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*******www.MommyBus**** When traveling with your cat, you have many options to choose from. The Mommy Bus is a uniquely stylish and fun pet carrier. Designed to meet the needs of both you and your pet, this carrier is sure to become the preferred way of everyday travel for cats & all our four legged friends. Check us out today!
17 May 2011
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*******epicbusinesstools**** One of the best forms of reaching your clients is by video. I can help you in making these videos and distributing them amongst the networks.
19 Jul 2011
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These cats will make your day
13 Apr 2017
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cats are funny
26 Apr 2017
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Comic Devon Wild does some stand-up comedy bits on how his cat flipped the script and taught him tricks (including the scaredy cat, cleaning, and hissing), how he started a cat gang, and reflects on writing the movie Dogman! You've never seen cat humor this good!
17 Feb 2011
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In this episode, we cover: -Old wounds -Pushing up daisies -Letting people know how you really feel about them -Being willing to fight it out and lose everything -Realizing you gon' be dead sucka! So Jenny woke up feeling a burning desire to yell at her sister. Otis told her to go for it. That the only way out of these situations is through them. Often times as we move along our spiritual path, we become more and more scaredy cat like. Not wanting to stir the pot. Not wanting to cause a fuss. Not wanting to be un-spiritual. LET IT GO! FIGHT IT OUT! GROW A PAIR! Let's show each other our true colors! Our true colors are so beautiful! These wounds and hurts aren't gonna heal themselves so let's get proactive and heal them together! Assume that these people come into our lives to give us the opportunity to develop these qualities, to push out of our shells and to force us, even if it's very awkwardly, to grow! Yell Scream Bite! Kick Punch Claw! WE'RE GONNA GET TO THE PROMISED LAND! Don't be afraid of all the dirt on the path! WE LOVE YOU! Jenny & Otis *******www.funkmeyers****
23 Mar 2009
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Is Denton Rose a sissy? A SCAREDY CAT? well..let's find out. John Cherry (Ernest) and Doug Claybourne (original Fast and the Furious) present: DENTON ROSE INVESTIGATOR OF THE PARANORMAL
3 May 2009
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On this edition of West LA 2Day: Hollywood's "it" couple, dentists for scaredy cats, a sexy liberal, fashion foul, and movin' on up to the Brookmore Apartments. All this and more on West L.A. 2Day - Your guide to the Westside. Follow us on Twitter westla2day and "Like" us on Facebook!
5 Nov 2011
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Classic Game Room reviews RAIDEN IV for Xbox 360! One of the greatest SHMUPS ever made has landed on your non-Japanese region blocked game console, hooray for Raiden! SHMUP goodness in full high definition, Raiden IV is smooth, explosive and hard as nails. Dodge more bullets than you can shake an copy of Raiden III at, Raiden IV is not for scaredy-cats who can't take the heat of the virtual 2D battlefield that doesn't really exist yet it's still hot anyway. This CGR review of Raiden IV has gameplay from Raiden 4 on Xbox 360 showing the game play in this vertical scrolling 2-D shooter SHMUP for Xbox 360. CGR is playing on an American Xb0x 360 where you can earn Raiden IV achievement points and compete on an awesome global leaderboard full of people who are waaaay better than you. Holy Raiden Raiden, this is almost becoming an exciting time for Japanese space ship shooter fans with new releases of Raiden 4, Raiden Fighters Aces and R-Type Dimensions (and that one I can't spell on PS3). Is the era of non-stop 2D shooters coming back?? Probably not, but as long as we get some of them we're happy. Raiden IV will appeal to fans of Giga Wing, MUSHA, Thunder Force, Gradius, Galactic Attack, Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun and Mars Matrix. With numerous difficulty settings. leader boards, amazing visuals, awesome music and def gameplay, Raiden 4 is out of this world!
