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Cuban Link ft.Don Omar-Scandalous
22 Dec 2010
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Veena Malik & Ashmit Scandal - Big Boss Season 4 - LifePk****
3 Jan 2011
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Arab Sexy Dance, Floating Money Scandal - LifePk****
3 Jan 2011
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2 Feb 2011
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BY CHRISTIE NICKS You're watching multisource global video news analysis from Newsy “Hello, I’m Congressman Chris Lee and I have the great privilege of representing New York’s 26th District.” Well, not anymore. Republican Chris Lee resigned from his United States House seat only a few hours after a gossip site caught him in a bare-chested scandal. Gawker reports Lee posed as a divorced, 39 year old lobbyist-- The real story? None of these are true for the 46 year old and married congressman. After several Washington sex scandals in the past, a writer for Zap2it**** asks- why? “Seriously - how could someone be so stupid? Of course cheating (or trying to arrange some cheating) on your spouse is bad, but if you are a public figure, why on God's green earth would you send a shirtless photo of yourself to some random Craigslist person? Good gravy.” Following the story a House clerk delivered this message. “I hereby give notice of my resignation from the United States House of Representatives effective 5 pm eastern standard time Wednesday February 9th, 2011.” Lee’s resignation came after the shirtless pictures of himself posing surfaced in response to a Craigslist ad. Another sex scandal in Congress? Maybe not. A blogger from Slate**** says the congressman’s actions are pretty un-sensational as far as Washington affairs go. “Unlike other straying legislators, he was reportedly looking for non-commercial, consensual, and heterosexual sex—and he didn't even get especially close to consummating his would-be affair. The only really good part is good because its banality is in a different register.” Maureen O’Connor was the blogger who broke the story after the woman who was involved in the scandal contacted her. She told CNN’s Piers Morgan the whole thing was sloppy on Lee’s part. “..It’s really surprising how he barely covered his tracks. It was the flimsiest of lies that he’s a lobbyist not a congressman, real pictures, his real email account that he uses not only to correspond with his family and friends, bits the same email address that he registered his Facebook page under so this was a very easily found out lie and easily uncovered if anything its shocking how little effort he took to cover his tracks.” The congressman tried to mop up the mess only three hours after the scandal hit the wires. A political analyst on WKBW in Buffalo, New York said resigning was Lee’s best option. “I think that’s remarkable crisis control. I think that regardless of whether it’s true or not, I think Congressman Lee saw it as something that’s going to distract from the business at hand on Washington especially for his constituents here in New York and by resigning he converted a hot political issue into a personal issue and now we move on.” After Lee’s topless take down, it’s left the House one seat short and gearing up for a special election fight. Watch more multisource politics news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
12 Feb 2011
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Scandal to the Director's office and began a broken TV
11 Jun 2011
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Българска група влезе в култовото списание Rocknation. Биг Мама Скендъл направи сериозен скок отвъд океана още през 2007-ма, когато подписаха договор с американска музикална компания. Сега веригата „Рокнейшън", която има телевизия, радио и списание, ги кани за интервю. Там се кипрят куп музикални величия, но вече и нашите момчета. Иво Гочев - Big Mama Scandal: - Поканата, която дойде, е голям комплимент. Първата българска група и първапа рок група от Източния блок. Интервюто започва с наградите, новите парчета, албуми, не търсят жълтините. Сравняват ги с Бон Джови, Пойзън и Юръп. Тази публикация им отваря доста врати, а и не само за тях, за българските групи изобщо. Висички, които четат това списание в Америка и Европа, ще се натъкват на името Биг Мама Скендъл. Ако се заинтересуват, това са промоутъри, мениджъри, продуценит, клубове в целия свят. Разбира се ще се появят и нови фенове. Пожелаваме им още успехи и пробиви на световната сцена.
12 Jun 2011
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Big Mama Scandal Live For Amelia 28.06.2011 Sofia Live Club BG69STSA93000018648844 в лева BG77STSA93000018652289 в евро BG82STSA93000018652296 в долари Банка ДСК ...BIC: STSABGSF ...титуляр - Амелия Георгиева Асенова СМС на номер 17 777 с текст DMS AMELIA цена 1.20 с ддс за всички мобилни оператори *******
30 Jun 2011
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Qamar Zaman Qaira Scandal With Mehar Bukhari Samaa Tv Anchor
14 Jul 2011
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Richard Eskow breaks down Rupert Murdoch's News of the World scandal. Richard gives Rupert advice on how to get away with tapping peoples phones.
14 Jul 2011
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July 20, 2011 (2:53) David Cameron meets with members of Parliament to discuss the turmoil with News of the World's phone-hacking scandal.
21 Jul 2011
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dr Aamir liaquat hussain video scandal, the real face of alim online, watch and decide ,
15 Aug 2011
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This video shows the real face of the shameful Barcelona, how they cheat, and how UEFA and the referees are behind their "success". No fair play but pure cheating and mafia where all actors play a role, from the players to the coach Guardiola, from the referees to the UEFA leaders, from the President of Barcelona to the last substitute in the bench. SCANDAL after SCANDAL. Will this ever end, Mr.Platini?
17 Aug 2011
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August 17, 2011 (2:46) The University of Miami is under investigation for what could be the largest scandal in NCAA history. What will the punishment be?
19 Aug 2011
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BY RUISHA QIAN Silvio Berlusconi is facing more sex scandal charges after phone recordings were obtained by prosecutors. Al Jazeera reports on conversations between the Italian Prime Minister and a businessman arranging escorts. “In one of the conversations, Silvio Berlusconi asked him specifically for women that aren’t taller than himself -- and he’s 5’5”. In another one, he boasted that he spent the night with eight different girls, although he could have had 11. In another one, he said ‘Well, there are 40 women sleeping in my house and I just can’t get rid of them.” The recordings were among 100,000 telephone conversations released to the Italian media. But the PM is defiant. He told an Italian newspaper: "My private life is not a crime." The International Business Times has one of his most astounding quotes... "Berlusconi, in one of the conversations, said that he was unable to find enough time to spend with his companions, due to his schedule as the prime minister. ‘Oh, to pass the days with my babes; I'm just the prime minister in my spare time,’ he allegedly said in one conversation.” For the first time, this tape discloses that Berlusconi paid the women he slept with. This contradicts his prior insistence that he has never paid for sex. Fox News reports, the tapes gave Berlusconi’s opponents more reasons to accuse the PM of abusing his power. “They allege he used government planes to transport women to his private party. But Berlusconi said he’s innocent. He just has a weakness for beautiful women.” Berlusconi is no stranger to scandals. But a writer for The First Post says this newest scandal has particularly bad timing. “Berlusconi is already accused of paying for sex with a minor and abusing his office. More urgently, however, he is also struggling to keep Italy's economy's afloat. Last week Berlusconi got an €54 bn austerity package through parliament, triggering angry protests and increasing domestic pressure...” Opposition party officials are demanding Berlusconi’s resignation. The Telegraph quotes one member of parliament, saying: "No one understands why the premier is dedicating a good deal of his time to questions not related to fighting the economic crisis and relaunching the economy.” However, The Financial Times says, he is not likely to step down. “Behind the scenes, opposition politicians admit that so far they have had little success in persuading parliamentary colleagues to abandon their 74-year-old leader, despite the public humiliation of having transcripts of his sometimes lurid telephone conversations ... plastered across national newspapers.”
20 Sep 2011
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New details have emerged in the cheating scandal of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.
5 Oct 2011
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