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Instagram's policy changes are drawing heat, a hacker gets 10 years for stealing nude photos of Scarlett Johansson, Game of Thrones is launching its own beer and much more.
19 Dec 2012
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Leaked nude photos of celebrities are pretty common nowadays, but we're actually pretty surprised that a sensible Scarlett Johansson would be so silly as to keep these kind of scandal-inducing pictures on her phone. The photos, which displayed Scarlett’s impressive bust and shapely butt, were hacked from her phone and then leaked online making Scarlett among a string of actresses like Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Alba who have fallen victim to hackers.
24 Sep 2011
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Scarlett Johansson opens up about feeling violated after her nude pictures are leaked online, Joan Rivers has to endure a sexual harassment seminar, Dave Navarro and Gerard Butler slept with the same unknown up and coming actress, Jennifer Aniston spend $8000 a month to look flawless, Kim Kardashian is seen on a Mexican billboard promoting plastic surgery, all in today's celebrity gossip.
15 Mar 2012
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