Island since he was 26, when he was part of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Long Island (Long Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce) and helped them with the creation of their website. There, he says, his commitment was born. Vides, 40, came to live in the United States as a Salvadoran refugee at the age of four, and when he was 16 he became a US citizen after former President Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to his family. "I became an American citizen two years before turning 18 to be able to vote in the elections," said Vides, who says that "it was time for a Latino from Nassau County to occupy a seat in the Assembly", and that is Vides explained that his impulse was born the day he had to investigate who was his representative. Vides refers to Melissa 'Missy' Miller, who in 2016, decided to make her first foray into a public office, running for the New York State Assembly and replacing Todd Kaminsky, after he won the elections for the Senate of NY. Unopposed to the Republican nomination, Miller defeated Democrat Anthony Eramo, Long Beach City Councilman, with 52% of the vote and swore his first term on January 1, 2017. Although there are several months to go before the big election on November 7, Vides follows the community closely, sharing with residents and listening to their concerns. "We share the same problems. We are Hispanic, we are Anglo-Saxons, we are Jews. We are all residents of District 20 and that is what should unite us to improve our lives, "said Vides, emphasizing the importance of unity.
21 Feb 2018
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The saxons fortified churches are an expression of an intense community life in Transylvania,since those three centuries that witnessed the Tartar and Ottoman invasions into Carpathians,between 1394 and 1690.
29 Nov 2009
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*******www.anglosaxon******* Music & Lyrics copyright Anglo Saxon
24 Nov 2008
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For all links go to *******www.anglosaxon*******/ Available on itunes. Music & Lyrics published through MCPS Copyright. Anglo Saxon.CONFIDENTIAL RECORDS UK LTD / MAORI MUSIC Publishing : FILE 711
22 Mar 2010
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*******www.anglosaxon******* Music & Lyrics published through MCPS Copyright. Anglo Saxon.
15 Jan 2009
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See the entire video at: *******www.factualtv****/documentary/African-Diaries-Cybele-Forest-Lodge-The-Saxon-Lodge Cybele is an old 19th century hunting lodge. It is 300 acres of paradise situated in the middle of a high timbered forest. The Saxon Lodge has witnessed the making of history within its walls.
11 Mar 2009
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Saxon "Live to Rock"
3 Apr 2009
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The hoard is a massive collection of gold and silver crosses, sword decorations and ornaments for weapons, some inlaid with previous stones. Archaeologists said the treasure could provide a vital link to the history of the Anglo-Saxons, a Germanic people who ruled England
25 Sep 2009
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Copyright Anglo Saxon. *******www.anglosaxon*******/releases.html
10 Oct 2009
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*******www.anglosaxon******* Music & Lyrics published through MCPS Copyright. Anglo Saxon
12 Oct 2009
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Nice Video about the city of Bad Schandau (Germany) and surroundings in the wonderful Saxon Switzerland area. More infos at: ******* & *******
12 Oct 2009
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Beautiful flora and fauna in Saxon Switzerland (Elbe Sandstone Mountains). The area lies in the german state of Saxony, close to Dresden and the czech border. Prague is only one hour away. On both sides (Saxon Switzerland in Germany and Bohemian Switzerland in Czech Republic) you have well preserved National Parks. For further information, please visit: ******* ******* ******* *******
12 Oct 2009
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