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Video produced by Prosper Media Group, the Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge is a series of physical fitness events challenging athletes to maximize their performance in individual tests of strength and endurance. The event consists of swimming, push ups, sit ups, pull-ups and running. If you ever wondered how you stack against America's elite operations team, take the Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge and see how fit you really are!
8 Oct 2009
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BY LINDSEY WOLF ANCHOR MEGAN MURPHY You're watching multisource US video news analysis from Newsy. The helicopter used in the mission to kill Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden has aircraft experts geeking out. The chopper is almost impossible to see or hear- and as MSNBC explains- the state-of-the-art aircraft is even radar-repellent. “Experts studied these crash images noting the tail rotor’s unusual design as you can see here. It’s said to be a Black Hawk modified to reduce rotor noise and make it more difficult to detect by radar. One source also adding, its windshield night have been specially coated to help evade radar detection as well.” ABC News shows the noise difference between an original Black Hawk and a stealth version of the chopper and adds- the aircraft used in the Abbottabad raid was even quieter than either of these. “Neighbors in Abbottabad told ABC News they did not hear the helicopters Sunday night until they were directly overhead. This is what a standard black hawk helicopter sounds like... [sound of Black Hawk] This is the sounds of an earlier experimental version of a stealth helicopter... [sound of stealth helicopter] It would be a vague sound. It might be the sounds of a helicopter that was going in the opposite direction.” According to The New York Times, one of the two helicopters used in the raid lost its “power lift” during the mission- forcing it to make a hard landing and accidentally clip its tail. Navy SEALs attempted to destroy the aircraft, presumably to hide the top-secret technology, but not everything was destroyed. HLN explains where the rest of it is now. “There are photographs where it shows Pakistan’s army taking away the parts of the helicopter that remain - the parts that weren’t burnt out by the fields when they left it destroying the valuable technology. But this is a very high-tech looking aircraft. There are bits of micro caviats still lying in the fields around it, bits of hydraulics. But the large parts that weren’t destroyed are in the Pakistani Military custody as far as we know right now.” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asks - should this news worry U.S. officials? A national security expert says yes, especially since Pakistan and China have a history of technology exchange. “You really do worry about them sharing it with China, who also may reverse engineer and try manufacturing and distributing. You know, you can’t get that technology out of U.S. companies because it’s export controlled. And so, this represents a real vulnerability in the proliferation of this kind of material in a very uncontrolled way for the United States for it could be used against us.” The stealth helicopter wasn’t the only state-of-the-art technology on board. Venture Beat explains - weapons, surveillance gear and real-time communication were all key to the mission’s success. “...equally interesting was the ability for the U.S. military to communicate in real time with soldiers on the ground during the attack. It shows how much information can be processed in a short period of time when money isn’t an issue.” According to The Christian Science Monitor, the military’s last known stealth helicopter program spent $6.9 billion to make two prototype choppers in 2004. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos for updates in your stream. Get more multisource US video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
7 May 2011
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For 25 years Reliable Glass & Windows Ltd is a locally operated business that serves Calgary and surrounding areas. We specialize in supply and installations of quality thermally efficient glass and windows. Moisture in between the glass? Broken glass or windows? Need new thermally efficient windows? We can help!! Call us for a free quote.! (403)585-0794.
20 Apr 2012
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JOY was no G.I. Jane, but she joins a female Navy SEALs unit and is shot back to the tenth century and sold as a love slave for a Viking warlord. BRANDR OF BEAR'S LAIR went beserker after his entire family and village were killed by outlaw Vikings. Can a red-haired virago from the future change his disposition? This Navy Seal has “GONE A VIKING” and the Norseman won’t know what hit him!
4 Sep 2009
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*******www.touchlocal****/business/list/bid/6661038 Based in Romford, Glass and Glazing is a company providing to its customers a wide range of services such as repairs and maintenance of leaks, broken or misted sealed units, locks, draughts, rubber seals, hinges.
7 Dec 2010
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Safechoice can guarantee the quality of your doors and windows, because Masco controls the entire process, from the extruding of UPVC framework and glass sealed unit manufacture to the delivery of your bespoke windows and doors to your local Safechoice dealer
12 Mar 2012
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Welcome to Springvale Windows, we are a family run business based in Navestock servicing Essex and all Home Counties. With over 60years of combined experience between our team, we pride ourselves on offering a professional and friendly service with a quick turnaround. Some of our services include: Windows, doors, conservatories, facias , soffits and gutters . We also specialise in bi folding doors and composite doors and we can offer a maintenance and repair service for all windows, doors and sealed units. We have a 10 year no quibble guarantee and all our windows and doors are manufactured in Euro cell, Euro Logic profile with equal site lines, and all locking systems are secure by design , as recommended by the police. We are GGFI and FENSA registered and are very serious about health and safety, we never use sub-contractors and all our windows and doors are manufactured in house at our factory in Navestock, we also have a dedicated in house team of builders for the construction of our conservatories. So why not or visit our showrooms in Navestock or give us a call on 01708 342 400 for a free quote or survey
28 Jul 2012
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Welcome to Leatherhead Glass, based in Leatherhead and servicing all surrounding areas, we have been established since 1975 and our dedicated team of staff have many years of experience in the glass industry, and are happy to offer advice and guidance on all your glazing requirements. We keep a large selection of glass in stock, which can be cut while you wait, and have our own in house facilities to polish glass edges for table tops, shelves and mirrors. At our showrooms we keep a variety of framed mirrors which are ready to take home. Mirrors can be a great way to enhance a small space, from a cloakroom through to a gymnasium wall. Some of our other services include the replacement of broken or misted up sealed units, safety glass, coloured glass splash backs, glazing service, and if you can fit it in your car, we even offer a local delivery service. So why not visit our showrooms, where parking is easy with our large onsite car park, or call us on 01372 377 128 to arrange a free estimate
18 Oct 2012
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