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9 Jul 2009
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From NASA science news: Last week, on Feb. 11th, the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) lifted off from Cape Canaveral on a five-year mission to study the sun. Researchers have called the advanced spacecraft the “crown jewel” of NASA’s heliophysics fleet. SDO will beam back IMAX-quality images of solar explosions and peer beneath the stellar surface to see the sun’s magnetic dynamo in action. SDO is designed to amaze—and it got off to a good start. “The observatory did something amazing before it even left the atmosphere,” says SDO project scientist Dean Pesnell of the Goddard Space Flight Center. Moments after launch, SDO’s Atlas V rocket flew past a sundog hanging suspended in the blue Florida sky and, with a rippling flurry of shock waves, destroyed it. Click on the image below to launch a video recorded by 13-year-old Anna Herbst at NASA’s Banana River viewing site—and don’t forget to turn up the volume to hear the reaction of the crowd.
29 Jul 2011
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Wow do we have a lot of launches and news this week! STS-130 has launched and Astronauts have been taking TwitPics from space! SDO IS GO! Well, it was go and has launched. New home video of challenger and did the X PRIZE Foundation sponsor an asteroid? STS-130 launch video - ***********/watch?v=_OQdTjOJjq4 SDO Launch - ***********/watch?v=AIBr3wlL4X8 SDO Info - ******* New Challenger Video - ******* Awesome Asteroid - ******* And don't forget that Spacevidcast epic is what helps bring you the show week after week! *******www.spacevidcast****/epic
13 May 2013
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Satellite retirement, Solar Eclipse and SDO is Lego on your SpacePod for July 14th, 2010.-----If you've ever seen an older Apollo landing or even the movie Apollo 13 you may remember a point when the spacecraft was re-entering the atmosphere, mission control would lose communication. This was because the radio signals could not penetrate the massive plasma and ionization blast occurring under the vehicle. This blackout phenomenon happened until 1988 when the first part of the TDRS or Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System came online. Since then the re-entry signals have been sent back up to space, away from the plasma and ionization layer to the TDRS satellites and from there relayed back down to Earth. This satellite network serves many other uses as well, and is a key element in constant and flawless communications for human space flight. Part of the TDRS legacy has retired. TDRS-1 which was the first of these space to ground communications satellites in the network has been removed from service as of late last month. Living well past its expected 7 year lifespan, this little 27 year old bird was instrumental in many key communication milestones. This was one of the satellites that helped send the first tweet from space as well as the first globally broadcast event at the South Pole for new years eve at the turn of the Millennium. Ahhh TDRS-1, how we'll miss you.Changing gears slightly, did you have a chance to see the total solar eclipse that happened on July 11th? Yeah, me neither. Problem was that this eclipse was a narrow column that was visible from the South Pacific Ocean. Here's a map that shows the path of totality. That's a whole lot of water on that map. Should have booked a eclipse cruise! That would have been awesome! If you missed this one, fret not you'll have another chance to view a total solar eclipse on November 13th. 2012.Lets close out this SpacePod with a little geekery. Well, more geekery than normal at least. Lego has released their Shuttle Adventure pack. For $100.00 you get this set of Awesome. The external tank and solid rocket boosters all separate and the landing gear works. It is the awesome! Oh, speaking of Legos, we have an SDO Lego kit too! I've been trying to find a place to buy this online but as of yet have been unsucessful. I really only bring this up because I wanted to use the line "SDO is LeGO". Make sure to tweet that to NASA_SDO so they know you watch the show.Well, I can't end the Pod on a bad pun, so here's a shot from the REAL SDO. This is our own sun as shown in extreme ultraviolet light from the Solar Dynamics Observatory. Enjoy!
14 May 2013
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SpaceUp SF 2012 T-5 talk by Romeo and Camilla SDO Camilla_SDOcc
27 May 2013
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SpaceUp LA 2011 Camilla SDO and Romeocc
28 May 2013
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SDO super dancer
10 May 2009
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"First Light" images from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, a space telescope designed to study the sun.Launched on February 11th from Cape Canaveral.moment SDO's telescope doors opened, it began beaming back. Richard Fisher, director of the Heliophysics Division at NASA,said “SDO will change our understanding of the sun and its processes, which affect our lives and society. This mission will have a huge impact on science, similar to Hubble Space Telescope on modern astrophysics.” The sun’s internal dynamics were the subject of intense interest over the last few years as the normal waxing and waning of solar activity did not follow past cycles as closely as anticipated. The solar minimum of 2008 stretched deep into 2009, raising questions about how well we understand the complex internal dynamics that drive sun spots, solar flares and coronal-mass ejections. Because solar storms can disrupt human technologies, it’s important to know when we might expect a serious event that could shut down the electrical grid, for example.
