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Vito Scaletta has a lot in store for him in Mafia 2.
6 Aug 2010
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Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of MAFIA II, from 2K Games, for the Xbox 360. MAFIA II is a third-person shooter/action-adventure game that delves in world of organized crime in the '40s and '50s. The game follows Vito Scaletta as he returns from war and tries to find some "honest work". However, with a title like MAFIA II, you know it is going to take some interesting and not so legal turns. This is not a direct sequel to the first Mafia game, aside from a few cameos. This CGRundertow video game review features MAFIA II video gameplay footage and commentary. MAFIA II was reviewed by CGR reviewer Ray.
6 Sep 2012
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MECCANICA Meccanica Ducato 35-130 Ducato 35-160 Cilindrata cm3 2300 3000 Passo mm. 4035 Marce 6+R Trazione An CV 95,5 115,5 ASR Airbag guidatore Airbag passeggero ABS Piastre girevoli + Reg.Altezza passeggero Fodere coprisedili Braccioli sedili cabina 4 Autoradio Predisposizione autoradio Specchi retrovisori Alzacristalli elettrici Regolazione assetto fari Chiusura centralizzata porte cabina/cellula Climatizzazione in cabina Vetri atermici Paraurti verniciato (bianco) Fix and Go Cerchi in lega Sensori parcheggio Fari fendinebbia Kit Retrovisore Antifurto Finitura cruscotto tipo radica Luxury pack POSTI - PESI - MISURE Posti omologati 5 4 Peso max complessivo Kg. 3500 Peso a veicolo scarico (Kg +/- 5Kg.) 2852 2948 Altezza interna / Larghezza interna / Larghezza esterna mm. 2000/2200/2350 LETTI Posti letto 6 Letto matrimoniale mansarda / basculante cabina mm. 1390x1962 Letto matrimoniale dinette anteriore mm. 1270-1000x2200 Letto matrimoniale posteriore mm. 1270-1350x2170 Letto singolo dinette / divano anteriore mm. Letto singolo posteriore mm. Letto a castello posteriore mm. 1390x1962 SERBATOI Serbatoio acqua potabile L. 120 Lt. Serbatoio recupero acque grigie L. 110 Lt. Serbatoio recupero WC Thetford cassette L Serbatoio recupero combinato WC L. Serbatoio supplementare WC Thetford L. Coibentazione serbatoi acque grigie ALLESTIMENTO Riscaldamento Airtop 3500 Webasto Boiler Truma 10 Lt. Boiler gas + 220 Frigorifero trivalente L. 120 Piano cottura n.fuochi 3 Deposito due bombole gas kg. Gavone a volume variabile L. Garage L. Dimensione apertura porta garage 932x1332 Oblò bagno (28x28 cm) Gradino elettrico, estraibile Oblò manuale HEKI II (60x90 cm) Luce esterna Porta ingresso attrezzata con pattumiera e zanzariera Porta ingresso con finestra Forno a gas incassato Gancio di traino omologato Kg. 2000 Predisposizione TV Piastra girevole porta TV/ TV Cappa aspirante cucina Tappeto cellula Tenda separazione cabina Portapacchi con scaletta Tappeto cabina Oscurante cabina coibentazione esterna Armadi con illuminazione automatica Presa esterna acqua Presa esterna luce con riavvolgitore auto CARROZZERIA Predisposizione portabici / attacchi
21 Oct 2009
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The clip fight-in-the-pool-hall from Mean Streets (1973) with Robert De Niro, Lenny Scaletta. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. - Hey. Hey. Hey. - Ha, ha, ha. Those oldies but goodies Can I have a beer, Joey? Go ahead. I got scotch here. I got a dry throat. Hey, where'd you get the hat? You like this hat? This is a $25 Dobbs hat. Where'd you get those sneakers? - These are $2 sneakers. - Ha, ha, ha. Why don't you lower the jukebox? I can't hear. Hey, the girls like the music loud. Girls? You call those skanks girls? Hey. Hey, what's the matter with this kid, huh? Ain't nothing wrong with me. I'm feeling fine. Keep your mouth shut. - In front of this asshole? All right. We're not gonna pay, we're not paying. - Joey. - Why? We just said we'll have a drink. We're not paying because this guy... This guy's a fucking mook. But I didn't say nothing. And we don't pay mooks. - A mook? I'm a mook? - Yeah. - What's a mook? - A mook? What's a mook? - I don't know. - What's a mook? - You can't call me a mook. - I can't? No! - I'll give you mook! - Hey. A fight. A letter for me I've been standing here waiting Mr. Postman Hey, hey, hey! Come on, I got a bad hand! For just a card Or just a letter Saying he's returning home to me Mr. Postman Mr. Postman, look and see Oh, yeah If there's a letter in your bag for me Let's get him up against the wall. Oh, yeah Since I heard from that boyfriend of mine So many days you passed me by
14 Apr 2013
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The clip fight-in-the-pool-hall-part-2 from Mean Streets (1973) with Robert De Niro, Lenny Scaletta. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. That's it. That's it. You wouldn't stop to make me feel better By leaving me a card or a letter - Come on, get him! - Get him! I got him. - Get him! - Get him! - Watch out! - He's got a pool cue! - Watch out! - Watch out! Mushy! You gotta wait a minute Wait a minute Oh, you gotta wait a minute Come on, grab him! - Hey, watch out! - Get him! Can you check and see Just one more time for me? Damn it! Grab his arms! Deliver the letter The sooner the better What's the matter with you, Joey? Wait a minute Please, Mr. Postman What's going on here? The cops. The cops.