5 Aug 2012
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'A frightening feline turns his owner into a scaredy cat!' Don't forget to share this with your friends if you think Simon's Cat is just like your own cat! Also don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! ***********/subscription_c... CREDITS Directed by: Simon Tofield Animation: Laura Nailor Sound: Shrooty Executive Producer: Mike Bell Producer: Edwin Eckford Brand Manager: Mike Cook Want to see more of our films? Check out our play list here: ***********/watch?v=w0ffwD... Want to know more about the history of Simon's Cat? Watch the Simon's Cat Story here - ******* Now with French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish closed captions! Have you visited the official Simon's Cat website? Official Website: *******www.simonscat**** Stay connected with Simon's Cat on your favourite websites: Facebook: *******facebook****/simonscat Google+: ***********/+SimonsCat Twitter: *******twitter****/SimonsCat Tumblr: *******simonscat.tumblr****/ Pinterest: *******pinterest****/simonscat Frequently asked questions: What software do you use? This episode of Simon's Cat was made using TVPaint. However the previous films have been made using Adobe Flash. Why does it take so long to make each Simon's Cat film? Even though the films are made using digital software, they are still hand-animated in a traditional manner, frame to frame. It usually takes between 12 and 25 drawings to create 1 second of a Simon's Cat film. Do you have an online shop? You can purchase Simon's Cat products from the official web shop: *******www.simonscat****/Shop Want to get in touch? Email us at - contactsimonscat****
10 Nov 2014
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Summary: Porky Pig purchases a new home from a real estate agent, which turns out to be a dilapidated old house. His cat Sylvester is horribly frightened of the creepy-looking place, but Porky finds it "quaint" and "peaceful", and looks forward to his first night in the place. Copyright: Warner Bros. Pictures & The Vitaphone Corporation. BO DOES NOT OWN THIS.
10 Feb 2012
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*******www.thedailycatpost**** Conan may be a warrior kitty but he still finds a few things a little scary. The music came from www.incompetech**** The name of the song is "Scheming Weasel (faster version)"
30 Apr 2012
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Follow us on Twitter: *******twitter****/PhillyChic5 *******twitter****/JesseWelle Facebook: *******facebook****/prankvsprank Jesse's Google + ******* T-shirts *******www.districtlines****/prankvsprank Download end song: *******dephonic.bandcamp****/
25 Jul 2012
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A compilation of cats getting spooked by household items. Links to the full videos can be found below. Watch more funny videos: *******tastefullyoffensive**** Subscribe: *******youtube****/tastefullyoffensive Tumblr: *******tumblr.tastefullyoffensive**** Facebook: *******facebook****/tastefullyoffensive Twitter: *******twitter****/premiumfunny Edited by Bryan Menegus: *******twitter****/bryandisagrees Full videos: Cat vs. Shark Balloon ******* Cat vs. Hair Tie ******* Cat vs. Fax Machine ******* Cat vs. Laundry ******* Cat vs. Toaster ******* Kitten vs. Two Apples ******* Cat vs. Banana Peel ******* Kitten vs. Electric Toothbrush ******* Cat vs. Helicopter ******* Cat vs. Sock ******* Cat vs. Stuffed Animal ******* Kitten vs. Mirror ******* Cat vs. Frozen Peas ******* Grey Cat vs. Printer ******* Kitten vs. Remote Control Mouse ******* Calico Cat vs. Printer ******* Kitten vs. Bearded Dragon ******* Kitten vs. Potato ******* Cat vs. Razor ******* Cat vs. Popcorn Popper ******* Cat vs. Soda Can ******* Thriller Cat ******* Music: 'Dance of the Knights' by Sergei Prokofiev *******
16 Jul 2013
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Follow us on Twitter: *******twitter****/PhillyChic5 *******twitter****/JesseWelle Facebook: *******facebook****/prankvsprank Follow me on Keek - *******www.keek****/JesseWellens NEW SHIRTS!!! *******districtlines****/Prank-vs-Prank Jesse's Google + ******* T-shirts *******www.districtlines****/prankvsprank Download end song: *******dephonic.bandcamp****/ Our Mailing address: PrankvsPrank P.O. Box 2106 Voorhees, NJ 08043
23 Jul 2013
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This curious cat is braver than most people. When he saw an alligator, he didn't back down, and came out on top! Original link: ******* SUBSCRIBE: ******* SUBMIT your video: ******* LIKE us on FACEBOOK *******facebook****/JukinVideo FOLLOW us on TWITTER *******twitter****/JukinVideo FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM *******instagram****/JukinVideo TO LICENSE THIS CLIP, GO TO: *******
6 Jan 2015
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