28 May 2010
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A video My Brother, Paul Ochoa. My Dad, Steve Ochoa & I, Steven Ochoa Made for fun and hope you like it. Meant for pure funny only, really it's ok to laugh!
1 May 2009
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A solar wind stream flowing from a massive coronal hole should reach Earth on Oct. 25th or 26th. On a scale of K0-K9 with K9 being the worst, the Geomagnetic K-indices hit K7 last night while those in the US slept. There [should be no problems] with electric power, satellite or radio communications during Earth impact bellow the High-latitude. GEOMAGNETIC STORM WARNING UPDATE: NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of [severe geomagnetic storms] around the poles on Oct. 25th. The forecast is prompted by a possible ((double whammy:)) both a solar wind stream and a CME could hit Earth's magnetic field on that date. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras. From *******www.spaceweather**** yesterday, hour after it was know eminent; not that there are many with action plans to mitigate incoming damage. Over the next 24 to 36 months this will only get worse and more frequent, and eventually the Earth is going to get hit even harder. Hopefully not hard enough to knock out all satellite communications which will take decades to replace all primary satellites, many of which will never be replaced. People as a whole have their head in the sand about this dangerous issue. It's not so much that the sun is the danger, rather mankind losing power for months on end is the real danger which will shut down water supply to [nearly all homes] in the US alone, followed by [severe food shortages] within one or two weeks after total loss of power. Loss of power is the real danger, [NOT THE SUN ITSELF]. Sadly if official government warnings were in fact being issued you [MIGHT] head the warnings, right??? WRONG. How do I know this to be true??? Because official government warnings have been issued starting way back in May of 2006, and very stern US government warnings were issued again [twice] in 2010 warning the public to ["prepare] for a once in a life time super solar storm event." World news agencies as well have also issued these warnings to the public, news agencies even going out of their way to educate the public as to what all this means and what to expect, should and when it happens. Are you ready to provide your own food and water for at least 6 months or far longer??? Most likely your answer is a resounding, no. Thus your lack of staying informed [NEEDLESSLY] puts you and your family at serious risk. FYI: I operate the *******www.SolarStormWebsite****/ which receives 100,000 to 170,000 views [per hour] which generates a lot of email and questions, yet our account on Facebook has only received two responses [so far] who even care and or has commented about it via my warnings and special videos I have put together and posted on Facebook. Sad but true. Believe it or not. Don't be a sheeple, get up to speed fast. Research it. I dare you to Google: Solar Storm Warning 2012 Have a nice day. Staff *******www.SolarStormWarning**** Real Time Date at: ***********/solar_storm_warning_Geomagnetic_K-indices.html PS: In the event this account becomes suspended, our new account name will be, SolarStormWarning2, then SolarStormWarning3, and so forth.
4 Mar 2011
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Impact and disintegration of a Kreutz Sungrazers Comet against our Sun causing an spectacular solar flare . October 2 , 2011 . Most Kreutz sungrazing comets have orbits that take them very close to the Sun without actually quite hitting it. However, getting so close almost always destroys these comets, so we see them going in, but not going back out. In the second images we can see Mercury planet orbiting near the Sun . Some webs are talking about that could be the Elenin comet . //// Thanks to NASA . //// Espectacular impacto y desintegración de un cometa con el sol , provocando una gigantesca llamarada solar , grabado por la NASA el 2 de octubre de 2011 . Los cometas de este tipo ( Kreutz Sungrazers ) se caracterizan por tener órbitas muy cercanas al Sol , en algunos casos llegan a impactar con él por acercarse demasiado , por lo que hay trayectoria de entrada , pero no de salida . En la segunda imágen podemos ver al planeta Mercurio orbitando cerca del Sol justo en el momento del impacto . Se estima que el cometa tenía el tamaño de un planeta . En algunas webs se habla de que podría tratarse del Cometa Elenin .