14 Apr 2013
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The clip trust-issues from Mean Streets (1973) with Robert De Niro, Lenny Scaletta. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. We were gonna pay you. We just don't like being pushed around. - Come on, Joe, we're pushing you around? - Yeah. - Let's have a drink and forget it. - This is the drink we never had before. - Come on, salute. - Salute. Ah. All right, there's your money. - You don't have to count it. It's all there. - No, go ahead. Count it. Hey, come on, no bullshit. Friends. - Hey, don't fucking touch me, scumbag. - Hey, hey, hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa. - Fuck youse all! - Relax, huh? Come on! Come on! Hey, that's for you! Up your ass! Come back here again, you'll find out what's gonna happen to you. Fucking douche bags! - "Mook." I don't know what that is. - Johnny.
14 Apr 2013
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These are the five traditional (non Hip-Hop) gangsters in video games. Sorry for the confusion. 5) Niko Bellic - GTA IV Niko is a very no-nonsense gangster in Grand Theft Auto 4. This 30-year-old former soldier from Eastern Europe doesn't take shit from anybody. Niko has a hard time believing in the American dream so he simply uses violence to get what he wants. 4) Dominic - Godfather II Dominic is a mobster in The Godfather 2. This tough guy helps the Corleone family expand by violently taking over businesses and whacking anyone who gets in his way. You really shouldn't refuse if this guy makes you an offer. 3) Scarface - Scarface: The World Is Yours Tony Montana is one of the most famous movie gangsters of all time. It felt great to finally be able to play him in Scarface: The World Is Yours. This Cuban refugee embodies the rise from the bottom to the top. He's ultra violent and full of awesome one-liners. 2) Vito Scaletta - Mafia 2 Vito Scaletta is an up-and-coming gangster in Mafia 2. He's the strong silent type who's not afraid of anything. Vito doesn't aspire to be the Don, he just wants a bit of money and a bit of respect so that he can help his family out. 1) You! -- Gangsters Organized Crime YOU are the biggest gangster in Gangsters: Organized Crime. This strategy game let you extort, intimidate and ruthlessly whack the opposition back in 1998. It was so much fun to run your own mob family and control every aspect of a criminal empire. Gangsters: Organized Crime showed that crime does pay and that a wise guy's always right even when he's wrong. *** TAGS *** "Top 5 gangsters" "Top 5 gangsta" "Mafia 2" "GTA 4" "Godfather 2" Scarface gangsters zoomingames "zoomin games" games "video games" "game videos" gameplay juego juegos jogos jeux spiel "Grand Theft Auto 5" "GTA 5" "Assassin's Creed 3" AC3 "Black Ops 2" "Call of Duty" BOPS2 multiplayer tricks cheats free download tips "let's play" walkthrough playthrough zoomintv 2013 2014 best epic "fifa 13" goals "Games top 10" "Tony Montana" Corleone Godfather gangsta gangsters
22 Sep 2013
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Una scaletta di 5 video rock tra i più famosi degli anni 80! Dagli Scorpions agli AC/DC, dai Guns ai Pink Floyd...
