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August 17, 2011 (2:46) The University of Miami is under investigation for what could be the largest scandal in NCAA history. What will the punishment be?
19 Aug 2011
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BY RUISHA QIAN Silvio Berlusconi is facing more sex scandal charges after phone recordings were obtained by prosecutors. Al Jazeera reports on conversations between the Italian Prime Minister and a businessman arranging escorts. “In one of the conversations, Silvio Berlusconi asked him specifically for women that aren’t taller than himself -- and he’s 5’5”. In another one, he boasted that he spent the night with eight different girls, although he could have had 11. In another one, he said ‘Well, there are 40 women sleeping in my house and I just can’t get rid of them.” The recordings were among 100,000 telephone conversations released to the Italian media. But the PM is defiant. He told an Italian newspaper: "My private life is not a crime." The International Business Times has one of his most astounding quotes... "Berlusconi, in one of the conversations, said that he was unable to find enough time to spend with his companions, due to his schedule as the prime minister. ‘Oh, to pass the days with my babes; I'm just the prime minister in my spare time,’ he allegedly said in one conversation.” For the first time, this tape discloses that Berlusconi paid the women he slept with. This contradicts his prior insistence that he has never paid for sex. Fox News reports, the tapes gave Berlusconi’s opponents more reasons to accuse the PM of abusing his power. “They allege he used government planes to transport women to his private party. But Berlusconi said he’s innocent. He just has a weakness for beautiful women.” Berlusconi is no stranger to scandals. But a writer for The First Post says this newest scandal has particularly bad timing. “Berlusconi is already accused of paying for sex with a minor and abusing his office. More urgently, however, he is also struggling to keep Italy's economy's afloat. Last week Berlusconi got an €54 bn austerity package through parliament, triggering angry protests and increasing domestic pressure...” Opposition party officials are demanding Berlusconi’s resignation. The Telegraph quotes one member of parliament, saying: "No one understands why the premier is dedicating a good deal of his time to questions not related to fighting the economic crisis and relaunching the economy.” However, The Financial Times says, he is not likely to step down. “Behind the scenes, opposition politicians admit that so far they have had little success in persuading parliamentary colleagues to abandon their 74-year-old leader, despite the public humiliation of having transcripts of his sometimes lurid telephone conversations ... plastered across national newspapers.”
20 Sep 2011
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New details have emerged in the cheating scandal of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.
5 Oct 2011
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BY ADAM SMITH ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN You're watching multisource global video news analysis from Newsy. British Prime David Cameron has had his first Cabinet shake-up. Secretary of Defense Liam Fox resigned Friday amid claims that his friend Adam Werritty got too involved with official business. The BBC explains part of the problem. “Adam Werritty was Fox’s best man, but he was much more than that ... Though not employed by the government or the Tory party, his business card said he was an advisor too. Fox denied it despite the revelation the two may have met on no fewer than 18 trips abroad, including in Dubai, Singapore and Sri Lanka.” The charges against Fox don’t end there. There are accusations he and Werritty tried to set up their own private investment firm in Sri Lanka. The Guardian points out— this is against the UK’s official policy. “The government has adopted an arm's-length policy on Sri Lanka, calling for an independent inquiry into alleged war crimes. Since 2006 [the United Kingdom] has also had a policy to limit development work to urgent humanitarian assistance and ‘de-mining’ areas affected by the civil war.” But trips abroad with Fox were not the only problem. As The Telegraph writes, Fox also faces allegations he used his position to better his friend’s financial situation. “Detailed disclosures showed Mr. Werritty’s activities were funded by companies and individuals who stood to benefit from Government decisions … a City tycoon who provided money for Mr. Werritty revealed that he had personally been asked by the Defence Secretary to give cash to his friend’s firm.” Even for Fox’s fellow Conservatives, that disclosure was the final straw. The Daily Mail suggests pressure from within the party led to Fox’s decision to step down. “Senior figures on the Tory backbenches had also let it be known that they thought [Dr Fox] should go. … Knowing he might be forced out, Dr Fox telephoned David Cameron at around 2.30pm to say he would quit.” In an interview with ITN, Prime Minister David Cameron avoids talking about the scandal, but expresses his regret over Fox’s resignation. “I quite understand why Liam Fox has decided to resign, though obviously I’m sorry to see him go, because he did a good job at the Ministry of Defense, clearing up the mess left by the last government and giving good leadership to that department particularly while we’ve been in action in Libya and also, of course, in Afghanistan as well.” Cameron has appointed Transportation Secretary Philip Hammond as Fox’s replacement. Liam Fox will retain his position as a Member of Parliament. Transcript by Newsy
15 Oct 2011
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Who are the culprits and the ones to blame involved in this scandal? Did Penn State make the right decision to fire Paterno? Watch this video as Sportscaster101**** goes in depth to highlight and review this current scandal.
11 Nov 2011
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Former TPLF member Gebremedhin Araya exposes the various sex scandals of TPLF members. The list includes prominent TPLF leaders including the Prime Minister Melese Zenaiw and his wife Azeb Mesfin. The scandals include abortions, rape, murders, and poisonings that run rampant within the TPLF top leadership.
31 Dec 2011
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sensational scandalous truth about Apple and Steve Jobs banned Video Premiere and apple iphone ipod ipad
29 Mar 2012
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Check out Mark Herras Scandal here: *******noypistuff.blogspot****/2010/10/mark-herras-webcam-scandal-photos.html The alleged Mark Herras Webcam Scandal photos first came out in a Filipino forum just a couple of days ago. A member from that forum did a little investigation and found out the following: Read more: *******noypistuff.blogspot****/2010/10/mark-herras-webcam-scandal-photos.html Tags: Mark Herras Scandal Video, mark herras scandal, mark herras webcam scandal, mark herras cam to cam scandal, mark herras gay scandal, mark herras scandal webcam, mark herras download, mark herras uncensored webcam scandal, uncensored mark herras scandal
20 Apr 2012
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Sutherland Davao Scandal Wave 29
27 Apr 2012
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Watch Hot Bengali Housewife Scandal full online desi mallu girls hot movies free download picsnwalls****
19 Sep 2012
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A few people have come out in support of Kristen Stewart in the wake of her highly publicized cheating scandal.
1 Nov 2012
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Taylor Lautner talks to Cosmopolitan magazine about infidelity in wake of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart cheating scandal.
7 Nov 2012
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Ashley Greene hopes the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart scandal doesn't hurt the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere.
12 Nov 2012
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Watch this Arab Hot Nurse Desi Scandal full and more hot videos free online..
28 Nov 2012
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11 Mar 2013
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Scandal - Pride Sub Español Ending 2 de Star driver kagayaki no takuto Visitanos en *******novanimefansub.blogspot**** Facebook ********www.facebook****/NovAnimeFansub
14 Apr 2013
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