20 Oct 2011
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WATCH & DOWNLOAD THE FULL SHOW HERE: SUBPOWER.TV - Zinc nacen en el otoño de 1995 en una caseta de obras de una gravera de Vicálvaro, Madrid. Entre la humedad de sus paredes comienzan a componer temas de punk y hard-core melódico en la estela de Samiam, Bad Religion, No FX o Snuff. Sus componentes son Dulze (voz), Dani (batería), Goyo (guitarra) y Miguel Angel (bajo). Su onomástica alude tanto a los tejados de las favelas brasileñas como al componente químico tan presente y fundamental en el cuerpo humano. Una denominación que casa bien con su espíritu underground. Su bagaje previo se puede rastrear en bandas como Mal Gusto, Tocadiscos Humano, SDO 100 % V o Los del Yopo, combos en los que habían participado Goyo y Miguel Angel (Adicto). Participan junto a UFO Volador (guitarrista de Humbert Humbert) en el disco recopilatorio del festival de cine fantástico de Gijón Freaks from Outer Space (Subterfuge) bajo el nombre de Randolph Carter. Tras algunas maquetas caseras de local, su primer disco de homónimo título se graba en 1998 en los estudios Reactor de Madrid. Producido por Moncho Campa (Aerobitch, Redshift, Like Peter At Home), el álbum contiene temas como El Hombre Elefante, Yo Mismo o El Sueño del Mono Cuerdo, exhalaciones eléctricas repletas de melodías, guitarras rocosas y adrenalina. Incluye además una contundente revisión de I´ll never forget you de Hüsker Dü. El trabajo no ve su aparición hasta 1999 en el sello capitalino Rumble Records. También graban un video-clip de la canción Yo Mismo. Sus enérgicos conciertos les llevan a compartir escenario junto a Wipe Out Skaters, Ketchoop, Marshcrannies, Spandau Bullet, Mob, Rabia Positiva, Twenty Years Old, Ratos de Porao... No será hasta dos años más tarde cuando entren de nuevo al estudio para grabar Old Mundo Punk, un disco mucho más crudo y visceral que su antecesor. Bajo la estela de Black Flag, Poison Idea o los primeros RKL y con la producción de Nekro (Fun People, Boom Boom Kid) y Carlos Lillo (Nuevenoventaicinco, Same Old) el disco presenta hits como Plástika, (de la que realizan un video-clip), La Habitación 101, Amistad o Cálculos, cifras y letras. El álbum, que además contiene sendas versiones de Chicos de la Calle de Toreros After Olé y Pay To Cum de Bad Brains, aparece editado en el sello Soulforce Records (Redshift, Vision Of Disorder, Raw Power). Poco después de la grabación Miguel Angel, su bajista original, abandona la banda por motivos anímicos y entra en su lugar Víctor (Mob-Likidillo Antifascista). La lista de fichajes concluye con el guitarrista Ken, compañero de andanzas de Víctor. Realizan un par de giras europeas en 2002 y 2004 junto a Boom Boom Kid, en las que hacen doblete como músicos de acompañamiento del solista argentino. Visitan países como Francia, Alemania, Italia, Austria, Eslovenia y Suiza, donde comparten cartel con The Queers en un festival de Skate. Además abren para leyendas del punk como The Adicts, Rollins Band y Poison Idea. Poco a poco se produce un cambio de registro estilístico que se percibe en la maqueta Simply Five Songs (2004), donde toman unos derroteros menos briosos pero no por ellos exentos de energía. En el 2004 editan un split de seis temas junto a las californianas Fabulous Disaster en el sello que les vió nacer, Rumble Records. Por fin en noviembre de 2005, tras un largo lapso de tiempo, vuelven al estudio para grabar Divagando, su más sólida colección de canciones hasta la fecha. Para ello cuentan con la producción de Kosta Vázquez (Boikot) y Jesús Arispoint (Def Con Dos), que remata la jugada con la masterización de la criatura. Canciones como Fuego, Sálvate, Algo Más o El Sueño de la Razón evidencian la madurez de un quinteto que no ha cejado en su búsqueda y crecimiento. Habría que reseñar las bandas paralelas en las que militan algunos de sus componentes. Dulze canta en Las Vecchias, formación de pop-punk femenina en la línea de The Muffs o The Donnas, que cuenta con ex miembros de Hiperkorë y Ketchoop. Dani aporrea la batería en Motociclón, combo de heavy-punk del pastruzal, que cuenta entre sus filas con ex de Rip KC y The Holdens. En el 2007 Victor y Ken abandonan la banda, con lo que Zinc vuelve a su esquema original de cuarteto con una sola guitarra. Al bajo se incorpora una vecchia amiga del rock, Carola (Hiperkorë, Vecchias), con quien continúan su camino...... *******www.myspace****/zincmyspace
9 Feb 2009
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16 Oct 2009
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Seni Seviyorum SDO...
30 Dec 2009
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22 Oct 2010
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