19 Jan 2014
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Tracce: / Tracklist: Once Upon A Time In The West - 0:00 Expresso Love - 13:02 Romeo and Juliet - 18:36 Love Over Gold - 26:52 Private Investigations - 30:22 Sultans of Swing - 37:54 Two Young Lovers - 48:52 Tunnel of Love - 53:43 Telegraph Road - 01:08:07 Solid Rock - 01:21:49 Going Home - Theme from Local Hero - 01:27:49 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ITA Artista Dire Straits Tipo album Live Pubblicazione 12 marzo 1984 Durata 1 h : 33 min : 53 s Dischi 2 Tracce 11 Genere Rock and roll Rock Etichetta Warner Bros. Records, Vertigo, Mercury Produttore Mark Knopfler Registrazione luglio 1983 dal vivo al teatro Hammersmith Odeon di Londra Mark Knopfler - chitarra e voce Alan Clark - tastiera John Illsley - basso Hal Lindes - chitarra Terry Williams - batteria altri musicisti: Tommy Mandel - tastiera Joop de Korte - percussioni Mel Collins - sassofono Alchemy: Dire Straits Live è un album doppio live della rock-band britannica Dire Straits, che raccoglie il meglio dalle registrazioni dal vivo dei concerti all'Hammersmith Odeon di Londra nel luglio 1983 durante una tappa del tour mondiale fatto dalla band subito dopo l'uscita del precedente lavoro Love Over Gold. Si tratta del primo album live dei Dire Straits. Nella storia della musica Rock è spesso ricordato in quanto nella post produzione è stata mantenuta con assoluta fedeltà la registrazione dal mixer, compresi rumori e distorsioni. Il risultato è un album ufficiale dal sapore di un bootleg. La copertina riproduce una parte di un'opera dell'artista Brett Whiteley denominata Alchemy 1974. Per qualche strana scelta della casa discografica al momento della pubblicazione vennero però esclusi molti brani che vennero invece suonati. La scaletta integrale, ricavabile da molte fonti e documentata su alcuni bootleg, fu la seguente: 01. Once Upon a Time in the West (intro: Stargazer) 02. Industrial Disease 03. Expresso Love 04. Romeo and Juliet 05. Love over Gold 06. Private Investigations 07. Sultans of Swing 08. Twisting by the Pool 09. Two Young Lovers 10. Portobello Belle 11. Tunnel of Love (intro: The Carousel Waltz) 12. Telegraph Road 13. Solid Rock 14. Going Home - Theme of the Local Hero (intro: The Rocks and The Thunder) Tutte le canzoni sono scritte da Mark Knopfler tranne The Carousel Waltz che è opera di Richard Rodgers e Oscar Hammerstein II. (fonte: Wikipedia) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ENG Live album by Dire Straits Released March 12, 1984 Recorded July 22-23, 1983[1] Hammersmith Odeon, London Genre Roots rock, blues rock, progressive rock Length 93 min : 59 s Label Vertigo Warner Bros. (US) Producer Mark Knopfler Mark Knopfler -- guitar, vocals Alan Clark -- keyboard John Illsley -- bass Hal Lindes -- guitar Terry Williams -- drums other musicians: Mel Collins -- saxophone Tommy Mandel -- keyboards Joop de Korte -- percussion Alchemy: Dire Straits Live is the first live album by British rock band Dire Straits, released in 1984 (see 1984 in music). It features their best-known tracks up to that point, often featuring reworked arrangements and extended improvisational segments. The cover image is taken from a painting by Brett Whiteley. Alchemy was remastered and re-released (in the UK only) on May 8, 2001. The concert film was originally released in Beta, VHS video cassette and Laserdisc formats, and digitally remastered in 1995. A DVD and Blu-ray version with newly remixed 5.1-surround mixes were released in May 2010. The new mixes have been prepared by Chuck Ainlay in 2009. The original film itself will be digitally enhanced.[3] The song "Love over Gold" is not included in the video, just like the original album, but is contrarily the one performance available on DVD so far, being included in the compilation Sultans of Swing: The Very Best of Dire Straits. The video opens with scenes of the band in a pub playing pool, interspersed with concert clips. Playing over this is the song "Saturday Night at the Movies" performed by The Drifters. The music changes to the instrumental "Stargazer", from the film Local Hero, over external shots of a sold-out Hammersmith Odeon. The scene switches to the inside of the venue as Dire Straits are announced and walk onstage for the concert. The closing credits again use the Drifters' "Saturday Night at the Movies". A Limelight Films Production Director -- Peter Sinclair Film Editor -- Peter Goddard Soundtrack produced by Mark Knopfler Recorded by Mick McKenna, Rolling Stones Mobile. (source: Wikipedia)
7 Aug 2014
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